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  1. "Finally after five years of battling with scalp psoriasis"
  2. "super product - now a smooth, healthy, shaved head" - AL, USA
  3. "I am so excited about the results" - NH, USA
  4. "treatment that I found ... worked miracles." - TX, USA
  5. "using it for 4 nights now and I am already starting to see clearing."
  6. "used the scalp treatment for only 4 nights and have had no more problems"
  7. "most surprising is that my hair is stopping losing" - CA, USA
  8. "some itching but nothing to what was driving me insane before"
  9. "using it for 5 days now. I LOVE IT! I am seeing results already"
  10. "is really helping the psoriasis on his scalp"
  11. "her (14 year old) scalp is completely healed"
  12. "potions are the only products I have found that control my psoriasis"
  13. "only thing that I have tried that makes my life alot easier"
  14. "used the psoriasis scalp treatment and find it works great"
  15. "it has cleared my scalp completely"
  16. "I no longer feel like a social leper"
  17. "After over 10 years of trying different things"
  18. "a dramatic improvement in a very crusted and white scalp"
  19. "cleared up my son's scalp dermatitis already! - in about 10 days"
  20. "after only using it 2 times.. my daughter is already seeing results"
  21. "I have nothing to worry about thanks to this product!"
  23. "Cleared up my psoriasis in a week or two - and it was so bad it was bleeding"
  24. "itís really WORKING and clearing up the seborrheic dermatitis"
  25. "took care of terrible dermatitis of the scalp"
  26. "My scalp psoriasis is almost gone completely"
  27. "No more itching, flaking and of course I don't worry about wearing black!"
  28. "scalp lotion has made a tremendous difference"
  29. "It was my miracle treatment (scalp psoriasis)"
  30. "Recently ordered scalp lotion with fantastic results"
  31. "after about a week there was no trace of psoriasis"
  32. "After the initial treatment I only use it for flare ups"

David's Psoriasis Scalp Lotion

Photo of David's Psoriasis Scalp Lotion treatments for Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis conditions Link to Ingredients list


David Hoskings Pharmacy
(Compounding Chemist)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Treatment of SCALP Conditions & Symptoms

Picture of Red Scalp Condition in the fringe typical of Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis
Our Pharmacy provides a CONCENTRATED Scalp Treatment to remove and relieve the flaking, itching and inflamation symptoms of severe dry scalp conditions caused by Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

As a sufferer you may find your head is affected in the areas covered by hair, growing out to the neck line, forehead or behind their ears.

Traditional remedys for symptoms of these scalp disorders include:-
  • Anti Dandruff Shampoos which can be satisfactory for treating some mild scalp problems but vary widely in their effectiveness
  • Antifungal antibiotic shampoos which can only work well if the scalp disorder is actually caused by fungal organisms
  • Prescription Cortisone lotions which can be very effective but should only be used intermittently (due to skin damage)

But chances are, you are reading this because you have TRIED these products and they have NOT cured or provided clearance (remission) for your scalp problems.

Some people have concerns about using Cortisone products and prefer products which contain NO Cortisone such as David's Scalp Psoriasis & Dermatitis Lotion [Psorexederm] (oil) which provides effective treatment for both Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Excellent results are usually obtained within 14 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Their is currently NO known permanent cure for Psoriasis.
A Treatment program using David's Lotion to initially clear up your scalp conditions, followed by washing your hair\scalp on a regular basis, and if needed using David's Lotion on a maintenance basis, will effectively control both Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

David's Scalp Psoriasis & Dermatitis Lotion [Psorexederm] Treatment comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

What is Scalp Psoriasis ?

      The head of a Scalp Psoriasis sufferer Image of a typical case of Psoriasis of the Scalp condition Psoriasis of the Scalp occurs in patches on the scalp... Scalp Psoriasis occurs in patches on the head in the areas covered by hair (the scalp). These patches are often red and raised.

Psoriasis on the Scalp often clears up but returns at some time in the future. Most sufferers have the problem of large amounts of Skin flakes appearing like SEVERE Dandruff.

Scalp Psoriasis sufferers sometimes have Psoriasis elsewhere on the body, as well as on their head.

What is Seborrheic Dermatitis ?

Seborrheic Dermatitis and Scalp Psoriasis both have the excessive flaking of scales appearing like severe dandruff.

Seborrheic Dermatitis ('seborrheic eczema') usually has much less redness on the scalp and no red raised areas. Itching of the scalp is common and it may occur on the Scalp, Forehead and behind the Ears where there are a high number of Seborrheic Oil glands.

This scalp disorder is most common and often more SEVERE in fair skinned people.

Both Psoriasis of the scalp and Seborrheic Scalp Dermatitis scalp disorders are treated in the SAME way. Scalp Psoriasis often takes longer to clear up.

Seborrheic Dermatitis results in a condition that looks like severe dandruff Seborrheic Dermatitis can cause a condition that looks like severe dandruff

How do I treat Psoriasis of the Scalp in just 14 Days ?

  • To Use:-
    You should apply David's Scalp Psoriasis Lotion (oil) to the affected areas of the Scalp each night and shampoo it out in the morning. You can apply the scalp lotion using the Dropper provided to target the problem areas.

    Do this until the problem has cleared up, then stop.

    This will normally provide EXCELLENT results in less than 14 days even for severe cases.
Some people apply the lotion when they get home and shampoo it out several hours afterwards.

How do I get the fastest results?

The overnight application/everyday wash method does give the QUICKEST results and achieves MAXIMUM penetration of the product for each application.

Depending on the thickness of scale the product should be left on for at least 3 hours, more scale, leave on for longer. To get BEST results use it everyday until the problem has resolved .

NOTE: Sleep on an old pillow case while doing the treatment


You should notice a rapid and steady improvement without any irritation.

Nightly application and daily shampooing may not be convenient to some people. You can use the treatment less often but the results will be slower to achieve.

It is only necessary to apply the treatment to the affected areas which means it is VERY economical to use while still maximising the result.


Once you have used our Psorexederm Scalp Lotion to resolve your scalp disorder you only need to reuse it if the problem flares up in the future which occasionally happens with scalp problems.

How do I minimise the change of a reoccurance?

Daily washing does help reduce recurrence of the scalp condition. Washing less than 3 times a week will often trigger a recurrence. You wash your body everyday and your hair also benefits from washing everyday although this is not always possible for some people.

Assuming you can wash your hair 4 times a week you can almost be certain to avoid the scalp disorder recurring and be free of itch. Use a shampoo such as 'Neutrogena T gel', 'Selsun Blue' or 'Head and Shoulders', these all are very good at preventing scale formation.

Use a conditioner of your choice, you don't have to use the conditioner matching the shampoo, in fact you usually get better results with whatever conditioner you find works best for you. That's all there is to it.

I know some ladies who find it difficult to wash their long hair this often and unfortunately this allows the scale time to form. (It is natural build up of dead scalp skin cells which can allow fungi to infect the area leading to itch.) If you are lucky enough to have short hair and can wash it daily then you are very unlikely to have the scalp disorder return.

Does your scalp treatment work for African American ('Black') hair ?

I need to know before I order your product, does it work for African American Hair?

I assume you are referring to our scalp treatment for psoriasis, sebbhoeioic dermatitis and scalp scale. Our Psorexederm Scalp Lotion works very well on all hair types including African American, Asian and Hispanic and has a longer contact time to enable a more effective and faster result than shampoo alone.

The combination of ingredients include a high level of salicylic acid (5 times more than shampoos which only are on the head when you bathe), a NATURAL product from Willow Bark that is especially good at removing scale.

The combination of ingredients make it especially good at removing scale from hair WITHOUT changing scalp pigmentation (Scalp COLOR) so is ideal for all skin pigmentation levels and degrees of hair curliness.

The coal tar in it is also at a level higher that the commercial shampoos to control excessive scale formation, relieve itchiness and restore the scale to normal without any discoloration of affected scalp skin areas.

By breaking scale down fast it makes it very easy to clear the hair and scalp of dry, white scale that stands out so much against DARKER hair (Black hair is typical of people from Asian and African American heritage) , skin and clothing.

The hair will NOT dry out during treatment as the product has a treatment oil base. As you are aware we do recommend using it daily for 14 days for maximum rapid effect which can be a hassle with curly hair but is well worth it. 17/7/08

How do I treat while using other Hair Products ?

Can I use your Scalp Lotion while still using my normal Shampoo and Conditioner ?

YES, Certainly !! Any good shampoo and conditioner can be used with David's Scalp Treatment.

Two Australian products we recommend highly are Ego Shampoo and Ego Conditioner.
These are mild enough to use every day to maintain healthy scalp and hair and are extremely good for people who prefer to wash their hair less often.

My hair is permed so I can't wash it daily. Will your Scalp Treatment still work?

YES, but results will take longer to achieve.

You will still get excellent results however.
Remember, We guarantee you will be happy with the results or we refund your money!

Does your scalp treatment take Color out of hair?

NO, as our product is oil based it will not dry the hair or change it's colour. It is used every night and left on the scalp. (Use an old pillow slip) Wash it out in the morning and do this every day for up to 2 weeks. Usually results will be seen much sooner.

NOTE: This page contains information about commercial hair coloring products

Will Product really cure scalp conditions (ears & forehead) completely ?

How do I cure Seborrhoeic dermatitis or cure scalp psoriasis completely?

so does this product really cure the scalp conditions completley? My sehborric dermatitis or scalp psoriasis...(two different docters diagnosed me with differrent things) well i been noticing that its growing really fast behind my ears all i wish for is something to stop it so it wont come on to my forehead ....

i work in public and was hoping that this product will completely move the scales and stop it from growing or at least growing out of my scalp! 20 November 2005

Click to read David's Answer: To does product really cure scalp conditions completely ?

How do I treat Psoriasis in the Ear (ear canal)?

Hi David,
I sent a comment earlier on the website but realized what I had was more of a question. I recently purchased your psoriasis scalp treatment. I have had a mild case of psoriasis on my scalp for about 10 years.

Just recently, I noticed a bit of psoriasis in my ear (real close to the canal (ear canal)). I would like to know if it is safe to use the scalp psoriasis treatment on a q-tip in my ear. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you, June 09, 2007

The Scalp Psoriasis treatment is Absolutely safe and no harmful effects with long term usage. Use once a day or when itchy is ideal.
Kind Regards
David Hosking

Is it better than prescribed anti-fungal shampoo like "Ketoconazole"?

I have Webtv and want to order large psoriasis scalp treatment. Please respond. Can I do this by telephone?
Where do I get Ego Shampoo and Conditioner?
Does your treatment take Color out of hair?

I have now a prescribed Dertamalogical treatment with shampoo called "KETOCCONAZOLE." TM Is yours better than this? 24 November 2005

Click to read David's Answer(s): comparing effectiveness of Ketoconazole" shampoo and other questions

Recommend a Product for scalp that still feels tight and very dry with lots of flaking?

Hello, Mr. Hoskings, My husband ordered your psoriasis and seborrheic scalp treatment for me. I've suffered with this most of my life but I've been using it for about 14 days and it has greatly decreased the plaques on my scalp.

Plus it's less itchy. Thank you! But my scalp still feels tight and very dry with lots of flaking. I've tried an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo recently but it doesn't work at all.

Do you have any other follow up products I could order to help to help with the dryness and flaking? Or any dietary recommendations? Feels like I need some kind of additional moisturizer -- a penetrating cream or something. Thank you! January 20, 2009

Nutrition- wise lots of products tout they work but Fish oil capsules 2 daily are one of the FEW things that do, or even BETTER is a fish based meal 3 times a week. Oily fish like Salmon are best.

However this is of minor value compared to daily washing. Once your scalp is back to normal then cut the shampooing back to 3 days a week minimum. As a dermatologist friend advises. So keep going and you will quickly achieve the results you want.

QUESTION: How do I remove a very very thick scale build up on the scalp?

How do you actually remove a very very thick scale build up - it's affecting my entire scalp and I don't "flake" - the skin build up is like cement!! If I even gently try to remove the scale build up I bleed and create sores. I've never seen such a proliferation of skin in my life - thankfully it is only on my scalp but instead of just the top it has now crept over my entire scalp - I feel like I am wearing a helmet of cement!! Is this common?

I have tried leaving a sacilyic acid based psor-assist scalp lotion on my head overnight and covering up with a shower cap when I wash my hair I can feel the scale is a weeny bit softer but during the day the build up is MASSIVE and it just doesnt' come off at all. I've been applying stuff every night religiously now for over a week and NO flaking - just cement!!!

In desperation last night I got a round circular scalp massage brush and rubbed all over my scalp - it didn't lift a thing and of course I've had an even huger flare of massive skin build up today. This is truly one of the most horrible things!!

I never even suffered from dandruff before this - it started around a year ago - after some major family illnesses so I am assuming stress once again is playing a big part. I wake in the night and I am scratching my scalp although it's not overly itchy - I just want to RIP the dead skin off!!

The tightness over my head is so bad it is giving me a constant headache. I so hope your product can help because this is my last attempt. I've used cortisone lotions/creams etc but there is no point in putting them on this huge proliferation of skin. John Plunkett's Psor-Asist Scalp Lotion promised fantastic results - but no. Active ingredients are sulpur precipated Salclic Acid, Urea, Aloe Leaf juice and Dexpaanthenol.

ANSWER: How to remove a very very thick scale build up on the scalp

You certainly have tried hard to relieve your condition. I have seen other people have similar problems brought on by stress from the death of a family member. There are scalp conditions that also involve fungal infection so a check by a dermatologist would be good to rule out any fungal cause. The "helmet of cement" feeling is very severe and this severity is not common.

Our scalp lotion that you have now purchased does have a very long history of good results, and we are happy to refund your money if it doesn't help. The way you use it is to apply it with a dropper to the scalp at night and you can cover it with a shower cap as you have been doing. The salicylic acid content is 10% so it will break up scale very effectively. It also contains 10% coal tar solution which reduces itch and inflammation and should reduce scale formation.

In the morning use any good shampoo, a coal tar based one such as Sebitar or Tgel is good, and massage the undiluted shampoo onto the scalp without water. Use about enough shampoo to form a good size "puddle" in the palm of you hand, it's not critical. Massage the shampoo in for a minute of so to dissolve the lotion then add water to form a lather and wash off.

This should produce results starting within 7 days with good improvement within 14 days although from your description you may have to use it longer to clear the problem up. 16/07/2010

 After treatment will Scalp COLOR return ? 

I have started using the scalp treatment on my husband. His entire scalp was affected by the problem. My question is will his scalp color come back?

Right now, it is pink and has gone down in his forhead. (forehead)

We have been using the scalp treatment for three days and I see the scalp clearning (clearing) up NOW! 12 July 2006

Hi ,
The scalp colour will come back.

Once the scale has lifted ,the skin should look normal although red from new skin forming. The treatment is quite strong and we say you will have results in 14 days but you may find the scale has gone and the skin looks normal sooner than that.

At that stage stop using the scalp lotion and just continue daily shampooing with a tar based shampoo such as T-gel or any of the proprietary brands. Daily shampooing is not always convenient but is the best method of preventing possible recurrence. If recurrence occurs simply repeat the treatment.

If the skin on the scalp is broken through scratching the product may sting slightly when applied but it is rare that this happens.

Other variations on applying it are to apply it when you get home and wash it off 3-4 hours later. This method may take a little longer to work but may suit some peoples lifestyles better. 13 July 2006

Can David's Scalp Treatment be used on a toddler\infant\baby (age 2 years)?

Read about our Special Half Strength formula for babys, infants, toddlers, preteenage children...

Can the scalp treatment that you list be used on a toddler (age 2 years)? My daughter has had a Ďrashí on her scalp for a long time. It is very scaly and very itchy. We took her to see a dermatologist that took a small culture and prescribed Griseofulvin and a fungal shampoo because she was certain it was a ring worm since there was a bald patch.

However, the rash did not improve and seems to have gotten worse. Iím wondering whether your scalp treatment will help, however it seems intense and possible too strong for a toddler. Please let me know.

Subject: Re: Toddler

Our normal scalp lotion is too strong for toddlers as you have correctly assumed. Since the problem does appear to be fungal I imagine you are using the grisovin (an oral anti-fungal ) with a ketoconazole containing shampoo such as Nizoral?

If you can confirm how often you are using the shampoo and what it's active ingredient is, I can give you some good suggestions that will help. Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards, David Hosking 23 February 2007

QUESTION: How do I treat an African American toddler with Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis?

I have an African American daughter (now age 3) who started out with something very scaly and itchy. Her pediatrician was sure it was ringworm and put her on Griseofulvin. After several months and not getting any better, I took her to a dermatologist and he took a culture and prescribed Septra Suspension that she was on and off for several more months. She hasnít been on anything since Jan., 2008, however her condition hasnít gone away.

The Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis pictures on your website are great examples of what my daughterís scalp looks like. She has what looks like sever dandruff throughout her head and some raised bumps above and behind her ears and at the nape of her neck. When the bumps appear, they are very sore.

I apply a very small amount of Tazorac cream and they dry up/go away pretty quickly. Another dermatologist recently said put her on DHS Shampoo to be used at least twice a week. You told the previous mom that your scalp lotion was too strong for toddlers and you were going to offer her some other suggestions. Can you please share those suggestions with me? May 19, 2008

ANSWER: How to treat an African American toddler with Scalp Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis?

As we are a compounding pharmacy we can tailor make preparations to suit various ages. As the website is quite large I don't actively advertise this as it would lead to confusion.

Our reduced strength Psorexederm scalp lotion would be Ideal for your african american daughter. The Ingredients would be Salicylic acid and coal tar solution in an oil base, but with strength levels that are appropriate for a childs scalp. DHS shampoo is 3% salicylic acid which is a keratolytic removing scales to restore normal skin appearance. It is also mildly anti-fungal. The coaltar solution in our product reduces itching and scale production.

You apply it daily to the affected area and leave on for 2-3 hours before bath time. You then apply a good shampoo (any brand) directly to the dry scalp and massage into the oily area to emulsify the oil then add water to work into a lather on her whole head then wash off. This needs to be done daily for up to 14 days or until the flaking has cleared.

To prevent recurrence you need to wash her hair at least 4 times a week or daily is even better. This prevents scale and fungal buildup/recurrence. If washing her hair 3-4 times a week is desired then use the DHS shampoo. Twice a week probably will not be sufficient in my experience.

Should to order this product just order the Psorexederm scalp lotion and in the comments field note Children's Strength.

QUESTION: Can I use the scalp treatment lotion on a 15 year old?

Hi my 15 year old son has suffered with a scalp problem for many years. As a baby he had terrible cradle cap, which did not seem to go away over time. we often used warm olive oil on his scallp to remove the scales, but they always came back. Since hitting puberty, the problem has worsened. His hair is now very curly, but often looks terrible because of his condition - it is always dry and dull. We have used a natural seaweed mix once a week + T-Gel, with some result, but I was wondering if your lotion could be used to clear up the problem for good?

ANSWER: Can you use the scalp treatment lotion on a 15 year old?

Hi, Our scalp lotion is ideal for the problem and anyone older than about 12 years old can use the regular strength product. It is applied to the scalp with the dropper provided at bedtime then in the morning shampoo is applied to the scalp WITHOUT WATER, massaged in for a minute or two to dissolve the oil then water is applied to the scalp, worked into a lather and washed out as normal.

The lotion has an olive oil base however the active ingredients remove scale, kill any fungal problems that may be present and relieve itch and irritation. Treat the hair daily to eliminate the problem over about 1-2 weeks, 2 weeks being average, then when the scalp is clear, maintain the scalp in healthy condition using a good tar shampoo at least 3- 4 times a week. Ideally the hair should be washed daily so any good shampoo can be used in between the tar shampoo washes. Good tar shampoos are ego sebitar and Neutrogena T-gel. Kind Regards, David Hosking. 31 March 2009

QUESTION: Is scalp treatment safe for people who are trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy?

The scalp lotion is not recommended for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Like ALL medications in pregnancy, it is best to avoid them if possible. Since the scalp treatment contains coal tar and salicylic acid this has to be considered.

The lotion is applied to the scalp and washed off later so there is practically NO absorption UNLESS you are applying it to broken skin, in which case absorption is increased and use in pregnancy would be best avoided.

The first 3 months of pregnancy are the most critical and are the time that medication of any sort should be avoided if possible. Since you are in the first month of pregnancy it may be wise to wait 8 weeks or so then use the lotion.

This opinion is based on the latest health guidelines. 23\8\11

Why is David's Scalp Psoriasis Lotion so effective ?

Treatments with a penetrating Oil Base that are left on for a prolonged period will REMOVE much more Scale than any shampoo treatment.

Applying our Treatment at night then washing it out in the morning will RAPIDLY remove any problem scaling.

The combination of coaltar solution and the Scale removing ingredient Salicylic Acid (natural product of Willow Bark) in a penetrating olive oil base is what makes David's Psoriasis Scalp Lotion extremely effective.

The keratolytic in the lotion is used to break up and remove the scales, and at the same time it has an anti-fungal effect.

The coaltar solution in the formula reduces itching and reduces growth of new scale. Because our product is oil based it will NOT dry the hair or change it's colour.

The Olive oil in the formula stops your hair from being dry and brittle, and it relieves inflammation

Although our Scalp lotion is highly concentrated, the oil base makes it very low irritant. David's Psorexederm Scalp Treatment has the active ingredients salicylic acid 10% and coaltar solution (LPC) 10% (equivalent to ~1% crude coal tar). (David's Scalp Lotion is up to FIVE to TEN times stronger than most tar shampoos and treatments available.)

The oil base improves penetration and the product is applied at night, left on overnight and shampooed out in the morning.

The overnight treatment time markedly improves the effect and speed of visible improvment

Good Results can be expected in 14 days or less.

For any QUESTIONS about the Ingredients in this Product, how to use it, or wether it is appropriate for your condition or symptoms, etc :- please go to our Contact Page (EMAIL) where you can send David an e-mail.

TESTIMONIALS - What people are saying about David's Scalp Treatment!

  • 32) "After the initial treatment I only use it for flare ups"

    This is the only product that has ever worked for me. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. After the initial treatment I only use it for flare ups. I also have scalp psoriasis on my face and I have to use it more often on my face. I wish it would clear it up like it does the scalp and behind the ears.

    TX, USA 27 February 2014

  • 31) "after about a week there was no trace of psoriasis"

    Subject: Psoriasis Scalp Treatment.
    I cannot say enough about this product. I happened upon it after a lengthy google search--I was fed up with stinky shampoos that only sort of worked and I needed a solution for the patches of psoriasis on the back of my head and behind my ears.

    This is it! I applied the treatment nightly and after about a week there was no trace of psoriasis; I continued to use it for a week for good measure and then after that have used it periodically when I suspected it was coming back. It smells similar to coal tar shampoo, but not as bad or as strong. With the shampoo I was smelling it all day long and this is barely noticeable. I am so relieved to have found this solution. It seems extreme to call it "life changing" but it really it. I am no longer worried about putting my hair up in a ponytail and I'm not embarrassed to get my hair done. Thank you!

    WA, USA 7 May

  • 30) "Recently ordered scalp lotion with fantastic results"

    Recently ordered scalp lotion with fantastic results. Just found you on the web.

    WA, Australia 8 February

  • 29) "It was my miracle treatment"

    I have used this product before, approximately 6 years ago after searching for a solution to my problem. My scalp psoriasis got so bad that it became terribly infected and I was hospitalised due to the location of the infection. It was my miracle treatment and this is the first time I have had the psoriasis return. As soon as I noticed it coming back I instantly thought of your fantastic product!

    VIC, Australia 7 February

  • 28) "scalp lotion has made a tremendous difference"

    I have completed a two week regime of a nightly application to scalp with you scalp lotion. During the first week (7-days), a half-a-minute to a full minute of modest irritation occurred however following that time period the irritation vanished completely.

    After the 7-day period, there was almost no scalp irritation. At the two week point following the scalp lotion use, the scalp itch was mostly absent and in most days following the two weeks it was fully absent.

    I feel you scalp location has made a tremendous difference and I am only hopeful its effectiveness at removing the itching sensation is maintained.

    OR, USA 26 September

  • 27) "No more itching, flaking and of course I don't worry about wearing black!"

    This is my second psoriasis order and I just love this product. It only took a couple of days for me to notice a real difference. No more itching, flaking and of course I don't worry about wearing black!

    WA, Australia 21 August

  • 26) "My scalp psoriasis is almost gone completely"

    your products are great. My scalp psoriasis is almost gone completely except for a few spots

    NY, USA 9 March

  • 25) "took care of terrible dermatitis of the scalp"

    I have had a life-long problem with dry skin; however, this fall the situation became particularly bad on my legs, ankles, and arms. All of these areas were red, itchy and showed intense flaking - almost as if I had dandruff everywhere. I couldn't brush off my clothes fast enough! The dermatologist suggested Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream which helped a little but did not cure the problem. It is also not suitable for continuous or generous use. An over the counter cream, CeraVe, just produced an unattractive scum!

    I learned about the Hosking Pharmacy over the internet last year when David came to the rescue with a special preparation that took care of terrible dermatitis of the scalp, an affliction that had gone on for months, despite a number of medications, and which I was told was incurable.

    When I e-mailed David again, he suggested the Face and Body Balm. I applied this on all the areas twice a day and, in just a couple of days, the problem was totally gone. Before that I had absolutely despaired of ever having normal-looking skin again! I do not find the cream greasy, or at least not compared with other creams and ointments I have used. To me it is just very soft and soothing. A little goes a long way. Another plus for older people is that this balm hydrates the skin and greatly decreases wrinkles on the insides of the arms.

    It may seem strange for someone who lives in the New York City metropolitan area to contact Australia for some help but I have found that David and associates take the time to provide very expert advice and remedies that are not harmful and actually do the trick. They are also not expensive when compared to other skin products, even when half-way-around-the-world postage is included. Many, many thanks!

    Katharine Le Mee, Ph.D.
    Englewood, NJ, USA. 10 February

  • 24) "itís really WORKING and clearing up the seborrheic dermatitis"

    David, You are my new best friend! I am using the oil for my scalp and itís really WORKING and clearing up the seborrheic dermatitis where nothing else was working. I have no doubt that it will be completely cleared up in 14 days as promised.

    I LOVE that the mailing fees are so low and that you have such a fabulous guarantee. My skin is the organ where anything that can go wrong, doesÖso it is such a relief to know youíre over in Australia to come to the rescue. Iíve already told friends about your pharmacy and will be ordering again soon. THANK YOU THANK YOU

    PA, USA 8 January

  • 23) "Cleared up my psoriasis in a week or two - and it was so bad it was bleeding"

    Its so brilliant. Used when was in NZ and it Cleared up my psoriasis in a week or two - and it was so bad it was bleeding. I'm now back in UK and psoriasis has flared up again so I urgently need to order more! I recommend it to everyone.

    UK 21 October


    Hi David, With so much gratitude I write this email. I came across your web site whilst I was desperately searching the internet for some relief from my psoriasis. I had suffered from this debilitating condition for over 10 years and would hate to think how much money I have spent on trying so many lotions and potions to give me some relief.

    My scalp psoriasis had progressed from just a small amount above the ears to all over my scalp and was quite depressing for me. I thought I may as well give your product a go and seeing that the product had a 100% guarantee I thought it might just have some merit. Anyway fast forward to a week of using the product and my scalp is cleared...

    FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 OVER YEARS I AM PSORIASIS FREE !!!!! My hairdresser could not believe the result and condition of my scalp between my 6 weekly visits, so much so she has asked me if I could get say half dozen brochures for her so that she can hand to her clients that have the same condition.

    Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart, (its so nice to wear black tops again and not worry about all the white flakes on my shoulders )

    SA Australia 03 August

  • 21) "I have nothing to worry about thanks to this product!"

    Hi I'd like to thank David so much for this product. I have experienced this for a long time and was starting to get really depressed over it. I'd have to spend so much time with my hair especially when I'd wash my hair in the night and tie it up still wet and go to bed. Then in the morning i'd wake up and it been wet and sticky in the middle of my head. Now that's all gone and I have nothing to worry about thanks to this product!

    26 June

  • 20) "after only using it 2 times.. my daughter is already seeing results"

    Ordered the Psoriasis Scalp Treatment and after only using it 2 times.. my daughter is already seeing results. Having the condition for 12 or so years; is relieved to see something working. Since she has it on about 90% of her scalp; we're ordering more. :)

    TX, USA 6 June

  • 19) "cleared up my son's scalp dermatitis already! - in about 10 days"

    I just wanted to tell you your product cleared up my son's scalp dermatitis - already! -- in bout 10 days, it seems. This is great! I had been trying for months with little results. I have some left over. Thanks so much. Your product is great and I will refer to my friends.

    VA, USA 15 January

  • 18) "a dramatic improvement in a very crusted and white scalp"

    Just a brief note to let you know that the treatment we recently purchased for scalp psoriasis from you was a great success. With only two treatments we started to notice a dramatic improvement in a very crustred and white scalp.

    By the fourth treatrment my son's hair had virtually no sign of the worrying scalp condition. We will continue to treat his salp and use T Gel shampoo to make sure the condition does not return. Thankyou for a great product and not to mention the savings on seeing a skin specialist

    VIC Australia 20 July

  • 17) "After over 10 years of trying different things"

    I ordered a bottle last month and am very pleased with the results. It has cleared about 80%, so I hope that with the next bottle all will be well. After over 10 years of trying different things. I just couldn't be more pleased. Thank you both very much.

    SPAIN 1 June

  • 16) "I no longer feel like a social leper"

    You are a wizard! After trying frustrating numbers of expensive creams shampoos lotions and potions I was starting to believe I would have to live with disgusting flaking itching scalp psoraisis forever!

    Within 3 weeks of using your wonderful lotion it is 99% cured!

    I no longer feel like a social leper, no longer spend every day wondering how to get rid of this embarassment. Thank-you for caring enough to develop an affordable product that actually works. I am so so grateful and am now enjoying wearing my favourite colour again - black! With warmest regards and so much gratitude

    VIC, AU Australia 30 March

  • 15) "it has cleared my scalp completely"

    I love you!!!!!! Your scalp lotion rocks and it has cleared my scalp completely. I have suffered with this for 41 years. Your lotion is the only thing that has ever worked. My scalp was so bad that most medicines didn't even begin to work. It was misery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As soon as I get the money, I'm going to buy a lifetime supply just in case it comes back -- but it doesn't seem to. Yippee!!!! A very happy customer.

    9 March

  • 14) "used the psoriasis scalp treatment and find it works great"

    i have used the psoriasis scalp treatment and find it works great. I use it about every 3 days and that controls my problem. I seem to have more hair and thicker also. Just love the side effects.

    TX USA 22 February

  • 13) "only thing that I have tried that makes my life alot easier"

    I am putting in another order, its the only thing that I have tried that makes my life alot easier. Now, I have to do something about the hair loss.

    NH USA 10 February

  • 12) "potions are the only products I have found that control my psoriasis"

    I have purchased Treatments before, and will continue to purchase in the future. David's potions are the only products I have found that control my psoriasis flare ups. If your medicine cabinet is full of failed cures (as mine used to be), prepare to throw them all away - David's treatments keep the promises that all the products you have tried in the past couldn't keep!

    VIC Australia 15 December

  • 11) "Happy to report that her scalp is completely healed"

    A year or so ago, I was searching on the internet for info on my 14 year old daughters, itchy, crusty scalp problem. The pediatrician gave me a shampoo that did nothing and it just got worse! Happy to report that her scalp is completely healed

    VA, USA 21 September

  • 10) "is really helping the psoriasis on his scalp"

    "May have found a winner for psoriasis! Hello Ladies and Gents.

    My husband has been struggling with scalp psoriasis for some time now with it really getting much worse in the past 2 years. I think we may have found something that is really helping the psoriasis on his scalp after trying everything the stores had to offer.

    I found online a liquid by David Hoskings Pharmacy in Australia. It is guaranteed to make a difference within 14 days and let me tell in less then 2 weeks of use we can see a HUGE difference.

    It has helped his flakes that were once very large and thick to dissolve down to more like a minor dandruff flake in just under 2 weeks. Also the red and very irritated skin you could so easily see on his scalp is no longer red and irritated looking. Its amazing to me how much better it looks.

    I just wanted to share that with you in the event some of you have exhausted yourselves trying to find a solution."
  • 9) "using it for 5 days now. I LOVE IT! I am seeing results already"

    Hello! I wanted to thank you for the success of your product. I recently purchased the psoriasis scalp treatment and have been using it for 5 days now. I LOVE IT! I am seeing results already..

    I do plan on using it the full 14 days though. My scalp would build up literally small chunks of what looked like dandruff and it wouldn't go away no matter what I used. I was always itching and pulling out pieces of the scales with my hair attached.

    Not anymore! I can wear dark colored clothes again! My pillow doesn't look like it went through a snowstorm anymore! I am recommending your website to EVERYONE I know

    With symptoms for which I have read you have a cure for. God bless you guys.. With sincere and warm thanks,

    CA, USA 8 April

  • 8) "some itching but nothing to what was driving me insane before."

    Hi there, I thought I would let you know how I went with your scalp lotion. After 5 years on Elecon lotion and repeated visits to the Dermatologist and others. I am completly off Elecon. I am only using shampoo for sensative scalp. I still get some itching but nothing to what was driving me insane before. So Thankyou!!!

    ACT, Australia 16 December

  • 7) "most surprising is that my hair is stopping losing"

    Hi David, I have mild scalp psoriasis / seborrheic for year and half now. My dermatologist doctor has me tried Clobex Clobetasol shampoo and Olux Clobetasol foam for year which is not very effective, thick patches and flakes keep coming back and sometimes very severe.

    Also, I was losing my hair every wash in the morning.

    Since I received my order, I applied the lotion each night and shampoo it out in the morning. After 14 days, I have seen a dramatic change; the thick raised flakes almost clear (90%). And a most surprising is that my hair is stopping losing when I wash them in the morning.

    This is unbelievable product, I am so happy and will continue to use this lotion for few more days and hope the problem will cleared up 100%.

    Dai, CA, USA - 7 December

  • 6) "used the scalp treatment for only 4 nights and have had no more problems"

    Hi! I used the scalp treatment for only 4 nights and have had no more problems. I waited a long time before contacting you because I really thought that after only 4 nights the dermatitis was bound to come back but it hasn't. I stopped after four applications because there were no more of those horrible patches left.

    I have great confidence that if I should ever again have this problem, I would simply use your wonderful product. Thanks ever so much for your help to this 70-year old grandma -

    ON, Canada 27 November

  • 5) "using it for 4 nights now and I am already starting to see clearing."

    I would recommend your scalp treatment to anyone that has psoriasis of the scalp. Like I said my dermatologist has tried just about everything out there and nothing has worked. Some of the products have even made me sick!

    Your psoriasis scalp treatment is a god send!! I have only been using it for 4 nights now and I am already starting to see clearing. For me this is wonderful as I have spent countless dollars and time over the last 8 years trying everything out there to clear my scalp. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

    14 November

  • 4) "this treatment that I found ... worked miracles." - TX, USA

    Wow. I have been searching for an answer to my daughter's scalp inflammation. She is fourteen, black hair, and very embarrassed of her condition that she has had since she was two. After many dermatologist appts, many shampoos, tar treatments, oils, etc, this treatment that I found in David Hosking's pharmacy worked miracles.

    You have made a teenager very,very happy and self confident and a mother relieved of watching her daughter embarrassed and ashamed. Thank you soo much and thank you for letting it be soo reasonably priced. I have forwarded your website to many friends.

    [Mum of a very happy teenager] TX, USA 13 September

  • 3) "I am so excited about the results" - NH, USA

    Hello, Thank you ever so much for writing back to me. I am so excited about the results that your lotion has done for me. I have been dealing with this for over 10 years.

    I would hate to have to count the money I have spent on Drs., prescriptions, and shampoo's. It has been a long time since I have been able to put a comb through my hair and not have it catch on scales.

    My conditon was so bad that it just about made me feel depressed. I was always wondering if people could see the scales through my hair. Not my confidence has been restored. Thank you so much!!!

    11 August

  • 2) "super product - now a smooth, healthy, shaved head" - AL, USA

    This is my second order of the scalp lotion. It worked better than expected - super product - now a smooth, healthy, shaved head.

    AL, USA 24 May

  • 1) "Finally after five years of battling with scalp psoriasis" - Helen

    Hooray! Finally after five years of battling with scalp psoriasis I am rid of this annoying and depressing skin condition. I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING including products from chemists, asian medicine, vitamin therapy, natural therapies and dermatologists.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful product , it did exactly what you said it would - after 2 weeks of nightly applications my scalp is completely scale free and restored to its normal condition.

    I would recommend that people follow David's advice re the shampoo and conditioner they use - DONT go back to using supermarket or hairdressers products. I am using the Alchemy brand (Very Gentle & Unscented), this is available from health food stores.

    Many thanks,

    Helen. 11 May

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