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Cure red, itchy, sore under Bust & Breast Rash problems in 2 weeks Guaranteed

David's Breast Rash Cream

Our Breast Rash cream is designed to heal the breast rashes women get in the skin folds BETWEEN and UNDER their breasts. The typical appearance would be red or purple, sore, sometimes itchy rash and perhaps even raw skin, beneath the breast folds.

itchy, red, flat and scaly Breast Rash picture

What causes Breast Rash ?

Hot and humid climates, summer days, perspiration and chaffing from underwire bras will increase the likelyhood that a rashy breast condition will develop on the left breast, right breast or between both breasts.

itchy, red, flat and scaly Breast Rash picture

Why did I get Breast Rash ?

Women with larger busts (boobs) seem to suffer the problem more severely, possibly because their is more skin area covered below the breast skin fold that could be affected. In some cases, the breast folds can extend as far as the armpit or underarm area.

What doesn't my Breast Rash clear up ?

Breast rashes (boob rash) are difficult to clear up because of two factors:-

  1. The chest and bust area tends to get very little airflow and that creates a moist environment where fungal infection can develop. The problem usually becomes worse in hot climates and during summer

  2. Reinfection can be caused by fungal spores remaining in your underwear. You can prevent this by using high wash temperatures with your underware

Why don't most other treatments work ?

As the bust rash condition is often associated with a mild fungal infection ladies often try antifungal creams but only with average results.

Note: Many antifungal creams contain water which actually help NOURISH the bacteria!

How does your treatment cream work when others do not ?

Our Breast Rash cream is highly protective and contains NO water thus depriving any fungal infection e.g. Yeast from the moist conditions it needs to survive.

Will your treatment be easy to use ?

The breast rash cream is simply applied to your affected bust and chest area just twice per day, each morning and each night.

Note: Please wear an old bra or bikini as the cream may stain your underware.

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Can Breast Rash be described in medical terms ?

The common medical terms for these breast rashes (mammary gland rash) are

(NOTE:- Submammary Psoriasis is different and is best treated with our PSOREXEDERM CREAM (psoriasis cream) Submammary Psoriasis has raised red areas often with a shiny silvery scale.)

When will I get rid of my Breast Rash ?

Typically it takes just 1 to 2 weeks for our Cream, with just two uses per day, to clear up the problem completely!

Does our Breast Rash Cream really work ? YES !!!

Photo of David's Breast Rash Cream treatment for rashes under the breasts
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NOTE: David's Breast Rash Cream is safe for breastfeeding mothers, however do NOT apply this cream to your Nipples or areola while breastfeeding.
(We have a Nipple Cream that can be applied before or after feeding)
David's Breast Rash Cream is also perfectly safe for pregnant women.

We unconditionally guarantee the effectiveness of our Breast Rash cream and all our skin care products.


BREAST RASH CREAM - INGREDIENTS: NOTE: Our Breast Rash cream is totally water FREE, this deprives any fungal infection from the moist conditions they need to survive

How to treat your Breast Rash QUICKLY !

Our soothing Breast rash cream is applied to the affected bosom area in the morning and at bedtime, liberally enough to coat and protect your damaged skin.

Apply twice a day:- Note: Can be applied 3 time per day if your breast rash is severe

How to Apply

Simply remove a "blob" about the size of 2 peas and apply it to the affected area using your finger. The affected area is typically under the breast fold or where the breast meets the body and or wear rubbing from your bra occurs.

The dexterity of being able to use your own hands gives very even coverage quickly and easily without the waste involved with applicators (as required by other products).

Apply more if needed to cover the area, if you have larger breasts. The cream layer thickness should be almost thick enough to not see the skin beneath it as it makes a protective barrier.

(Note: if others in your family are sharing the Breast Rash cream you will need some form of applicator stick to avoid cross contamination)

How to stop being reinfected with Breast Rash (fungal cause)

As fungal spores can survive warm washing conditions I advise washing underwear, bikinis, boob tubes, and bras in a HOT wash to kill the spores and reduce the chance of reinfection from your underwear.

Note: As the cream is white in color it can stain dark clothing so please be aware of this. (Wear an old bra or old bikini as the cream is light brown in color and can stain)

Results indicate it takes just 1 to 2 weeks to clear up the problem completely. I unconditionally guarantee the effectiveness of all my products.


Q&A - Stopping Breast Rash caused by Yeast infection and other fungi

Could my breast rash be related to having a yeast infection ?

I was wondering if you knew whether or not this rash is related to having a yeast infection?

ANSWER: External yeast infection can cause a breast rash

Yes, the rash can be related to an external yeast infection. The boric acid in the breast rash cream will inhibit this. Also the total absence of water in the formulation helps inhibit yeast and other fungi. The fungus is more likely related to the tinea fungal family, however both will respond well to the Breast Rash Cream The importance of hot washing underwear to destroy any spores is very important.

Some people suggest avoiding yeast containing food such as bread, etc and taking Lactobacillus supplements. I have not found this has any benefit for breast rashes. It may be beneficial in fungal rashes of the genital area however.

Hope this helps.
Kind Regards,
David Hosking.

Q&A - Stopping Rash under the Breasts

How do I get rid of a rash underneath my breasts that just won't go away ?

Dear David, I was researching your brilliant web site because I have a rash underneath my breasts that just won't go away. I noticed on your site that you say you have something special for that ailment.

Please e-mail me back (as I couldn't tell from the site what that product is) and let me know what the "special" cream is. I would be very interested in purchasing this product. Thanks!

ANSWER:- How to treat rash in the skin folds underneath the breasts

Our Breast Rash cream is ideal for the problem many ladies get in the skin fold beneath their breasts.

I assume the skin is red perhaps even broken and raw. This is quite a common problem and easily solved. The breast rash cream is applied morning and night . It contains zinc and herbal balsams so it can stain bras or bikinis so wear underwear that this will not be a problem.

You should be able to clear the problem up in about 2 weeks. Wash your bras and bikinis in as hot a wash as possible as I am of the opinion that this more effectively kills bacteria and fungi that may cause recurrence of the problem.

To summarise: The rash is difficult to clear up because of two factors,
  1. The bosom area tends to get very little airflow and that creates a moist environment where fungal infection can develop. The problem usually becomes worse in hot climates and summer.
  2. Reinfection can be caused by fungal spores remaining in the underwear. This can be prevented by using high wash temperatures.

Hope this helps,
Kind Regards,
David Hosking
August 2004

What will fix a sore red rash under my breasts that looks like red patches of excema ?

I have a sore red rash under breasts that looks like red patches of eczema (maybe purple red), sometimes with an odour to it. I've been using Bentnovate to no avail and wonder if you have any clues?

ANSWER: How to treat Redness under your breasts

This is a common problem for women and easily solved. Our Breast rash cream is totally water free, unlike any other antifungal products often suggested for treatment.

Betnovate will make it WORSE as it is due to a mild fungal infection in an area that gets little air circulation.

Our breast rash cream is a thick soothing zinc based cream which you apply generously when going to bed and in the morning apply it again. It will stain white any dark colored underwear but people get around that buy using some of their older undergarments.

Good results can be expected within a few days and the problem will be gone in about 14 days. I hope this helps,

Kind Regards, David Hosking 12 June 2007

Q&A - relief for Pregnant women suffering bad itching and stretch marks

For your particular case you would be better off using our Psorexederm PREVIT Cream which is safe (for pregnant women) but is especially effective at relieving itch. Massage in (it melts and spreads with body heat) then blot any excess off with a soft cloth such as a towel as it is zinc based and that avoids staining.

You can keep it beside the bed at night for those maddening night time itchy moments.

David's Breast rash cream is more for moist irritations in the skin fold between the breast and the abdomen but the Psorexederm will work there too. I think you will be very happy with the results.

Kind Regards, David Hosking. 31 Jan 2007

NOTE: David's Breast Rash Cream is also perfectly safe for pregnant women.

Subject: Breast cream
David - I saw that your breast cream is ok for nursing mothers, but what about pregnant women? Please tell me yes, I am so very itchy!!!!!!!!
p.s. My nipples seem more purple in color now that I am pregnant Thanks

The Psorexederm PREVIT Cream (Vitamin E) is SAFE during pregnancy and is also good to massage on the tummy to relieve itching and reduce stretch marks ACCORDING to one of my clients.

Often pregnant women suffer bad itching due to hormonal changes in pregnancy and the Psorexederm PREVIT Cream helps with that.

Kind Regards,
David 26 May 2006

Q&A - Breast Rash or Psoriasis ?

I'm not sure if my symptoms are breast rash or the psoriasis... I get an inflamed area which itches, but also raised spots of hard skin which start red and turn brown. I have a line of these under one of my breasts, and a few under the other.
Which of your products do you think is most appropriate?
London, UK

Hi ,

I would suggest the Psorexederm Cream as it has an anti-fungal in it, zinc oxide to soothe itch as well as Vitamin A & Vitamin D to help heal. It also contains coal tar which will help is the problem is psoriasis related.

The breast rash cream has virtually no smell and the Psorexederm Cream has a coal tar smell , however I think the Psorexederm would best treat the symptoms you have described. It will stain bras somewhat so be aware of that. Always use a fully hot wash for your undergarments as this will kill any fungal spores if any are present.

If the problem has not dramatically improved within 14 days of starting the psorexederm cream then consult a doctor. However I think the Psorexederm Cream should work well applied morning and night.

Kind Regards,
David Tue 11/09/07

Q&A - Vaginal Fungus and Breast Fungus

I received the 'Psorexederm Cream'. I am very worried that whether I got the wrong cream. When I ordered the cream, my breast skin (from nipple below, the skin was red and itchy, with breast swollen little bit due to pre-menstruation). I looked your site, it maybe related to fugus.

But I found out today, you have another cream called 'Breast Rash Cream'. So what is the difference between the two? Which is one if the permanent cure for fungus underneath breast?

I had been having fungus infection inside vagina for many years, several months ago it was cured by 12 packs of Boric Acid. I guess the 'Psorexederm Cream' will treat my breast fungus too?

Also I just have been diagnosed having Eczema on my nose/chin area, I can use 'psorexederm cream' on my face as well, so I don't have to use Fluticasone cream prescribed by doctor.

The 'Psorexederm Cream' will work on your breast and is also suitable for the external vaginal area. (It doesn't sting) Both Psorexederm and the Breast Rash cream contain the same amount of boric acid which has helped you previously.

The breast rash cream is formulated without coal tar so has very little smell and very little color, all desirable attributes so as not to stain clothing,

However, the Psorexederm Cream can be applied to the area and the excess removed with a soft cloth to avoid staining clothing. Its a little messier but has a greater anti-itch effect due to the coal tar.

Try it for 2-3 weeks and it should do the job. If not, let me know. Safety wise the products are equally safe.

Kind Regards,

Hi, I've been using your breast rash cream since year 2005, and as my testimonial says, it really works. Since you are the only place that I found a cure for my 4-year long problem (after visits to many doctor offices), I'm contacting you. I'm hoping you can help me with a new problem. When I sit for long periods of time (work at desk 6-8 hours, fly or drive long distances), I get inflamed in my vaginal area. I notice that I start to feel irritated and begin adjusting the crotch of my slacks, and then the next day I have discharge and discomfort.

I'm about 30 pounds overweight, don't wear tight clothing, take acidophilus daily , drink lots of water, and have regular pap smears

Any suggestions? The pattern of these symptoms definitely relates to sitting for too long.

The problem is common and due the affected area being under pressure. The ideal solution is simply to apply our Psorexederm cream liberally to the genital area with a panty pad with "wings to avoid the cream staining the underwear.

If results are not immediate there may be some fungal infection present which can be eliminated with a single oral diflucan capsule however this is unlikely and mentioned just to cover all possibilities.

The Psorexederm Cream will work in a few days and can be stopped when the problem clears. Depending on climate/temperature etc it may recur from time to time in which case retreat as soon as symptoms are noticed. It is non-irritant with an immediate soothing effect and no cortisone or nasty stuff so it is safe to use as required.

Kind Regards, David Hosking

First of all I want to mention that I love your products. I had a horrible breast rash a while back and nothing was working. I had relief using your Breast Rash Cream almost immediately!! Because of that success, I wanted to ask your help with my new issues. I am currently 5 months pregnant, and have had a fungal infection of the vagina (not a yeast infection and it is exterior, not interior) and rectum.

I have been using Ketoconazole, but to no avail. In addition to the vaginal and rectal fungus, I have also contracted athlete's foot. I am just an itching mess. Oh yeah, and it is so much worse at night so much so that I am up for hours sometimes. I don't know what to use that will actually work and that will be ok during pregnancy. I have seen a dermatologist, and infectious disease specialist, my gp, and the ob/gyn. I hope there is something you can suggest.

Our Tinea Cream is excellent for the feet but not suitable for sensitive areas like the outer vagina and rectum. Try our Previt Vitamin E Cream (Safe for Pregnant woman) which is a thick water repellent protective non-sting formula applied thickly 2-3 times a day with panty liners in your underwear to minimize staining is ideal for itchy areas like the outer vagina and outer rectum.

Wash all underwear and socks in a hot wash always to kill any spores so as not to reinfect yourself. Take probiotic capsules like lactobacillus acidophillus to maintain a good balance of beneficial bacteria in your body. You will find that should be very successful. Our Tinea Cream for the feet can sometimes itch more the first application but after that the problem rapidly disappears.

Kind regards, David Hosking. 26 June 08

Eczema in breast and genital area

I am a 60 yr old black female (African American) with three grown daughters who have over the past 10 years themselves developed eczema.

I just developed some outbreaks over the past 1˝ yrs primarily a few spots on my face for which I have used Topicort Cream. During the past 7 to 8 months, I have developed itchy, red rashes under my breasts (I am large breasted). The problem here usually occurs if I perspire at night and become hot, then underneath my breasts begins to itch very badly. The other more stressful and disappointing problem is that I also believe that I have eczema in my vaginal area. This problem develops usually when the breast problem develops because I persire and when I get moist the itching never fails.

Please tell me what I can do. I have an allergy to Sulfa and have no allergies to food or any other things.

As you will have observed with the problems in both the breast and genital area, hot weather makes it worse due to perspiration and moisture. The breast rash cream is also suitable for the genital area and will not sting or irritate. It is a water free base which is able, to absorb perspiration and moisture to a high degree ensuring your comfort. It also contains a small amount of boric acid as an anti-fungal agent.

It is far superior to cream bases which contain water in their formulae.

Cortisone creams are probably one of the worst products for this problem, in my opinion, as they do not protect the skin against the causative moisture but suppress the symptoms only.

When applying our Breast Rash Cream to the genital area use enough so the whitish cream forms a thin layer over the affected area and use a panty liner to prevent the zinc soiling underwear. (if it gets on dark clothing it can be hard to remove) Have said all that it is actually much easier to actually do compared to explaining it in writing. Apply it to the skin folds under your breast in a similar manner and see if you can use soft cloth between the underwire and the ointment covered skin. If this is inconvenient, apply it thickly to the skin fold at night and wear an old loose tee-shirt to avoid getting the cream on the bed linen.

Relief of irritation should be almost immediate as our testimonials attribute.

The problem will clear up completely but the cause being moisture in skin fold areas will cause the problem to recur. You will have a good interval of relief between occurrences and the cream is safe to use long term as it is a moisture absorbing antifungal barrier.

I think you will be very pleased with the product and the rapidity of it's action.

Kind Regards,
David 30 May 08

Vaginal Inflamation thru low Oestrogen

I purchased your breast rash cream early last year and it is wonderful. Also helps under my small roll of belly flab.

Now, the other day I decided to take a mirror and look at my vagina. No idea why, but I did. The entry into my vagina is inflamed. I was shocked. No discharge, pain, odour, but there is slight burning. Intercourse is difficult, no pain but burning so we use Dermeze ointment. I really query if this is the right product to use. Last Friday my chemist recommended Replens, well that was like putting acid into my vagina and the burning lasted for around 12 hours. Won’ t do that again !

I breezed through the menopause 10 years ago, no HRT, not really into allopathic medicine. I take plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. My nurse friends tell me my problem is because of estrogen deficiency which makes sense to me.

All my pap smears over the years have come back normal and am due another one soon. Doc said in couple of years ago all looked very healthy but I guess I have had a drop in estrogen since then. So which one of your creams would be the best for me to apply in this area David.

Dermeze is quite protective and will do no harm. As you have correctly surmised the reduction of oestrogen causes the vaginal tissues to become more sensitive. I understand people not wanting to take hormone replacement therapy orally due to the doubling in risk of blood clots and other side-effects. In fact in my practice this is quite uncommon except where people are really struggling with low oestrogen levels.

However, the external hormone treatments such as vagifem oestrogen cream (prescription required from your local Dr) are very effective at helping the affected area regain it's normal elasticity so I would tend to recommend this first as it is very effective and without significant absorption.

I have the philosophy of choosing the best from the allopathic world and the best from the naturopathic world. While the area is irritated, gels and water based products which are usually recommended and quite successful, will sting so use the Dermeze.

As a soothing protective during the day for rapid healing , our Breast Rash Cream can be used with a panty liner as it is safe in the genital area. Personally, I would suggest a course of vagifem cream as this will most likely be the easiest, most effective product without the side-effects of oral hormones.

Kind regards, David Hosking. 7 April 09

Postmenopausal women with dry vagina

TESTIMONIAL: For a speciality coconut formulation for vaginal dryness suffered by postmenopausal women

Below is a testimonial for a special product David made up recently which has proved very succesful as a non-hormone based lubricant for vaginal dryness suffered by postmenopausal women. As with all David's preparations, we use only the safest and most effective natural ingredients supplemented with safe, pure and proven made-made ingredients to give our products the best safety and effectiveness.

Coconut Formulation's:
Several weeks ago I emailed David requesting he make up something for me, a postmenopausal woman with a rather dry vagina. I had used various commercial products for my issue and each time I suffered. Felt like I had put acid on myself and the stinging was just terrible. I also prefer to use natural products which are non toxic etc.

Having had great success with David’s Breast Rash Cream I was sure he could concoct something for my particular problem. Sure enough, in a week or so he came up with two products. Formulation 1, a Coconut based lubricant ointment to be applied as needed and formulation 2 with the same instructions. Formulation 1 is fairly solid but melts on contact with body heat. Formula 2 is in a pump pack and is fluid and easy to apply. I prefer the latter as a lubricant prior to intercourse and formula 1 as a daily moisturiser in the genital area.

I have to say as an added extra, BOTH are simply divine as a body moisturiser and excellent for those of us with drier skin. I am hoping that David will add this to his repertoire of excellent products. I am not affiliated with David whatsoever.

NOTE: The Coconut Vaginal Moisturiser is not currently for sale on our Internet Order form, please contact David directly to discuss any special formulations you may require

Q&A - A clear coloured Breast Rash, without redness

I have rather large breasts. My problem is the rash I have is not a red one in color.
It is clear coloured, but not a pimple that would pop open. I have tried everything, and cannot get rid of it. It itches, stings, and hurts. It is extremely uncomfortable. I am embarressed to go to a doctor about it. I do sweat a lot under my bosom. I can not figure out what kind of rash this may be, and it never goes completely away. I have it the year around. When I continuously treat will finally subside for a time, altho the rash is still there, just the symptoms subside.

After a time it begins again. I would like to get rid of it for good, but can't figure what to do. Can you give me any idea, what kind of rash it might be, and how to get rid of it for good?......Thanks

Hi ,

If the rash is under your breasts and raw in places or right along under the breast. If this sounds like your problem then you have a problem that is common to many women and is more frequent with larger breast sizes. Follow the washing of underwear tips for bras on the website to prevent reinfection.

Unfortunately it is this type of infection you may get again once or twice a year if you are prone to it. Using the breast rash cream should clear it up within 14 days otherwise contact us for a refund and contacting the doctor may be necessary.

However Our success rate is very high so if it is just under your breast where they meet your body I am 99% certain our product will fix the problem.

Kind Regards,
16 July 2007

Blocked sweat glands that appear to be Pimples

I have large breast and sweat under them, this morning it was red and raw with pimples i put baby powder on it. it is clearing up some but sill i have the pemples

The powders do work to some extent but tend to clump together forming damp lumps in more severe cases of breast rash. Our breast rash ointment is anti-fungal, very soothing for itch and burning and very fast acting. Simply apply it at night to the affected area and wear a light singlet or tee-shirt without a bra to avoid the white cream staining the bedclothes (rarely happens but best to be sure) . Ideally it can be applied twice a day for quickest relief . The pimples you have observed are most likely blocked sweat glands if they seem to have a clear fluid in them.

Once the problem has cleared up daily use of a baby powder with zinc, starch and an antiseptic will prevent most recurrences. Please always wash your socks & underwear in a fully hot wash wash this is the only way to kill bacteria and fungi. 27/1/2008

Hailey-Hailey disease

Recently I ordered -received-used your breast cream. In two days the pain, redness was disappearing. I thank-you so much.

My skin disease that I have had for 50 years plus is Hailey Hailely. I have sent you info on it and pictures. My condition is like the pics. It never leaves. Doctors and Dermatologist have tried all the recommended treatments. It never leaves and always comes back. Can you recommend something? Would the breast cream help this problem too?

Please inform me, so I can start a new treatment and gain my life back without this horrible disease. 4\5\08

The breast rash cream is excellent as a mildly antifungal and anti-chafing cream so I can see it may be of benefit in Hailey-Hailey disease (sometimes called ‘familial benign chronic pemphigus’ and has a similar blistering appearance to Thrush, Tinea, Impetigo) as the cream has suitable physical properties to protect skin and reduce fungal infection. Do try it and let me know how it performs. I have not come across this before but from the symptoms it should help. It won't cure it but hopefully make life more livable.

This stuff is excellent. I have Hailey-Hailey disease (benign familial pemphigus) along with multiple family members and it is keeping my condition controlled even without oral medications which has never happened before in almost 20 years with the disease. I have now advised my family members with it to order it and they too are getting relief from it. Thank you so very much for your "miracle" cream that my family has not had relief from our condition until now. Florida 20\12\09

TESTIMONIALS - what Women say about David's Breast Rash Cream

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Our skin care treatments are effective on all skin types including African-American, Asian and Hispanic

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