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For treating severe Sweat Rashes, Chafing, Friction Rash, Bed sores, Pressure sores Healing starts today, guaranteed!

Incontinence Dermatitis. (Also called Perineal Dermatitis)

Dermatitis caused by Incontinence is common.

Both urinary and faecal incontinence are common in the elderly but may also occur in younger people.

In fact as many as 1 person in every 20 may have faecal incontinence which is a common cause of incontinence dermatitis.

In addition, chaffing, friction rash, pressure sores and bedsores are often aggravated by faecal or urinary incontinence.
(Also known as Perineal Dermatitis)

What are the Causes of Incontinence ?

There are many causes of Incontinence such as :-

How does Incontinence Dermatitis affect the skin ?

Inflammation (Dermatitis) of the skin in the groin or buttock area is caused by chemical irritation from urine or faecal matter.

The skin will appear red, swollen and sore. Further skin damage results in skin breakdown may even leave the area raw and weeping. Even further breakdown of the skin in bed-ridden people may result in pressure sores.

Elderly people can be chronically incontinent and debilitated. This results in much greater risk of skin breakdown. Aging skin can be up to seven times more permeable than that of a young persons and therefore much more vulnerable to injury from the chemical irritants in urine and faeces.

Using Davidís Nappy Rash Cream for Incontinence Dermatitis

We have had exceptional results treating incontinence dermatitis with Davidís Nappy Rash (Diaper Rash) Cream.

The formulation contains absolutely no petroleum products which can reduce diaper absorbency.

From the first application improvement will be seen in reduction of pain, redness, skin breakdown and skin erosion. The barrier effect of the cream prevents painful chafing of raw skin surfaces and provides immediate comfort for both active and bed-ridden sufferers.

The barrier created by the cream is long lasting which is especially important during the night and for active people during the day.


How do I treat Sweat Rashes and Chafing ?

Many people have these rashes under the Breasts, the backs of the Knees and the Groin area. These Rashes are sore, uncomfortable and often difficult to treat with traditional creams. Often POOR results are achieved by using anti-fungal creams and cortisone products as they are simply NOT protective enough to provide an optimum healing environment.

Davidís Nappy Rash (Diaper Rash) Cream is very effective for treating all these conditions due to the highly protective nature of the formulation.

Excellent results are achieved within 7 to 14 days simply by applying our cream once or twice a day.

Note: We also have a Breast Rash cream specifically for breast rashes


HOW DO I prevent Bed Sores, Pressure Sores and Friction Sores ?

David's Nappy Rash cream is highly effective at preventing pressure sores and bedsores, especially those aggravated by urinary or faecal incontinence.

The cream is much more effective than conventional barrier creams like zinc and castor oil creams. As well as having a long lasting barrier effect, it reduces friction on sensitive areas.

Friction of cloth on skin is a well known causative and aggravating factor in friction rash and bed sore formation.

To use simply follow these instructions:
  1. Clean the skin with a mild cleanser and rinse with water
  2. Gently dry the area with a soft clean towel or use gauze if the skin is raw
  3. Apply a moderate amount of David's Nappy Rash Cream covering the area and allowing the body heat to soften the cream so it smoothes on easily
  4. When the area becomes wet or soiled simply cleanse the soiled area and reapply David's Nappy Rash cream where needed. It is not necessary to remove all of the cream when soiling occurs. Simply cleanse and reapply to the soiled area for complete protection
  5. You will see results within 7 days and the cream can be used as long as needed without harmful effects as it contains no cortisone



Why is our Nappy Rash Cream so Effective ?

Our Formula has been created to form a water resistant PROTECTIVE layer which ensures our skin care cream will not rub off even overnight. The protective cream layer seals the skin and repels urine and bowel motions allowing healing to RAPIDLY take place.

We have also included three medicinal Herbal Balsams which will NOT STING even the worst nappy rash which may be blistered and bleeding.

Our nappy rash cream does NOT contain Cortisone, Antibotics or Coal Tar.

We believe our cream is the best natural skin care treatment you can buy to treat skin rashes caused by chafing, sweat rashes and Incontinence Dermatitis.

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David Hoskings Nappy Rash Cream

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