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Treating submammary candidiasis (Breast Rash)

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QUESTION: Cream to treat rash under both my breasts it is red and sometimes has a mild sweaty odor and itchy

Subject: 2 weeks ago I developed a rash under both my breasts

2 weeks ago I developed a rash under both my breast it is red and sometimes has a mild sweaty odor and itchy. I have applied Desitin to no avail, then I tried Aloe vera plant that bought a bit relief but no cure. I have tried cornstarch it calms the heat and itching but becomes caky. I have never had this.

Which of your creams would help clear my problem which I think is fungal?
Are you a Doctor?

ANSWER: Cream to treat rash under both my breast it is red and sometimes has a mild sweaty odor and itchy


This is a very common problem with women especially in hot areas such as Australia and parts of the USA such as Florida etc.. As a Pharmacist (I am not a doctor) married to another pharmacist with 2 female daughters I have a good perspective on women's problems through experience. Collectively we have 56 years of experience in the profession specializing in skincare products. I am not aware of anyone making a product specifically for this problem so I made one. (We are a Compounding Pharmacy and can make specific products formulated for individuals)

The problem you have described is most likely sub mammary candidiasis which is likely to have a fungal component due to the area becoming moist then the skin breaking down. As a preventative the Desitin is good plus the tips you may have read at our Treatment and Cures for Breast Rash page The Hot water underwear wash is particularly important to prevent recurrence.

Fungal infections are stopped by keeping the area dry and preventing the raw skin areas rubbing. Our Breast Rash cream has a large amount of zinc oxide in it with a water-free soothing base and antifungal boric acid at the level used to preserve eye drops so it is very soothing from the first application. It can stain dark clothing so you can apply it at night and wear an old nightie or t-shirt and apply it in the morning with a white bra is desired or no bra. The product is completely safe and non-stinging, best of all, it works quickly. We sell a lot of it to hot, humid areas such as Florida in the USA.

I believe it will solve your problem from your description which is typical of the problem. Of course, our 100% money back guarantee protects you as buying from a Pharmacist you don't know over the internet is a "leap of Faith" on your part. I hope this helps you.

Kind Regards,
David Hosking.

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