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How to cure Feet, Groin & Armpit Rashes from Tinea Pedis, Tinea Corpus, Ringworm, Jock Itch & Athletes Foot Cure starts today, guaranteed!

How to cure TINEA and what causes it

How to treat tinea and how to cure tinea FAST !!!

Our Tinea treatment is very effective for:- You also have the confidence of knowing every jar of Tinea cream is homemade, or we should say handmade by David himself!

Tinea of the Feet - Athlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis)

severe case of athlete's foot (Tinea Pedis)

Picture of Tinea Pedis
(Athlete's Foot)

Foot rashes resulting from the contraction of a tinea infection can be related to your Footwear. Sports Runners, Boots and tight Shoes are often associated with having Tinea Pedis. (Athlete's Foot)

These red itchy rashes can appear anywhere on your feet including the sides of your feet, the heel or between the toes.

Athletic pursuits undertaken by Sports people or work activities that require heavy labour can produce moist and warm conditions in footwear that encourage fungal growth.

Contact with Motel, Hotel and B&B showers and Baths, and Gym and Pool floors is another recognised Risk Factor and your risk of tinea infection increases in relation with the number of people using the facilities.

Infection with 'Athlete's Foot' (Tinea Pedis) is more common during the summer months and in tropical climates.

Even War Veteran's with very long term feet infections have had success with our Tinea Cream.

Tinea of the Body (Tinea Corpus)

Transmission of Tinea Corporis (Ringworm) may occur when you come into direct contact with infected animals (dogs and cats are often carriers), or contaminated clothing and furniture.

Like many other fungal skin infections, warmth and humidity favour the occurance of this fungal infection (Mycosis).

Therefore, tropical and subtropical regions have higher incidence of tinea corporis (ringworm).

Picture of Tinea of the Body (Tinea Corporis or Ringworm)

Picture of Tinea Corporis of the Body (Ringworm)

NOTE: Mycology is the study of fungi, including those such as Tinea that produce fungus infections (Mycoses) through penetrating the skin barrier

Tinea of the Groin - Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris)

Like other tinea infections Tinea Cruris, otherwise known as Jock Itch, thrives in parts of the body like the groin that offer a warm moist environment.

Tinea Cruris can be triggered by ongoing friction from clothes along with ongoing wetness around the groin area (jock rash), which could result for example from playing a high intensity sport and then remaining in wet sporting attire for an extended period.

Tinea Cruris can be contracted from other people if you come in direct skin to skin contact with an infected person or even through simply touching their contaminated unwashed clothing. Picture of Tinea of the Groin (Jock Itch)

Picture of Tinea of the Groin
(Jock Itch)

What is Tinea ?

Picture of a Foot Rash caused by Tinea Pedis fungal infection Tinea Pedis (Athlete's Foot) is a fungal disease of the Skin of the Feet... Tinea is a fungal disease of the Skin that is caused by a number of different organisms.

Tinea of the Feet (Tinea Pedis) usually causes itchy rashes, particularly between the toes. (Refer Photo of Athlete's Foot)

It is hard to clear up Tinea as footware tends to create a moist environment which is ideal for Fungal growth.

In fact, Tinea spores can stay in your Footware causing reinfection ! Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris) and Ringworm (Tinea Corporis) are both tinea infections of the skin.

They often result in Groin Rashes, Underarm rashs or Armpit Rashes that can be recognized by the red appearance with a very sharp border between the good skin and the infected skin.

Tinea infection is often the cause of underarm rashes or a deodorant rash that will NOT heal. Picture of Tinea of the Body (Ringworm or Tinea Corporis) Picture of Ringworm (Tinea Corporis)

How do I treat Tinea for fast RELIEF ?

Tinea of the Feet (Tinea Pedis)

To permanently ERADICATE foot rashes caused by Tinea on the Feet
you need to do THREE things.

  1. Treat your Feet
    Do this by applying David's Tinea Cream twice a day.   Apply it just before bed and just before putting shoes and socks OR stockings on in the morning.

    Results will be noticed within 24 hours as an INCREASE in Foot comfort and a reduction in any itching.

  2. Treat your Footware
    to kill any Fungal spores that could reinfect you with Tinea.   This is best done by spraying the inside of the Shoes with "Deo Fresh". (available from David Hosking's Pharmacy web site)
    Use once each night for ONE week as needed.

    ("Deo Fresh" contains Alcohol and Formalin to rapidly kill all harmful organisms in footwear and also completely destroys Odor from your Feet!
    Excellent for runners and work boots to prevent Foot odor too.)

  3. Treat the Shower and Bathing areas at home
    to prevent reinfection from wet areas in your house.   This is simply done by splashing a cup full of "White King" or similar chlorine bleach around your Bath or Shower recess and leaving overnight to kill any Bacteria and Fungi in the bathing areas.

Tinea on the Body (Tinea Corpus)


Tinea on the Groin - Jock Rash (Tinea Cruris)

can simply be treated by applying David's Tinea Cream twice a day until all sign of Rash has GONE. Itchy groin rashes like Jock Rash (tinea cruris) common to Sportsmen are often fungal in nature and respond very well to treatment with David's Tinea Cream.

We have occasionally found that Jock itch is very tender when the Tinea Ointment is applied and initially only enough to cover a fingernail should be applied just at night. If irritation occurs, wash off with water and reapply the next night and as the Jock rash is controlled the skin will become less irritated and the product will not sting as much.

Preventative Treatment for Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris)

After using David's Tinea Cream as a cure for Jock Rash you can reduce the chances of reoccurance by doing the following:-

Other causes of Groin Rash

Another cause for Groin Rash and Jock Rash is through the conditions caused by engaging in very intense, sweaty and repetitive activities like riding Mountain Bikes and off-road Motorcycles. Groin Rash can often be suffered by people who regularly ride Mountain Bikes and off-road Motorcycles.

Bike riders tend to get a groin rash that won't heal and our Psorexederm Cream is ideal to heal this particular cause of groin rash. The Psorexederm Cream can be applied twice a day using panty liners in the undies during the day to avoid staining clothes and just wear old undies at night.

Avid Divers and Surfers can also suffer from Groin Rash in the genital region which is aggravated by the conditions that develop while wearing their wet suits or board shorts for extended periods. Wearing lycra under wetsuits is helpful for people wearing wet suits but still the skin may not improve and you favorite activity may become very painful with the pain continuing afterward.

Our Psorexederm Cream has been used by Divers and Surfers as a mild antifungal and highly waterproof cream to apply to the irritated and chafed areas. It is absolutely safe to apply to the genital area and is very soothing.

How to treat Tinea in Sensitive Areas

Hello Dr. David,

My husbant and I just started using the Tinea balm. We are about to finish the jar and we just ordered 4 more jars of tinea balm. It looks like it is working and we are compeating arround the jar. I can't wait until it is completely gone. I've had a rash for a about 6 years now that I believe, I got from the gym, while using the mats everybody else sweats on.It is on my back (in the curve of my spine), my stomack (the linea alba) and underneath the breast arround the bra line and on my shoulders (like brownish spots). I have been using Acidophilus internaly and it comes and goes depending on my immune system and if I take it all the time.

I have tried Tea tree oil cream and other antifungal over the counter treatments but as I said it comes and goes. The doctor did not pay close attention when I went to visit (because it is not very visible to the eye). You have to look very close to see the spores. He said that it was some "discoloration in pigmentation"...??? I knew that it was some kind of fungus because it was itchy and I had red the book "The Quiet Epidemic" about yeast in the body and all the different allergies one can develope from Candida overgrowth.

On the other hand, my husbant developed a big red rash in the groin area after returning from South America where he had lasic surgery.He said he was sweating there alot since ther was not airconditioning. We couldn't figure out what it was. He did had a fungus on his big toe and maybe he transfered it with a wet towel while drying from the feet to the groin. Now he uses different towels for the different areas of the body, so he doesn't transfer the infection.

After reading you website I was able to finaly diagnose him and myself. Now I know that it is Tinea. Thank you for providing this information on your website and helping people. If this tinea balm works I have alot of customers for you. I personaly know at least 10 people who will need this cream. I have aslo had dermatitis on my hands (allergy from dish washing detergent). I tried your psoriases cream and my allergy is also going away. The tinea cream gets on my hands too, so I don't know wich one is the one working better.But, hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of the suffering.

I just have one question. We experience some redness and burning right after application of the Tinea cream. Especially my husbant because ot the area where the tinea is the skin is very delicate. When we wake up in the morning the redness is gone. Is this normal? We beleave that maybe this is the way the medicine is killing the fungus. We hope that this is not an allergic reaction.We are the fungus family :) and we need your help.

Please advice. Thank you Florida, USA

Thank you for your feedback on your tinea cream results. The redness in sensitive areas is normal but can be controlled in 2 ways,

We often "Taylor make" products for cases such as this so just copy this email and forward it to our WebDesigner should you wish to get the half strength version for the genital areas.

Couple of extra tips on the website which are important: Wash towels, underwear etc in a HOT wash to kill fungal spores.

Wash the bath/shower recess once or twice a week with a chlorine based cleaner, I think in USA Clorox is a typical product. This prevents reinfection from the wet areas in your house.

If the feet are a problem you may be getting reinfection from your footwear. To prevent fungi lurking in your footwear get the product "DEOFRESH" on the website and spray in the footwear when taking them off (sandals included) at night. Once a week is adequate.

Hope this helps, Kind Regards, David Hosking.
I purchased your half strength Tinea cream which you were kind enough to make up for me

I have been using it twice a day now for about 2 and a half weeks and the groin rash has improved greatly. there is just a hint of a pink color in spots. I don't have any significant itch or burning or never really have. The only symptom was the area of the rash which was in the folds of the skin in the whole groin area was sensitive in the sense of irritated. I think I said in a previous mail to you that during July I was at a cottage by a lake in a terrible heat wave and there was no AC. So I am thinking that the irritation may have started then.

But now my question is how long should I use the cream and what is the usual amount of time when these type rashes clear up totally. I want to repeat that I see a vast improvement in the condition.

I am glad you are getting good results. As the cream works the fungal infection dies and the new skin regenerates from underneath. You continue using the cream until all symptoms have gone There still can be fungal spores remaining in the top layer of skin at which may flare up if the cream is stopped at this stage. Continue using the cream for another 2 weeks after all signs and symptoms have gone and by then the entire skin should be free of fungal spores. Kind Regards, David Hosking 29\07\2010
QUESTION: Will this cream work for a large body ringworm?

Yes, it will work on a large body ringworm but should be applied very thinly as it is quite potent. If the area is near the genitals then apply it just once a day instead of the usual twice a day. It is waxy when removed from the jar but melts into the skin. Kind Regards, David Hosking 27\6\07

Treating affected Nails

QUESTION: How do I cure infected Toe Nails

Hi,I was just writting for urgent help! I have white stuff in my toe nails and i have had tinea before but have once got rid of it. This was 4 or 5 years ago. Just the other day i had noticed it had come back again, guessing from playing indoor soccer. But it is only on my big toe on my left. I had this is 6 other toe nails last time. I have tried to cut most of the toe nail off (along the left side where it has grown) how am i able to get rid of this once and for all? it kind of embarrasing when wanting to wear thongs.. could you please write back to me asap

ANSWER: How to treat infected Toe Nails

As you have found, this problem tends to recur during a person's life time. Provided the affected area has not grown right down the side of the nail to the base it can be fixed easily although it is time consuming.

The Loceryl nail paint you see advertised is expensive and doesn't work very well.

Our tinea cream works well when used as follows:-
  1. Trim off as much of the affected nail as you can , this may mean cutting the nail as far down one side as possible leaving your nail misshapen. Don't worry, it will grow back normally although you may have to put up with the odd shaped nail for a month or two.
  2. Using a fine thin nail file, scrape under the remaining nail to remove any white dry scaly nail which is fungus infected. There is usually a gap between the nail and the skin underlying it do to the fungus. Try to reach the base of the affected nail is possible. If note repeat the procedure each week until you can.
  3. Take the tinea cream and pick it under the nail after your shower each day.
  4. Use white king or a similar chlorine bleach to clean the bath/shower each week to destroy any spores that may reinfect other nails.
  5. Use our Deo-Fresh spray to spray in the footwear once or twice a week to kill spore of the fungus that can remain in the footwear. An added bonus is it deodorises sandals.
  6. In several months the nail will be as good as new
  7. To prevent recurrence you can spray Deofresh directly on the feet and under the nails once or twice a week if you like.

Why is David's Tinea Cream so effective ?

The MAJORITY of Tinea Ointments ONLY contain ONE active ingredient.
The anti-fungals most commonly used are one of :- Sadly Fungi are becoming RESISTANT to these Anti-Fungals and many people find their Tinea is VERY HARD to get RID of.

Tinea is caused by three main types of fungal infection but MOST Tinea lotion(s) ONLY have 1 ingredient which may NOT TREAT all 3 types of tinea effectively.

The formulation of David's Tinea Cream contains TWO active antiseptic agents to kill Fungi and Bacteria and a special water resistant penetrating base to help the Antiseptics to penetrate the skin more deeply and effectively.

In addition the Cream also includes a THIRD Keratolytic agent to help remove the dead skin in which the fungi grow.

The end result is a very effective treatment for rashes caused by Tinea.

David's Tinea Cream contains absolutely NO WATER because keeping the infected area as dry as possible helps destroy Tinea.

People who have suffered with Tinea for a long period of time are often amazed at how quickly they obtain relief. The itching and burning from these skin rashes can disappear in 1 or 2 days.

NOTE: Our Tinea Ointment is too potent for children under 10 years of age


David's Tinea Cream is quite greasy and can make your feet a bit slippery.

To avoid problems with slippery feet APPLY just BEFORE going to bed and just before putting on your shoes, socks or stockings in the morning.

TESTIMONIALS - what people say about our Tinea Cream

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