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Skin Care & Baby Rash Treatments ADVICE for Eczema, Face Rash, Baby Teething Rashes, Infant Rash with Guaranteed RESULTS in 7 to 14 Days

Treating Face Rashes and Baby Eczema

We RECOMMEND using a Natural protective and soothing Lavender Balm with the Aromatheraputic soothing effect of Lavender oil,
OR a Hypoallergenic Face & Body Balm if the baby, child or person suffers from any form of natural allergy.

Ideal for the following needs, including severe and chronic conditions, :-

that most often affect our newborn Babies, little ones and Toddler's.

No Mother or Father wants to see their baby boy or baby girl unhappy or crying with a rashy body or face rash that can easily be controlled and treated.

As a Parent you have the added security of knowing a Lavender Face & Body Balm is totally Safe and Non-toxic for your child, grandchild or minor.

Naturally, a Balm can provide relief for TEENAGE and ADULT skin disorders as well! It is also equally effective for all skin types including African American, Asian and Hispanic.


Kindly provided by some successful customers
Healing in 7 DAYS
A customer photo(s) showing our Hypo Balm healing cheek eczema in 7 days

Testimonial - BEFORE Eczema on Face
Testimonial - BEFORE Eczema on Limbs
Testimonial - AFTER Eczema replaced with perfect skin
Curing in 7 DAYS
Curing of Baby Face Eczema in 7 Days - Customer photos

What are Infant Face Rashes ?

Image of a Facial Rash
Eczema can also form small itchy bumps and tiny blisters... The most common children's face rash we see is known as "Atopic Eczema" or "Atopic Dermatitis".

Excema is a broad term which, to most people, means a general spread out Rash or Inflammation of the Skin, which causes redness and sometimes itching.

The rash is very likely to be in the creases of the skin folds and appear quite red, damp and possibly raw. It may also have a smelly odor.

The term "Atopic" refers to a tendency for excess inflammation of the skin.

The most common type of Eczema in children is Atopic Excema.
In early childhood, the Rash is often present over the Face, Cheeks, Shoulders, Limbs or Trunk. It is often referred to as 'Infantile Eczema'.

In later childhood it tends to occur at the skin folds in Elbow and Knee creases, and on the the Neck, Wrists and Ankles.

Eczema has a tendency to fluctuate in Severity.

There are a number of Trigger Factors which can cause Flares of the Rash

These include Irritants, Emotional stress, Low humidity, Dry skin, Friction Rash from clothes, Heat and Sweating and Allergies and infection.

One mother has reported she developed terrible facial eczema during pregnancy.
Atopic Eczema on the backs of the Knees

How do I treat Baby Facial Rash and Infant Eczema ?

Please ASK advice FIRST as some baby Face Rashes may require different treatment.

  1. Dry your child then apply a Hypoallergenic Face & Body Balm or David's Lavender Facial Balm to the affected skin.

    For BEST results apply 2 or 3 times a day. You cannot over use the Facial Balm.
    (It could be safely used four, five, six, seven, eight or nine times day if needed!)

    It will NOT sting sensitive skin
    The correct amount will leave a shiny PROTECTIVE film on the surface of the skin. Reapply as often as needed to keep the protective sheen on the skin

  2. Treating Dribble Rash and Teething Rashes

    Saliva is the cause of these rashes so apply a Facial Rash Balm before each Feed and before laying your little one down to Sleep.

    This ensures your baby's skin is Protected so that it can Heal naturally!

  3. NOTE: Do NOT use Soap
    Chances are, you are already using a Soap FREE cleansing product.

    The best types are those that are in form of bath oils such as "QV Bath Oil", "Alpha Keri Bath Oil" or similar. These products will leave a protective layer on the Skin to help PREVENT the skin DRYING out.

    Rather than putting the Bath Oil just in the bath water, try putting about TWO teaspoonsful of the oil squeezed well into a Wet face washer and gently washing the affected Skin with this.

    This will give the Skin better PROTECTION than just putting the oil in the bath.

The Balm is totally tasteless and safe enough to eat so can be applied absolutely anywhere on the body, face or hands. It is ideal for thumb suckers too.

Quick Answers - When you find a Rash on Babies body

Question: What can I use on seborrhea on my infant's face?

I was visiting your web site and was wondering what i can use on my infants (3 month old) face? He was diagnosed with seborrhea - and has it on his forehead, eyebrows, sides of his face and chin. Right now all we are using is cetaphil to cleanse and Nivea as a moistuizer. Wasn't sure which of your products you would recommend?

Answer: How to treat seborrhea on your infant's face

Face and Body balms are excellent for use with seborrhoea. Simply massage it lightly into any scaly areas once or twice a day. At bathtime, massage the cetaphil into the same areas and wash off with water. If he has crusts on the scalp use a baby shampoo like Johnson's no-more-tears to wash it out of his hair each day applying firm pressure to dislodge scale but without causing discomfort and the crusts will soon wash off as flakes.

Question: How can I treat my 3 year olds very dry and cracked fingertips?

My 16 month old son has developed severe dribble rash / eczema on his chin and cheeks. His skin is very red, inflamed and, in some parts, weaping from excessive rubbing.
Also our 3.5 yr old daughter have very dry and cracked finger tips. We have tried a number of different creams on both of them and they all work for a week or so and then stop. Should i try your face and body balm ?

Answer: How to treat a childs very dry and cracked fingertips

A Lavender face and body balm is ideal for BOTH problems. With the cracked fingertips you will need to apply it every time she washes her hands and before playing with paint, chalk, in the sandpit and anything likely to iritate the cracks in her fingers.

I would not stop her doing these activities but would observe her closely and see where the cracked areas contact things she is playing with. If it seems apparent an activity is causing the cracks in her fingertips to be in contact with a particular substance such as chalk or play dough then that may be aggravating the problem. This should help solve the problem.

Question: How to treat My 4 month BABY who feels very itchy all the time

My 4 month baby has eczema since he was only one month old. we have tried every lotion and emollients that doctors told us to use. But the rashes are still there.
My baby feels very itchy all the time and can't sleep at nights. my baby scratch at her face and head all the time. please advise me something so I can help my baby to get rid of this eczema

Answer: How to treat a 4 month BABY who is very itchy all the time

The Balms are excellent for this problem. It is applied frequently during the day to leave a protective shine on the skin. The Balm is non-toxic so if he scratches then sucks his fingers there is no problem. Use a bath oil (which I assume you already are doing) then dry him and immediately apply the balm to the skin. Reapply as often as needed to keep a slight protective shine of balm on the skin.


Does your baby have Cradle Cap ? - the pages below will help.

How do you treat VERY ITCHY Eczema?

Question: How do I cure a 3 year old CHILD with VERY ITCHY Eczema patches?

I would like to order a product but would like some advice as to which one would be best. It is for my 3 year old son who has had atopic eczema since birth. Over the years we have used a variety of steroid and moisterizing creams with little effect.
At the moment his eczema is particularly bad and is all over his body and his head, making him very uncomfortable. He has very sensitive skin, has numerous allergies and often reacts badly to new creams so would appreciate any advice as to which would be the best product to try.

David then asked: Re: Treating VERY ITCHY Eczema on 3 year old CHILD
Some areas will be itchy and causing him to scratch I would imagine from your description. Which areas are itchy and which are not? (they need to be treated differently)

To be honest, most areas are itchy. He is constantly itching his legs, stomach, wrists, face & head. The worst areas are his wrists, behind his knees, round his ears and just below his eyebrows, all of which he has made bleed. His head also seems quite bad but he has quite thick hair so it’s not that easy to see.

ANSWER: Treating VERY ITCHY Eczema on 3 year old CHILD

We are actually are a Compounding Pharmacy which means we stock a lot of products that we don't have listed on the website as it would just be too confusing. I would order the Psorexederm Eczema Cream but in the 'Special Instructions' field write:- Please supply EXTRA STRENGTH PSOREXEDERM OINTMENT
The Psorexederm Ointment is safe to use and smoothes on in a thin layer which relieves itching fast while helping the skin to heal. Apply it 3-4 times a day, Use it very sparingly below his eyebrows and it can be rubbed into the scalp and left overnight then washed out with a shampoo such as 'Johnsons No More Tears'. Apply the shampoo to the oily hair and work it through then add water to dissolve the oily ointment and wash it out. Once the scalp is not itchy use the shampoo daily as these problems can recur otherwise.

For MORE Links to articles about very itchy eczema go to <- Left Menu - 'PSOREXEDERM Cream AND\OR FACE & BODY BALM'

QUESTION - What is good to use on Baby Eczema, children that suffer from severe/chronic eczema

I am a desperate mother of 2 who has children that suffer from severe/chronic eczema. I wish to purchase/try your cream. I am at my wits end with this as I have tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!

So I will start with my eldest boy who is 2 years old. He first started geting eczema at 3 months and has had it ever since then! There are never any clear patches or clear days just more of a constant thing that never disappears. He has it all over his entire body. He never really had it on his face but i am noticing that he is starting to as it looks and feels dry. His body eczema extrenely dry and scaly and crusty and bleeds and weeps also. He is CONSTANTLY itchy!!!!

Now my youngest boy he also has had eczema since he was 3months old and suffers severe/chronic eczema. He also suffers the same as my eldest boy. His face is worse than my eldest boy as his facial eczema is red.dry.itchy.crusty.scaly.


Could you please advise what products of yours to use I am using aveeno,alpha keri and emulsifying ointment and leminis fatty at the moment. I have stopped using any hydrocortisone and locoid for a few months now

ANSWER - What is good to use on Baby Eczema, children that suffer from severe/chronic eczema

There are 2 products we stock which compliment each other. The Hypoallergenic face and body balm is applied 3-4 times a day to all dry and crusty areas. It relieves the dryness and reduces the crusting but does not have ingredients to relieve itching.

The second product is a Psorexederm Eczema cream, a zinc based cream with an anti-inflammatory to relieve ITCH almost immediately. It is applied to ITCHY AREAS to relieve itch. It is white in color so gently rub it in and wipe excess off with a soft cloth. Apply it at Night and especially in itchy areas which may include the creases behind the knees.

Both products are safe to use anywhere on the body even in the groin and buttock areas.

I would suggest trying the following treatment regime:-

Bathing should be using a bath oil such as aveeno or alpha keri, for very dry areas the emulsifying ointment is a good substitute for soap and this is probably what you are doing. After the bath, dry them and immediately apply the hypoallergenic balm to seal the moisture in the skin.

For severe itching areas the leminis fatty can be applied morning and afternoon UNDER the Hypo Balm with the Psorexederm Cream as well applied at night.

How to treat VERY ITCHY Eczema

Does your child have VERY ITCHY Eczema? - the pages below will help.

How to withdraw your Baby from Steroid or Cortisone cream use

Question: Please provide instructions on how to use David's Balm while discontinuing steroid cream on 6 month old infant.

Cortisone (steroid) WITHDRAWAL if done too QUICKLY will cause a withdrawal flare-up.

So generally I suggest using the cortizone cream (steroid cream) as directed with our products as per their labels for about 1 week, then halve the amount of cortisone (steroid) used:-

NOTE: Any Cortisone cream SHOULD be applied to the skin BEFORE putting David's Balm over the top of it. (If applied first the Balm would create a barrier the stops the cortisone having any effect)

Continue the half dose for 1 week and if all is well CEASE the cortizone cream (steroid cream) after that.

Be aware that allergies, sensitivities e.t.c may cause a recurrence and if that occurs resume the cortizone ointment (steroid ointment) then wean off it once any flare-up is controlled.

At that age, mild illnesses, viruses etc may trigger a flare-up but you will use a lot less cortisone ointment (cortisol) and most likely be able to cease it totally.

Question: 9 month year old baby need to withdraw from Hydrocortisone

I would like your help please, I would like to order some products but would like some advice as to which ones would be best.

Since my son was 1 month old (9 months now), he started to get eczema on his tummy and back, but as months past, it started to cover more of his body including legs, arms, face, head, tummy and back, most of the time he is red, dry, crusty, scaly and he is CONSTANTLY itchy!!!! and covered in blood from scratching so much.

At the moment in the corner of his mouth, he has cuts from where the skin has dried out. We have tried everything from Dermaveen, dermaid, dermeze, QV, and so much much more, but nothing seems to clear it up or make him feel any better. The only thing that DOES work is cortisone, and we have tried a number of different cortisones and strengths but all the doctors are saying stop using it, as its not good for his skin and or face, but they are telling me to get more for him.

The one we are using at the moment is called Antroquoril cream and its 0.02%, we would be using it all over maybe 3-4 times a week, sometimes more, as it has its days where it flares up. I would really like to try your creams, please help, and thank you very much for your time.


Yours is sadly a common problem and stopping the cortisone suddenly will cause a flare up of the skin problem. The secret is to use a Hypo Allergenic Balm 3-4 times a day on the red, dry and scaly skin. The balm as non-toxic so is ideal even for the corners of the mouth where you can apply it as often as needed to any cracked or sore areas (it even makes a great lipbalm as it can be applied anywhere)

It will control the dryness but you will need the cortisone to control the itch. Antroquoril is quite a strong prescription cortisone and I would suggest swapping it for Hydrocortisone OINTMENT 1% (not cream as cream has preservatives and is less effective) You can by this over the counter. INSIST on the ointment as most people will try to sell you cream.

Apply the hydrocortizone 3 times a day instead of the antroquoril. Hydrocortisone is milder. After the rash starts to reduce in about 7 days then start reducing the hydrocortizone from 3 times a day to twice a day for 1 week then once a day at night for 1 week then cease. If a flare up happens then go back to the hydrocortisone dose before the flare occurred and start the reduction again.

While reducing the hydrocortisone continue to apply the hypo allergenic balm 3-4 times a day to heal the skin while the hydrocortisone stops the itch. You can apply the balm more frequently if the skin is dry and appears to need it. You can not apply it too often and it will not sting. This should produce rapid results allowing you to eliminate the cortisone as quickly as possible without causing any cortisone withdrawal itching. Advice provided by: David Hosking

NOTE:For MORE Links to articles about using David's treatments on toddlers and older children with VERY ITCHY eczema go to <- Left Menu - 'PSOREXEDERM Cream AND\OR FACE & BODY BALM'

TESTIMONIALS - What Parents are saying about David's Eczema Balms!

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Why are David's Face and Body Rash (Eczema) Balm so naturally effective ?

Unlike MOST creams the special base is totally Water FREE and has an Anti-itch effect so it protects without Stinging.

The barrier formed by the Ointment is VERY Water resistant and seals the skin from Drying out while protecting the damaged areas from possible skin infection caused by Skin Bacteria and irritants such as Food and Saliva.

The formula is NON-Toxic as this Balm was specifically made to be applied to to Infants and Toddlers Faces, Cheeks, Chin, Lips or Hands.

There are 2 main ingredients in the face balm which I am often asked about:- My belief in formulating the products is to combine the best from nature with the best modern research has to offer. Many people believe "Natural" means "Safe", sadly many people are allergic to natural products which have not been purified properly to remove such allergens as pollens.

The Balm also contains Zinc Oxide an anti-itch mineral which is also a soothing and calming agent.

The Chlorhexidine in the balm works as a mild antiseptic, it is also used in Hospitals in mouth washes and even put on babies umbilical cord (belly button) when they are born. It helps prevent bacteria being a problem when the skin is damaged.

It is so safe you could eat a 100g jar of the Balm without harm. (It also makes a great lipbalm for dry lips.)

The Lavender Balm will also protect affected areas by minimising friction caused by any clothing or baby is wearing, should this be happening.

The Balm works by providing a protective barrier to damaged skin so the body can cure the problem naturally.


We often get questions about when the Hypoallergenic Balm is better to use than the Lavender Balm. Below are examples of where David has recommended using the Hypoallergenic Balm.

They also cover other conditions that our Balms can be effective for


CLICK to see Damien's FULL transformation!

Just some of many examples of our customers having GREAT SUCCESS with David's treatments.


Kindly provided by some of our successful customers

Testimonial - BEFORE Eczema on Face
Testimonial - BEFORE Eczema on Limbs
Testimonial - AFTER Eczema replaced with perfect skin
Curing in 7 DAYS
Curing of Baby Face Eczema in 7 Days - Customer photos

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