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Treating cracks (eczema) in ear or ear lobes with Psorexederm cream

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ANSWER: How to Treat a CRACK in EAR or EAR LOBE

Hi, As for the crack in her ear, I assume it is at the bottom of her ear in the area where the ear lobe meets her face. If this is the case our stronger Psorexederm cream should be applied 3 times a day to the crack. It is a white zinc based cream with the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredient coal tar and also healing Vitamin A & D . It is thick and a very pale yellow/white colour, very similar to the nappy rash cream so to apply it without mess simply dab it onto the crack and it will melt in contact with her skin, use a soft cloth to gently remove any excess so it won't soil her clothing. If she pulls her ear then licks her fingers the cream is not harmful. That should heal the creak in about 2 weeks

The Psorexederm Cream can be used for eczema on her body at night in areas that she scratches as it has a good anti-itch effect. Then use the Lavender face & body balm during the day.

Psorexederm can also be used under the chin but should not be applied to the whole face mainly because it is too messy but also because it can be a bit drying to the facial skin.

I think using the psorexederm cream sparingly at night and the lavender balm during the day should improve the eczema a lot.

I hope that helps, if you need further advice please contact me.
Kind Regards,
David Hosking. 28 November 2005



Lavender Balm and the Nappy Rash Cream received with thanks.

[My Baby girl] is still having Baby Ezcema all over her face and body even after we have finished using the 500g cream in the space of two months. I think it would have been worse without the balm. :)
Do you have any more suggestions as to how we could manage her ezcema better? She does have some bad days at times.


She also have a bit of cracked ears (quite a big one) which I have tried to help her heal by using the balm but it is not getting any better. She scratches her head and pulls her ears when she is irritated or sleepy. I have tried putting socks on her hands and applying Lavender Balm on every feed. There is still no signs of improvement. This has been the case for weeks. What can I do?

As with the Nappy Rash Cream, it is fantastic. We use it on every nappy change.

We will probably be using the Lavender Balm and the Nappy Rash Cream for a longgggg longgggg time. Do you give any discount for loyalty?
Would appreciate your help and response.
Thanks C


If you have questions regarding treating Ear Dermatitis and Ear Psoriasis, then please go to our Treatments for Ear Dermatitis and Ear Psoriasis page

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