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Healing cracked nipples, bleeding nipples or painful nipples - with Pure Lanolin (Nipple Cream)

 Nipple Cream (Purest Medical Grade Lanolin)

How to get Healing of cracked nipples or bleeding nipples.

If your nipples are painful, cracked and bleeding you probably are breast feeding and almost at your wit's end. The most common cause of cracked or bleeding nipples is breast feeding. (However some women in dry climates also experience this problem.)

The best product to relieve this condition is pure medical grade lanolin (often called wool fat). This is an ultra purified product and does not contain water, perfumes or additives that are in commercial lanolin.

Here are some guidelines to help you get fast and effective relief.

After Birth of your Baby

Use Pure Lanolin (woolfat) applied before and after feeding to reduce the development of tender, reddened nipples. Nipple problems typically begin a few days after birth and this can be a very stressfull time for most new mothers.

Apply as often as needed. Our Pure Lanolin (Nipple Cream) is totally NON-toxic and is safe to use on the Nipple and areola area while breast feeding. It should be applied before and after feeding to your Nipples.
If you are not breastfeeding then simply apply it 3 or 4 times daily.

How to apply Pure Medical grade Lanolin:

Pick up a little and work it between the fingers. The warmth of your fingers will make the pure lanolin almost liquid and easy to smooth on easily. Smooth a layer about as thick as a business card (0.5mm) over the complete nipple before and after feeding. Cover the breast as lightly as possible or use a thin breast pad and a thicker layer of lanolin to prevent premature removal. Do not remove lanolin before next feeding. Reapply as soon as all excess milk has been blotted for better adhesion. Pure Lanolin is very soothing as it prevents the nipple skin from drying by maintaining moisture levels and is totally safe for the baby to be in contact with when feeding.

Cracked Nipples and Breast Feeding

The causes of cracked nipples are complicated and correct feeding technique is vital. If you are certain you are doing everything correctly and the baby is latching on correctly then our our Pure medical grade lanolin will give you rapid relief. Sometimes when breastfeeding is established nipple problems can reoccur as sore, red but not cracked nipples. This is often due to the baby having a strong suck. Simply use our pure lanolin as directed above.

Breast Feeding Advice

If you are uncertain of the correct feeding technique, especially how to attach the baby to the breast to minimise nipple pain.
Here are some excellent links to help you.
Breastfeeding Centre of Western Australia. (King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women) (Page may be slow to load but worth it.)

David Hosking's Pharmacy Online supplies pure medical grade lanolin (United States Pharmacopea Grade) for use as a Nipple Cream. Please return to our Breast Rash cures page for details on how to buy our 'Pure Lanolin' cream.

QUESTION: How do I treat really itchy nipples?, that have red spots like pimples

Iam 24 years old. A mother of 1 daughter. I have problem with my nipple for almost 2 years.

At first my both nipple are very itchy. I really can't stand the itchiness. I keep on scratching both of my nipples. After few days later, I found some red spot like pimple appears on them, more than 10 spots I guess. It's containing fluid and carrying fus. I went to see a doctor about my problem.

After taking some treatment, the itchiness was gone. But the spots are still remain and the fus too. They just getting dry and turn like my nipple colour. I keep trying to see other doctors and last 2 months was the fifth doctor. But my problem remains the same. I want to try your cream and hope it can cure my rashes. Can you tell me which type of your cream I should buy?

Thanks for ur reply. The doctors gave me some antibiotic and cream. After I finish the antibiotic, the itchiness has disapeared and the pimples getting dry too but unable to back as normal. But i dont know the name of the cream and the antibiotic, I ate 3 differents antibiotic and used 4 different cream. Do you need a complete details of the medicine? I will try to get info, if i can. 23 Feb 08

Hi, In your case it sounds like a bad case of mastitis. If pus is still present you would be wise to have another course of antibiotics as the infection may still be in the milk glands.

The ointments forms of antibiotics are better than creams to relieve the dryness. From what you have said I definitely think the problem has almost healed but one more course of antibiotics sounds like the answer.

I know you are getting sick of all the medications but bacteria are becoming more resistant these days so this is becoming more common. The sooner you see the doctor the less chance the infection will flare up again. Kind Regards, David Hosking.

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