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Skin Care Treatment and Relief for Eczema, Contact Dermatitis & Contact Excema Guaranteed RESULTS in 7 to 14 Days

Treatment for Dermatitis and Excema

We have developed a very effective and successful treatment to relieve the skin conditions caused by Dermatitis and Eczema - please read further....

What are Dermatitis and Eczema ?

Image of a typical Dermatitis and Exzema conditions
Dermatitis and Excema are inflammatory conditions of the skin...

Dermatitis and Eczema (Excema) are inflammatory conditions of the Skin.

The Skin becomes EXTREMELY Itchy and Inflamed, causing redness, swelling, cracking, weeping, crusting, dryness, and scaling.

Dermatitis and Eczema (Excema) most often affects Infants and young Children, but it can continue into Adulthood or show up later in life.

The term Eczema is also commonly used to describe Atopic Dermatitis also known as Atopic Eczema.

Adults often get contact Eczema or Dermatitis: a reaction that includes Redness, Itching, and Burning where the Skin has come into contact with an allergen, or an irritant such as a cleaning agent.
It especially effects the hands and is most severe on the most used Hand.

How do I obtain relief from Dermatitis and Eczema in 21 Days ?

Q&A - about treating Dermatitis and Eczema (Excema)

QUESTION:- What can I do for Heat Rash or Eczema that happens from the pool or sunlight?

I have a heat rash or eczema that breaks out every time I am exposed to water (beach or pool) and sunlight/heat. it always appears in the exact same areas. one very big rash on the inner part of my right thigh, two in the back of both arms(behind my armpit) and in the bending joint of my arms. I have tried many things.. and those things get me a little bit better, they heal it but they don't get rid of it forever. Doctors told me I have eczema and what they prescribe is not getting rid of none of the skin conditions. NY, USA

ANSWER:- What can I do for Heat Rash or Eczema that happens from the pool or sunlight?

As for your eczema problem, it is hard to pinpoint the cause of the rash. If there is a family history of allergy/eczema or asthma that can be inclined to make you more likely to get eczema. I assume your diet is good, sometimes a vitamin supplement can help a little bit but don't expect miracles from it, however supplements do seem to help to a degree. Get a potent tablet or capsule with everything in it especially the Vitamin B group, Vitamin C , Zinc and everything else. A one a day supplement should be available that will do it. I would also suggest taking a good brand of odour free fish oil capsules 1000mg 3 times a day to supply the essential fatty acids to help reduce the inflammation of eczema. (lo-fat diets are good for the waist but bad for the skin.) Fortunately you can get the good fatty acids on their own in the fish oil capsules. Any good brand you can get locally will do.

Our Psorexederm (Excema) Cream is antibacterial and antifungal. It seals damaged skin to encourage healing and relieves itch almost immediately. It appears thick and smoothes on as it melts in contact with your skin. Massage it in gently for 1-2 minutes then use a soft cloth such as on old towel to remove the cream remaining on the surface of your skin so it doesn't rub off on your clothing. You will notice a slight shine on you skin from the cream which has penetrated the skin and is protecting it. Apply it 2-3 times a day and if you like swimming, apply it to the affected areas before swimming to protect your skin from the damaging effects of chlorine.

As you have had the problem for some time you may be using cortisone currently. If this is the case do not suddenly stop it as you will get a flare up in about 2-3 days after stopping the cortisone.

Instead apply our product, the Psorexederm (Eczema) Cream, over the top of the cortisone for 1 week and excellent results should happen, the next week cut the number of cortisone applications to half but continue using our cream 2-3 times a day (more if you feel the need to), on the third week use cortisone just once every second day and our cream 2-3 times a day, after that stop the cortisone completely and continue with our cream.

regards David Hosking - 13\2\07

QUESTION: Is your Cream safe for a breast feeding mother with psoriasis?

I have had psoriasis for 10 years but it has worsen when I became pregnant. I have since given birth and would like to ask if your cream is safe for a breastfeeding mother like me.

ANSWER: Is your Cream safe for a breast feeding mother with psoriasis?

Yes, the Psorexederm PREVIT [Vitamin E] cream is totally safe for you and your baby. As you would expect, do not apply it to your nipples and areola when breast feeding, use a nipple cream for that if you need it. 16\12\07

NOTE: Our Psorexederm PREVIT [Vitamin E] product should be used by anyone who is currently pregnant, or trying to fall pregnant.

QUESTION: Is your cream safe during broadband UVB treatment?

My dermatologist has prescribed that I undergo broadband UVB treatment - is your cream safe to use with such UVB exposure?

ANSWER: Is your cream safe during broadband UVB treatment?

The cream is safe for use with the UV B treatment but the zinc in it can act to absorb the UV B. Simply make sure you have washed the cream off before the UV B exposure to ensure you get it's full benefit. 29\12\07

Q&A - Contact dermatitis rashes

QUESTION: How do I treat a very itchy rash on my hands? (contact dermatitis)

I don't know if I have ezcema. I am 16 years old. The rash I have is on my hands, I've had it before, but it seems to be spreading. When my hands sweat that's when it gets really itchy. I've been putting triple antibiotic cream on it, but it doesn't seem to work. I sometimes have little bubbles that are filled with water, and when it pops it itches real bad. Gosh, I don't want it anymore. Please help me!

ANSWER: How do I treat a very itchy rash on my hands? (contact dermatitis)

From the brief description I think you may have contact dermatitis which often presents with the little watery bubbles that break and itch. The cause is most likely something your hands have had contact with.

Contact dermatitis rashes are on the palms of the hands but not the back of the hands or anywhere else above the wrist. Small water filled blisters can occur which are extremely itchy on the palms of the hand AND/OR between the fingers. They almost always are worst on the hand you use the most.

This can often be caused by pump type cleaners, working with solvents as a mechani , working with cement in the building industry and commonly in mothers with babies as they are cleaning a lot. Our Psorexederm (Dermatitis) Cream works well for this but please contact me for more advice for your specific circumstance 27/01/2008

QUESTION: How do I cure irritant contact dermatitis which gives a face rash with round patches and scaly borders?

My face rash consist of many round patches raised above my skin with a scaly border. These rash spots are darker than the other areas on my face and started out on my cheeks and under the eyes. Now, it has expanded to more of my cheek area and the entire forehead. The name given to my face rash is irritant contact dermatitis. I visited my dermatologist today and was given this name and the following description via observation. It is very dry (and looks dry), has scaly edges, and looks inflamed. I can also tell you that from time to time it does itches. I try to stay in dry, cool places to avoid sweating too much which helps minimize the itching. This facial skin condition was transferred from someone with this condition to me. It started out as light itching and over the past few months, this itch turned into a bad facial rash. Do you have a product that can clear my skin up completely?

ANSWER: How do I cure irritant contact dermatitis which gives a face rash with round patches and scaly borders?

Our Hypoallergenic Face and Body balm could be effective for you, I would really like to see a photo of the affected area to be certain if you can email me one. Over the years we have found it to be highly protective and especially good for dry skin conditions in people of all ages. We also find it is very good to prevent irritation of the eyelids after using eye makeup remover. The balm will relieve the tight skin feeling you may possibly get after a shower.

Irritant contact dermatitis as the name suggests is where the skin is irritated by exposure to external irritants or allergens which can be anything from allergies to pollen to exposure to shampoo and soaps. Unless you can find and avoid the irritating agents the problem will recur.

Our Hypoallergenic balm would definitely reduce the problem due to it's protective effect however you would need to use it regularly if you skin was still being exposed to the causative irritant. 3/09/10

Q&A - very dry cracked skin on hands and finger tips

QUESTION: - What do you use on extremely dry cracked skin on finger tips?

I just placed an order for your scalp and psoriasis lotion and noticed your products for dry cracked skin. Could you recommend a product for extreme dry cracked skin on finger tips?

ANSWER: - What do you use on extremely dry cracked skin on finger tips

Our Psorexederm Cream is ideal for this. People such as bricklayers and mechanics who get lime and motor oil on their skin suffer extremely severe skin problems on their hands. This also happens to nurses washing their hands between each patient and in the home with many cleaning agents stripping natural oils from the skin.

Apply it at night but placing a blob about 1cm in size on the affected area and gently rub it in. It melts into the skin and is especially absorbed into the dry damaged areas. Have an old cloth handy as the cream is white in color and the small amount left after rubbing it in can just be wiped off with a cloth.

The cream can be used 2-3 times a day for a faster result and results will be seen within 7 days. For extremely cracked fingertips you can apply the cream at night and put cotton gloves on going to bed to allow the cream to "soak in" overnight.

March 2009

QUESTION: - What can I do for very dry, cracked skin on my hands

I have very dry, cracked skin on my hands. The cracks themselves are very sore and canon occasions bleed. This condition only seems to happen in winter when the weather is cold. The rest of the year my hands are quite normal and fine. I wear gloves when outside as often as possible to try and keep my hands warm. This helps a little. I am putting Sorbeline Cream on them twice a day after soaking in warm water. They soon dry out. Is there anything I can do?

ANSWER: - What can I do for very dry, cracked skin on my hands

Our Psorexederm Extra Penetrating (Extra Strength) OINTMENT is a yellow ointment which is highly water resistant. It is a little messy to use but works almost immediately and is easy to apply.

You place a dob of ointment about the size of a 20cent piece in the palm of one hand and massage it into the skin that is dry and cracked. A good time to do this is when you have 5 minutes to sit in front of the TV before bed so you can allow the ointment to absorb into the skin. It is very soothing. Have a soft cloth like an old tea towel handy to wipe off any surplus ointment after use.

This will not wash off in water like sorbolene cream does and will make the skin supple and stop the cracking.

Within about 7 days you should have excellent results then use it every 1-2 days as needed while the weather is cold to keep your hands in good condition.

July 2010

QUESTION: How do I treat thick, rough, dry and crusty skin on the joint part of my big toes?

I have thick, rough, dry and crusty skin on the joint part of my big toes. It's been there for many years. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it looks ugly and I cannot wear sandals.

QUESTION: How do I treat red, dry and itchy rashes around my neck?

I also have some kind of rashes around my neck. It's red, dry and itchy. It goes on and off. Do you have any product that will help me?

ANSWER: Our Psorexederm (Excema) cream is very good for dry crusty skin and also red itchy skin. Applied morning and night and rubbed well in the use a cloth to wipe off the excess so there is just a shine on your skin.
Your can use the same product on your neck too. The redness and itchiness should clear up within 2-3 weeks. 26\6\07

Varicose Eczema on the lower legs

Varicose Eczema often develops on the lower legs as people get older. It is common in middle age and older people. It can also be called stasis eczema or gravitational eczema as it is due to poor blood flow in the calf area of the legs.

It is quite often accompanied by swollen veins and is very common in people with varicose veins or venous leg problems including deep vein thrombosis. It occurs most often on the inside area of the calf.

The eczema often appears scaly, dry, patchy and discoloured with a rusty brown colour and often a pronounced itch. Poor leg circulation results in poor healing due to a lack of nutrient supply to the area. The skin becomes paper-thin so small knocks can result in sores which can develop into leg ulcers.

Varicose Eczema is itchy, inflamed and discoloured eczema on the lower legs.

Varicose Eczema is itchy, inflamed and discoloured eczema on the lower legs

Sometimes the skin may become so thin the skin can split and become infected. Infection will need medical treatment.

David's Psorexederm Cream relives the itch immediately preventing the urge to scratch which can make the problem worse. Psorexederm protects the skin and contains Vitamin A and D which provide nutrients to help heal the skin. Our cream contains mineral Zinc Oxide which also has a very soothing healing effect and traditionally has been used for eczema for many years. The unique anti-itch effect is achieved without any cortisone.

Cortisone can make the skin become even thinner and should be avoided.

Keep the skin well protected by applying Psorexederm Cream at least twice a day and also at any time itching occurs. The skin will improve as the cream reduces the inflammation, redness and itching. Daily use on a regular basis will improve the skin's appearance and condition. Your skin will then heal itself and become more resistant to injury from accidental knocks.

You can expect to see excellent improvement within 14 days of beginning to apply the Psorexederm cream.

NOTE: When the skin is extremely dry over much of the leg you should also use David's Hypoallergenic face and body balm to relieve the dryness and help reverse the thinning and drying of the skin.

In severe cases such as this, We recommend Psorexederm morning and night plus Hypoallergenic Balm 2-3 times during the day. Milder cases will usually recover very quickly with the Psorexederm cream alone. However if dryness continues to be a problem add the moisturising Hypoallergenic Balm during the day to rapidly relieve dryness.

Water exposure rashes suffered by Swimmers, Divers and Water Skiers

Many Rashes occur when people engage in their favorite pastimes, such as water sport. Swimmers, Divers and Water Skiers often get rashes especially when exposed to water for a long period of time or when they swim frequently.

These rashes often FAIL to respond to anti-fungal treatments which are often recommended for jock itch.

The REASON for this is the skin becomes irritated, red and swollen and loses it's normal resistance to friction and moisture. On exposure to moisture stinging often occurs.

Wearing lycra under wetsuits is helpful for people wearing wet suits but still the skin may not improve and you favorite activity may become very painful with the pain continuing afterward.

Our Psorexederm cream has been used by divers and surfers as a mild antifungal and highly WATERPROOF cream to apply to the irritated and chafed areas. It is absolutely safe to apply to the genital area and is very soothing.

It penetrates the skin restoring the skin to a normal, irritation- free state soothing any itching and discomfort.

Apply it thickly at night and use each day. Results occur quickly with even long standing rashes usually clearing up within 3 weeks and often quicker.

The Psorexederm Cream is a very versatile treatment for many other skin rashes also and even relieves dry hands from water exposure and working out, and results are backed by our 100% money back guarantee.


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Why is David's Psoriasis & Eczema (& Dermatitis) Cream so effective ?

Even though Dermatitis and Eczema are quite different skin conditions to Psoriasis our cream is VERY successful for treating ALL three conditions.

The base of the Psorexederm Cream contains Zinc in a formula designed to cover and protect the damaged skin.

The Psorexederm Cream is also formulated to reduce drying of the Skin and speed healing.

The Coal Tar in the formula has an Anti-inflammatory action and reduces itching and irritation.

Vitamin A and Vitamin D in the cream help assist wound healing.

The Psorexederm cream is also mildly Anti-bacterial which assists the Body to HEAL itself by helping prevent Skin infection.

INGREDIENTS: (Psorexederm (Psoriasis & Excema) cream) Safe to use for the face and for the genital and anal areas.

Psorexederm PREVIT (Vitamin E) Cream

Although our standard Psoriasis & Excema product does not have enough vitamin A in the cream for absorption into the body to be a problem during pregnancy, we recommend pregnant women or those trying to fall pregnant use our special Psorexederm PREVIT [Vitamin E only] cream instead.

INGREDIENTS: (Psorexederm (Psoriasis & Excema) PREVIT cream)
Ideal for psoriasis, eczema and itch of dermatitis suffered by pregnant women, but wishing to avoid any products that contain Vitamin A during pregnancy. It is also softer allowing massage into areas where stretch marks may form.

Massage into the affected area for rapid relief for pregnancy rashes and areas developing stretch marks.

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