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Psorexederm Cream for treating female genital areas

How to treat Excema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis in the genital and pubic areas (anal, rectal, scrotum, perineal, vaginal, vulva), for women

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For MEN, please read our page on Red Scrotum Syndrome, etc

TESTIMONIAL: A cure for Vulvitis


I just wanted to write to provide you with a ‘testimonial’ for Psorexederm. (cream not ointment-David)

This year at 30 and with no history of eczema/psoriasis, I began to suffer from vulvitis - inflamed, itchy, dry, cracking skin on the labia majora. My GP helped to rule out thrush or anything too sinister, and believed it to be some kind of dermatitis, possibly caused/made worse by regular swimming in a chlorinated public pool and changing hormone levels.

Of course, the treatment prescribed was a mixture of steroid and anti-fungal creams, but I wasn’t keen on prolonged use and did not feel that this was doing very much to actually heal my red, raw skin. I was prepared to cut my swimming back to one or two sessions a week, but I certainly did not want to give up swimming entirely.

After much searching on the internet, I stumbled across a link to Psorexederm and was initially sceptical but decided to give it a go. The fact it was an Australian company and that there was information on your website about treating vulvitis reassured me - there is so little reliable information or guidance out there on this problem, and by this stage I had been suffering for months - I had nothing to lose.

All I can say is ‘WOW’ - within a couple of days the itching was mostly gone, and within 3-4 weeks I felt like I had the inflammation under control and that my skin had healed and was its regular pink colour again. The steroid cream gladly went in the bin. I now only use Psorexederm for weeks at a time if there is a flare-up, but these have been few and far between in recent months. Instead, I'll tend to use it for a few days when I have my period, as I use sanitary pads anyway.

As for swimming, I’ve found Psorexederm to be an excellent protective/preventative barrier! It does stain the inside layer of togs, but washing togs in the sink or washing machine after every swim helps to minimise staining longterm. After each swim, if I still had a thickish layer of cream but didn’t want to put a sanitary pad on, I’ve found that a liberal amount of coconut oil rubbed on gently, helps to break down any remaining cream left on the skin without doing any damage. At all other times I have also found olive oil to be the best moisturiser and that has really helped to heal my skin and put vital moisture back where it belongs!

I can’t thank you enough, not only for developing this product (that actually works!), but also for making it clear on your website that this is a great, affordable product for treating vulvitis, specifically. Many thanks again,

· November 12, 2015

Vulvitis which is is common for women and also for very young girls. If your doctor has done the usual checks to rule out fungal or bacterial problems then my Psorexederm cream applied fairly thickly with a panty liner so the white cream won't stain clothes is very helpful. Read the testimonial above which has summed the matter up very well.

TESTIMONIAL: A cure for vaginal eczema

"Hi all, I have been suffering from vaginal eczema since i had my first daughter almost 4 years ago. I mainly had itching on the outside of my vagina which was unbearable! Every time i had a shower it would sting like hell.

I even used soap free products which did not help. Been to all sorts of doctors and even the valval clinic at the hospital. (Vulval Disorders/Dermatology clinic) They gave me all sorts of creams including advantan ointment which did not work. I basically was told i would have it forever and to just deal with it.

Well let me tell you what I found. It's a cream called "David Hosking's Psorexederm cream" It's a store which make up their own creams for eczema and it's a money back guarantee product. When I opened the jar, I must admit it smelled like paint! No joke!

After using it only twice, I have not scratched once! I feel like I have my old vagina back!!! Please try this. The website is You can buy it online. Let me know some feedback! I am going off now to enjoy a shower rather than dreading a shower! Good luck all.......Marie"

NOTE from David:
Thanks for letting us share this on our web site as well, Marie.
For most people relief can be expected almost immediately but most people find it may take 2 weeks or more to get good results. Occasionally you may need a larger jar. Feel free to contact via email from this page Email David

TESTIMONIAL: For a speciality coconut formulation for vaginal dryness suffered by postmenopausal women

Below is a testimonial for a special product David made up recently which has proved very succesful as a non-hormone based lubricant for vaginal dryness suffered by postmenopausal women. As with all David's preparations, we use only the safest and most effective natural ingredients supplemented with safe, pure and proven made-made ingredients to give our products the best safety and effectiveness.

Coconut Formulation's:
Several weeks ago I emailed David requesting he make up something for me, a postmenopausal woman with a rather dry vagina. I had used various commercial products for my issue and each time I suffered. Felt like I had put acid on myself and the stinging was just terrible. I also prefer to use natural products which are non toxic etc.

Having had great success with David’s Breast Rash Cream I was sure he could concoct something for my particular problem. Sure enough, in a week or so he came up with two products. Formulation 1, a Coconut based lubricant ointment to be applied as needed and formulation 2 with the same instructions. Formulation 1 is fairly solid but melts on contact with body heat. Formula 2 is in a pump pack and is fluid and easy to apply. I prefer the latter as a lubricant prior to intercourse and formula 1 as a daily moisturiser in the genital area.

I have to say as an added extra, BOTH are simply divine as a body moisturiser and excellent for those of us with drier skin. I am hoping that David will add this to his repertoire of excellent products. I am not affiliated with David whatsoever.

NOTE: The Coconut Vaginal Moisturiser is not currently for sale on our Internet Order form, please contact David directly to discuss any special formulations you may require

TESTIMONIAL: American seeking desperately seeking help

I am not even sure where to begin. About a year ago(o8) I developed a rash on my genital region(I'm a male in my 20's). I am an avid surfer, so when I went to my doctor he told me it was probably a yeast infection from a wet bathing suit.. or more commonly called for men, "jock itch".

I tried countless Rx creams that did little to nothing, some even made matters worse. I even tried oral pills. The rash was red... tacky at times... itchy and burning at others, and utterly persistant with its delivery of EXTREME discomfort. Flat out the worst thing I have ever been through.

I went to 6 different doctors and dermatologists. I had swabs done, biopsies, they couldn't truly diagnose what I had. It would spread, then calm down, then flare back up with little to no rhyme or reason. I spent so much money on doctors who seemed to give up after nothing worked for me. I was afraid this rash would be there for the rest of my life, was even told by one doctor that it would be. It ruined my sleep, surfing, walking, running, my mood, my sex life. It seemingly ruined my life in general for a little over a YEAR. I searched the internet in desperation, I would have tried anything. I came upon David's site before, but being on the internet I was very skeptical to ever try his products.

I decided to email David pictures of my problem..a very embarrassing thing to do considering the area. I left him a description and my symptoms as were instructed to do so on his site. David personally returned my email. He was professional, very understanding and answered all of my questions. He suggested I buy his psorexederm cream. Having tried and failed with everything given by doctors, my hopes were LOW. I figured I was about to waste my money. The product was coming from Australia(i'm in the states) which made me even wonder if I'd ever see it, let alone will it work. Sure enough as promised it showed up. Within 2 weeks of using it my condition had almost fully disappeared. Today I am symptom free. A cream literally gave me my life back which had been taken away for over a year! You'd be insane to not at least try this stuff. I can't be more serious when I say I tried everything, from Rx to natural rememdies. This is literally the only thing that worked.

-Amercian Surfer 30 December 09 PA, USA

Note: The names, times, places, ages may have been changed from what was on the original message(s)

Heat Rash on my private areas every time I get my period

for three months now, i get a heat rash on my private areas every time i get my period.
is it from the always pads I wear? it doesn't really itch just hurts when i wipe with toilet paper.
what can i put on it to make it go away? i bleed for 7 days and then it lasts about 5 days after my period stops..i have used desitin..but are there other creams that work better??

i have bactroban cream i got for a rash on my arm, can that be used in the private areas? i have never had this before, just the pst three months it started. and, i was on doxycycline for a month for cystic acne, and i stopped taking that cuz/ i got a yeast infection..but ever since i took that doxy, i have had this now during period time?? any answers would help. i haven't been to the doctor for it, but may have to.


This is a common problem which I will put on the website deidentified as both men and women can suffer related problems in the genital area and since men don't ask about these things as often as women I thought this may bring the men up to speed too.

We often are asked this problem by a number of different people. People who have eczema & psoriasis in the genital area, athletes that suffer chafing in the genital area and women who have tried the usual thrush treatments with no success and are still left with very irritated and sometimes raw areas especially in the skin folds.

Hormone changes during the period and also for some people during menopause can suffer this problem. I assume you have already tried the usual thrush treatments like diflucan tablets and the various anti-fungal creams with little success.

Firstly avoid all perfumed toilet paper, pads etc. The perfume aggravates the area. Secondly, Apply our Psorexederm cream which will give relief amazingly fast. It is a thick cream which melts when applied to cover the area with a protective anti-itch film. It is anti-friction so the skin areas can recover quickly.

In your case I would apply it generously to well coat the skin. It is totally safe in the genital area. Then use a pad in the normal way. As it can stain clothing the pads with "wings" are best.

For men with crotch chafing apply it generously and get a pack of womens panty liners with wings. These are simply an absorbant pad with a self adhesive strip that you can stick inside the front of your underwear to prevent the cream getting on your clothes. This may all sound odd for men but it does work fast to clear chafing between the legs, especially in men with bigger figures. The pad cannot be seen when your trousers are on. It may feel a bit odd at first but it works very rapidly to solve the problem. I hope this helps,

Kind Regards,
David Hosking.
July 16, 2006

Fungus infection inside vagina

I received the 'Psorexederm Cream'. I am very worried that whether I got the wrong cream. When I ordered the cream, my breast skin (from nipple below, the skin was red and itchy, with breast swollen little bit due to pre-menstruation). I looked your site, it maybe related to fugus.

But I found out today, you have another cream called 'Breast Rash Cream'. So what is the difference between the two? Which is one if the permanent cure for fungus underneath breast?

I had been having fungus infection inside vagina for many years, several months ago it was cured by 12 packs of Boric Acid. I guess the 'Psorexederm Cream' will treat my breast fungus too?

Also I just have been diagnosed having Eczema on my nose/chin area, I can use 'psorexederm cream' on my face as well, so I don't have to use Fluticasone cream prescribed by doctor.

The 'Psorexederm Cream' will work on your breast and is also suitable for the external vaginal area. (It doesn't sting) Both Psorexederm and the Breast Rash cream contain the same amount of boric acid which has helped you previously.

The breast rash cream is formulated without coal tar so has very little smell and very little color, all desirable attributes so as not to stain clothing,

However, the Psorexederm Cream can be applied to the area and the excess removed with a soft cloth to avoid staining clothing. Its a little messier but has a greater anti-itch effect due to the coal tar.

Try it for 2-3 weeks and it should do the job. If not, let me know. Safety wise the products are equally safe.

Kind Regards,
September 01, 2007

Eczema in my vaginal area

I am a 60 yr old black female (African American) with three grown daughters who have over the past 10 years themselves developed eczema.

I just developed some outbreaks over the past 1˝ yrs primarily a few spots on my face for which I have used Topicort Cream. During the past 7 to 8 months, I have developed itchy, red rashes under my breasts (I am large breasted). The problem here usually occurs if I perspire at night and become hot, then underneath my breasts begins to itch very badly. The other more stressful and disappointing problem is that I also believe that I have eczema in my vaginal area. This problem develops usually when the breast problem develops because I persire and when I get moist the itching never fails.

Please tell me what I can do. I have an allergy to Sulfa and have no allergies to food or any other things.

As you will have observed with the problems in both the breast and genital area, hot weather makes it worse due to perspiration and moisture. The breast rash cream is also suitable for the genital area and will not sting or irritate. It is a water free base which is able, to absorb perspiration and moisture to a high degree ensuring your comfort. It also contains a small amount of boric acid as an anti-fungal agent.

It is far superior to cream bases which contain water in their formulae.

Cortisone creams are probably one of the worst products for this problem, in my opinion, as they do not protect the skin against the causative moisture but suppress the symptoms only.

When applying our Breast Rash Cream to the genital area use enough so the whitish cream forms a thin layer over the affected area and use a panty liner to prevent the zinc soiling underwear. (if it gets on dark clothing it can be hard to remove) Have said all that it is actually much easier to actually do compared to explaining it in writing. Apply it to the skin folds under your breast in a similar manner and see if you can use soft cloth between the underwire and the ointment covered skin. If this is inconvenient, apply it thickly to the skin fold at night and wear an old loose tee-shirt to avoid getting the cream on the bed linen.

Relief of irritation should be almost immediate as our testimonials attribute.

The problem will clear up completely but the cause being moisture in skin fold areas will cause the problem to recur. You will have a good interval of relief between occurrences and the cream is safe to use long term as it is a moisture absorbing antifungal barrier.

I think you will be very pleased with the product and the rapidity of it's action. Kind Regards,
David 30 August 08

Cracked skin in my perineal area

I have had cracked skin in my perineal area for over a year. I tried cortisone cream, zinc oxide but nothing seem to make them go away. My dermatologist did a biopsy and said it was a form of dermatitis. She believes in natural products and had me try zinc oxide, petroleum jelly etc, which hasn't helped. I think I need something to build the skin in that area and heal the raw cracked skin.

Do you think your Nappy Rash Cream will work? Could you design a cream for me that will work.

We have had great results with our Psorexederm Cream for people who have been in great despair with psoriasis and dermatitis in the perineal area. Apply it thickly to the perineal area twice a day, it does not sting usually unless the area is very raw in which case some slight discomfort may be noticed when first applying the cream.

Then use a panty liner with "wings" to protect your clothing. It has zinc oxide in it to soothe, vitamin A & D to heal, coal tar to relieve inflammation, pure lanolin to make the skin more supple, protect and promote healing & a small amount of boric acid as an antifungal.

Excellent feedback on use in the perineal and genital areas has always been the case. It can even soothe hemorrhoids !!!

Kind Regards,
David 1 October 2007

Good morning.

I am wanting to order your psoriasis product. Which Products do you recommend for where please. I have both Seb and Psor on my scalp,

I haave psoriasis: In my ears; behind my ears; scalp; forehead; arm pits; Areaola; Under breasts; Spots on breasts (I breast feed); spots all over my trunk; smaller spots appearing on my arms and legs including knees and elbows Spots now appearing at the top of my Bottom crack and pubic region I have just started get get it on my nails i suspect. They have an initial pin size dot then a very pale look then the nail lifts

What do you suggest to use and where please?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email.

Cheers B

Hi B,

Our Psorexederm cream is safe for breast feeding mums anywhere except the areola and surrounding skin where the babies mouth contacts during feeding. However, if a little got into the babies mouth it would not be harmful. It should be avoided however due to the high zinc level of the cream.

It is particularly effective in the genital region applied twice a day, it helps protect and heal and is very effective against itch. (It doesn't sting and is highly protective) As it is zinc based, when applied thickly to the genital & anal areas use a panty liner with the"wings" to avoid staining the clothes.

For the body and behind the ears (not the genital/anal area) apply 2-3 times a day. If you feel the need it is quite safe to use more often. E.g. Apply extra at night is itching bothers you.

Massage it into the affected areas and then use an old soft cloth to blot off the surplus just leaving a sheen of cream so it won't stain your clothes. You should get almost immediate improvement in the genital/anal area and improvement within 14 days on the body.

For the scalp, our Psorexederm Scalp lotion is ideal. Simply just use as directed on our web site at :

For the areola, I would recommend a product like Lansinoh or a similar ultra pure wool fat product. If you cant get lansinoh locally we do have ultra pure lanolin (wool fat) on our website. Apply to the areola before and after a feed as it designed for this purpose.

The flare up of your psoriasis is probably hormonal and also related to the stress of having a new baby. The good side of that is the problem will probably soon improve with treatment.

Also take a one a day multivitamin supplement. It probably will not help your psoriasis, but it is in my opinion, a good idea. Some dieticians disagree saying a good diet is adequate alone. However, In my practice I have seen the benefits of taking a multivitamin daily for anyone and I believe it is a good idea.

Hope this helps. I will deidentify this and add it to the website as I think it will be of great value to other people.

Kind Regards,
David Hosking.
October 31, 2006

QUESTION: How do I treat Outer vaginal fungal infection and outer rectal fungus

First of all I want to mention that I love your products. I had a horrible breast rash a while back and nothing was working. I had relief using your Breast Rash Cream almost immediately!! Because of that success, I wanted to ask your help with my new issues. I am currently 5 months pregnant, and have had a fungal infection of the vagina (not a yeast infection and it is exterior, not interior) and rectum. I have been using Ketoconazole, but to no avail. In addition to the vaginal and rectal fungus, I have also contracted athlete's foot. I am just an itching mess. Oh yeah, and it is so much worse at night so much so that I am up for hours sometimes. I don't know what to use that will actually work and that will be ok during pregnancy. I have seen a dermatologist, and infectious disease specialist, my gp, and the ob/gyn. I hope there is something you can suggest.

Our Tinea Cream is excellent for the feet but not suitable for sensitive areas like the outer vagina and outer rectum. Try our Previt Vitamin E Cream (Safe for Pregnant woman) which is a thick water repellent protective non-sting formula applied thickly 2-3 times a day with panty liners in your underwear to minimize staining is ideal for itchy areas like the outer vagina and outer rectum.

Wash all underwear and socks in a hot wash always to kill any spores so as not to reinfect yourself. Take probiotic capsules like lactobacillus acidophillus to maintain a good balance of beneficial bacteria in your body. You will find that should be very successful. Our Tinea Cream for the feet can sometimes itch more the first application but after that the problem rapidly disappears. Kind regards, David Hosking. 26 August 08

Inflamed in my vaginal area

Hi, I've been using your breast rash cream since year 2005, and as my testimonial says, it really works. Since you are the only place that I found a cure for my 4-year long problem (after visits to many doctor offices), I'm contacting you. I'm hoping you can help me with a new problem. When I sit for long periods of time (work at desk 6-8 hours, fly or drive long distances), I get inflamed in my vaginal area. I notice that I start to feel irritated and begin adjusting the crotch of my slacks, and then the next day I have discharge and discomfort.

I'm about 30 pounds overweight, don't wear tight clothing, take acidophilus daily , drink lots of water, and have regular pap smears

Any suggestions? The pattern of these symptoms definitely relates to sitting for too long.

The problem is common and due the affected area being under pressure. The ideal solution is simply to apply our Psorexederm cream liberally to the genital area with a panty pad with "wings to avoid the cream staining the underwear.

If results are not immediate there may be some fungal infection present which can be eliminated with a single oral diflucan capsule however this is unlikely and mentioned just to cover all possibilities.

The Psorexederm Cream will work in a few days and can be stopped when the problem clears. Depending on climate/temperature etc it may recur from time to time in which case retreat as soon as symptoms are noticed. It is non-irritant with an immediate soothing effect and no cortisone or nasty stuff so it is safe to use as required. Kind regards, David Hosking. 2 October 08

Psorexederm cream for vaginal dermatitis

I have just ordered some of your Psorexederm cream for vaginal dermatitis. I have had a biopsy done and the result was non specific dermatitis. The condition shows as red patches of inflamation around the vulva with a swollen appearance. There is also a spot of red going into my urethra. There is no itch but a continual burning sensation. I have had this for about a year. I am prone to mild excema on my back and suffer hayfever. I was being treated for thrush which showed up in a swab some months ago but the condition did not improve.I then used some boric acid vaginal capsules which seemed to relieve it a bit but the capsules were only prescribed for 14 days and it returned about a week after I stopped using them.

I have since been using Eleuphrat cream which changes the colour of the red patches from an angry red to a more purple red but does not go away. I am not currently on any medications but am taking fish oil, evening primrose oil, Bio zinc, formula33SE and vitamin C. I am in my early 50's. I have also used a membrane moisturising cream containing calendula oil evening primrose oil aloe vera and vitamin E but have gone back to the eleuphrat cream as it at least takes some of the anger out of the red patches. I would appreciate some advice.

The Psorexederm Cream is ideal for the problem you have and in fact has a small amount of boric acid in it which acts as an antifungal but also tends to produce a skin ph close to normal. The base itself is quite soothing. Apply it thickly with a panty liner simple to avoid staining clothing with the white zinc in the formula. Apply 2-3 times a day (the last application should be at bedtime nice and thickly for maximum healing at night.) Avoid Eleuphrat as it has the wonderful ability to suppress unbearable itching but the nasty habit of slowing healing of raw areas or infections/thrush.

The natural products you are using are OK but if you have any stinging of the urethra when you urinate get some Ural powder from the pharmacy and take one sachet 4 times a day in a glass of water. Do this until the stinging has gone which should be 5-7 days. After that I would have cranberry juice in the morning until everything has healed. In fact since you have already got the psorexederm there is a very good chance you may have fixed the problem. If not please let me know how you are progressing.

Kind regards, David Hosking. 27 January 09

Entry into vagina is inflamed, with slight burning but no discharge, pain, odour

Hello David

I purchased your breast rash cream early last year and it is wonderful. Also helps under my small roll of belly flab. Now, the other day I decided to take a mirror and look at my vagina. No idea why, but I did. The entry into my vagina is inflamed. I was shocked. No discharge, pain, odour, but there is slight burning. Intercourse is difficult, no pain but burning so we use Dermeze ointment. I really query if this is the right product to use. Last Friday my chemist recommended Replens, well that was like putting acid into my vagina and the burning lasted for around 12 hours. Won’ t do that again !

I breezed through the menopause 10 years ago, no HRT, not really into allopathic medicine. I take plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. My nurse friends tell me my problem is because of estrogen deficiency which makes sense to me.

All my pap smears over the years have come back normal and am due another one soon. Doc said in couple of years ago all looked very healthy but I guess I have had a drop in estrogen since then. So which one of your creams would be the best for me to apply in this area David.

Dermeze is quite protective and will do no harm. As you have correctly surmised the reduction of oestrogen causes the vaginal tissues to become more sensitive. I understand people not wanting to take hormone replacement therapy orally due to the doubling in risk of blood clots and other side-effects. In fact in my practice this is quite uncommon except where people are really struggling with low oestrogen levels.

However, the external hormone treatments such as vagifem oestrogen cream (prescription required from your local Dr) are very effective at helping the affected area regain it's normal elasticity so I would tend to recommend this first as it is very effective and without significant absorption.

I have the philosophy of choosing the best from the allopathic world and the best from the naturopathic world. While the area is irritated, gels and water based products which are usually recommended and quite successful, will sting so use the Dermeze.

As a soothing protective during the day for rapid healing , the breast rash cream can be used with a panty liner as it is safe in the genital area. Personally, I would suggest a course of vagifem cream as this will most likely be the easiest, most effective product without the side-effects of oral hormones.

Kind regards, David Hosking. 7 April 09

Painful, bright red, area between buttocks that extends to anal opening

Mr. Hoskings,

I wonder if I should treat the painful area between my buttocks with the Psoriasis cream or the Tinea cream. I have been suffering with the problem in that buttock area for about 10 years off and on. The area at the top (where it separates) is bright red and opens up to a small cut which bleeds and is extremely painful when sitting. The red area extends all the way to the anal opening which bleeds and is tender/painful as well. The buttock area is also extremely itchy. I have been extremely embarrased to tell my doctor about it because I know he needs to see it and don't want him to. I notice that the condition is aggravated when I sweat a lot or after exercising. My mom bought me a cream which a pharmacist recommended after telling her what it was for. It was antifungal if I remember correctly. It worked but I ran out and need something now because it is so uncomfortable.

Some additional information that may be helpful is that I was diagnosed with Psoriasis in my early 20's after having small patches come up on my scalp. So am also wondering if the area between my buttocks is psoriasis as I have searched online and have found that it can appear in any part of the body.

I need to know what you suggest that I need to treat my conditions, especially the buttock region. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my e-mail. You are my last hope in alleviating me of this.

The Tinea cream is too strong for your condition but you would get very good relief from the Psorexederm cream. As the name suggests, the Psorexederm cream is good for psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. It has an antifungal ingredient as well. It will not sting and is very soothing used in the anal and even in the vaginal areas. We have had clients with vaginal psoriasis who have had good results. The cream will soften the skin so it is more flexible so the cut will heal. The cream is very water resistant so will protect the skin against sweating, chaffing and exercise. The fact you have had success with an antifungal cream before indicates you should get good results with the Psorexederm cream.

You should apply it twice a day which normally means after the shower in the morning and just before bed but you can adjust this to suit. Apply it quite thickly at night. It is very soothing and is a white zinc based cream so wear some underwear that will avoid the cream getting on you good linen as it can stain dark fabric. In the morning, also apply it generously and use a panty liner to avoid any cream getting on good clothing. It is really quite easy to use and will give good results in 1-2 weeks.

Depending on the humidity where you live the problem can clear and later recur. This mainly seems to happen in fairly hot and humid places. We have a lot of clients in Florida, USA with similar problems.

If this is the case, once the problem has gone, you just have some cream on hand and retreat as soon as any sign appears again. This way you can prevent it getting severe.

From what you have said I suspect the buttock problem is not psoriasis since the antifungal product helped control it. However the Psorexederm will be the correct product to treat it.

For psoriasis on the body, apply the Psorexederm at night and massage in gently then use a soft cloth to remove excess to avoid it getting on the linen. You may need to use steroids with it from time to time but it should reduce the amount you need to use. Psorexederm should not be used on the eyelids as it can be drying there. Hope this helps,

Kind regards, David Hosking. 7 July 10

Split Skin around the Rectal area and butt cheeks

Can you please confirm that this Psoriasis and Eczema Cream is suitable to put on skin that has split. I have this around the rectal area. The skin is unable to heal properly due to the daily wiping around the area after going to the toilet.

I have been trying to do salt bath soaking after going to the toilet and am wondering whether this is causing further infammation, however, I am finding that it is the only way that I receive so0me relief from the itching. I then place surgical padding between my butt cheeks to help keep the area dry.

I am hoping your cream will hep because I have not had any success with the cortisone based ointments prescribed by my doctor and the irritation in this area can be unbearable at times, particularly at night while trying to sleep.

You will be very happy with the psorexederm cream as it works "wonders" for this problem.

I would suggest you buy a 250g jar as it is the best value and 100g may not be enough. 100g will be enough to get results so you can order more if needed. If the problem is ongoing I do make a 500g jar.

If you are not happy within 14 days let me know and I will refund your money. I guess I sound a bit over the top but that's because the product works.

Try to clean the area with a face cloth moistened with warm water (cold is ok too) and don't bother with the salt bath as this will be unnecessary. After cleaning the area apply a big enough blob of cream to melt over the area to coat it thickly. Use padding or some people use panty liners in the back of their underwear to keep the cream in place.

When next cleaning the area it is not necessary to remove all trace of cream. Just cleanse the area with the wet face washer as much as possible without wiping to excess. The cream creates a barrier over the skin so it is easier to clean. Apply enough to coat the skin with an unbroken layer of cream. It is unlikely to irritate in any way although slight discomfort may occur if applying it to open fissures. This is not severe and occurs for a short time if it happens.

I use this method for people who have had bowel operations and go to the toilet much more frequently than normal so it works in most cases. Do let me know if you are in this category as I may have a few other tips. Let me know the results.

Kind Regards,
David Hosking - April 2011

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NOTE: Our standard Psorexederm Cream is NOT recommended for use before and during pregnancy. Please also consult with David before using the standard product while breastfeeding. Our PREVIT Vitamin E Cream CAN be used while pregnant

Your Order will also include a color A4 Brochure (see PDF here) with instructions that explain how to use David's Eczema, Dermatitis or Psoriasis treatment (Psorexederm cream).

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee applies to ALL our skin care treatments, which includes the healing of symptoms caused by Baby Rash, Dry Skin, Eczema, Infant Craddle Cap, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Tinea, Ringworm, Rosacea, Scalp conditions, Nappy Rash and Breast Rash.

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