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How to cure tinea infection of Toe nails and Finger nails

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QUESTION: How do I treat white stuff in my toe nails

Hi,I was just writting for urgent help! I have white stuff in my toe nails and i have had tinea before but have once got rid of it. This was 4 or 5 years ago. Just the other day i had noticed it had come back again, guessing from playing indoor soccer. But it is only on my big toe on my left. I had this is 6 other toe nails last time. I have tried to cut most of the toe nail off (along the left side where it has grown) how am i able to get rid of this once and for all? it kind of embarrasing when wanting to wear thongs.. could you please write back to me asap

ANSWER: How to treat white stuff under toe nails

As you have found, this problem tends to recur during a person's life time. Provided the affected area has not grown right down the side of the nail to the base it can be fixed easily although it is time consuming.

The Loceryl nail paint you see advertised is expensive and doesn't work very well.

Our Tinea Cream works well when used as follows:-
  1. Trim off as much of the affected nail as you can, this may mean cutting the nail as far down one side as possible leaving your nail misshapen. Don't worry, it will grow back normally although you may have to put up with the odd shaped nail for a month or two.
  2. Using a fine thin nail file, scrape under the remaining nail to remove any white dry scaly nail which is fungus infected. There is usually a gap between the nail and the skin underlying it do to the fungus. Try to reach the base of the affected nail is possible. If note repeat the procedure each week until you can.
  3. Take the Tinea Cream and pick it under the nail after your shower each day.
  4. Use White King or a similar chlorine bleach to clean the bath/shower each week to destroy any spores that may reinfect other nails.
  5. Use our Deo-Fresh spray to spray in the footwear once or twice a week to kill spore of the fungus that can remain in the footwear. An added bonus is it deodorises sandals.
  6. In several months the nail will be as good as new
  7. To prevent recurrence you can spray Deofresh directly on the feet and under the nails once or twice a week if you like.

QUESTION: How do I cure nail infection

I was interested to find your web site after searching on Yahoo for solutions for tinea. My question is - is your tinea cream effective on nails?

Two of my toe nails appear to be affected by this tinea infection as well. If not, is there anything that you can suggest? I have tried painting them with Daktarin solution and also Loceryl, but nothing seems to have any impact.

I would be most grateful for any advice.

With thanks

ANSWER: How to treat nail infections

Our Tinea Ointment is effective for nail problems but is slow to work. Most products are slower than ours however.

To use it you need to trim the nails back as far as possible then use a fine nail file or implement to clean the under neath of the nail and scrape out the white debris which builds up between the skin and the flesh. This should be scraped back as far as possible so a long thin implement is useful.

Then pack the gap underneath the nail between the underside of the nail and the skin with our tinea balm. Repeat this at 3 days intervals, scraping the old ointment and nail debris out and packing in fresh Tinea ointment.

It sounds time consuming but is really quit easy.

If the fungal infection has travelled almost the full length of the nail to the nail base then the problem has become severe & you really should see a doctor for a course of antifungal tablets such as Grisovin or Lamisil.

If the infection has travelled less than half way down the nail our Tinea ointment will give good result over 3 to 6 months. One 100gram (3.5Oz) Jar contains more than enough for a full course of treatment.

Kind Regards,
David Hosking. 11 June 2005

QUESTION: How do I cure fungi in big toe

Hi David, I am hoping you can help me. I have been browsing through your website and before I order anything I would like to ask you a few things first. I work in fitness and have done for 26 years. I am in my middle fiftys. About a decade ago I was teaching aqua in a pool and went in the pool and then had a shower I had a cut in my toe as as you can imagine I got tinea that developed into fungal toenails.

I tried loceryl twice (very expensive) My doctor took nailcuttings and confirmed the funus (fungus) and I had lamisil tablets. It cleared up. Now I have just dicovered I have a discoloured bit on my big toe toward the nail bed on the side not at the bottom of the nail.

I don't go into pool anymore with clients and if I do I wear shoes in the pool and in the shower area. I have no idea where I picked this fungus up but I do work in a hydro pool, very moist and humid area, but again I wear shoes. I want to get rid of that bit of fungus in the nail.

I can see my doctor and get the lamisil again but it has risks. I don't take any medication.l am soaking my toe in vinegar and am using tea tree oil, it sort of looks better but my husband doesn't think so. Can you help me with summer coming up and will I keep getting this in my toenails due to my work?

I wear trainer everyday for work as I teach classes every day. Can I give this to anyone else and do I need separate towels for my body and feet. I am quite worried about the whole thing. Thank you.

ANSWER: How to treat fungi under the big toe

Hi, As you have experienced, this is a difficult problem to get rid of.

As it is not in the nail bed you should be able to stop it fairly easily if you can use a pair of nail clippers to completely cut off the discoloured area. This may be down one side of the nail. This may leave the nail lopsided but it will grow back.

Underneath the discoloured nail you will find accumulated scale which can be removed by scraping under the nail with a fine nail file such as is found on regular nail clippers. After cleaning up the discoloured section, clean the clippers with methylated spirit and clean under the good section of nail to remove any scale that could be present.

If you can remove the discolored nail area completely and scrape out the scale then apply our Tinea Ointment to the area before bed. Each day ensure the area is clean and reapply the Tinea ointment ensuring you work it under the good section of the nail to prevent any recurrence.

There is also a spray called Deofresh which is antibacterial and antifungal which should be sprayed into your footwear once or twice a week to kill any spores. We sell this on our web site.

It is not necessary to use separate towels but drying your feet last is good practice and wash them after use. The problem can be passed to others however using a chlorine bleach like White King to clean the home shower (just pour half a cup into the shower recess after use) will prevent this.

Wearing your trainers will prevent others catching it, just make sure you have several so they can dry out between uses. Having your feet in water frequently leaves you open to catching the problem again from others, however once the condition has cleared up you can spray your nails with Deofresh each night and this should prevent reinfection.

The Lamisil is very effective so if it is hard to trim off all the discoloured nail then the Lamisil would be the best option using the Deofresh after each day's teaching at the pool to prevent reinfection.

I hope this helps. Kind Regards, David Hosking. 3/11/10

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