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Some of our TESTIMONIALS:-

Our compounding Pharmacist, David Hosking, has over more than twenty years developed a UNIQUE set of dermatological treatments with an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Our treatments provide rapid relief and cures for most common skin rashes, and in particular chronic or severe skin conditions:

Toddler Rashes

Child Rashes and Face Rashes

Breast Rashes

Body Rashes

Foot Rashes

Groin Rashes

Genital and Anal Rashes

Scalp Rashes

David Hosking is a professionally trained Pharmacist with 20 years of experience in diagnosing and providing successful treatments to a wide variety of skin conditions.

He also runs his own nationally accredited compounding Pharmacy and Gift Shop in Australia.


David Hosking helping a young Eczema patient at his Pharmacy

When David's daughters were born he also experienced what many of his Pharmacy customers had been telling him, that the generally available creams were simply NOT effective against more severe diaper rash!

In an exercise in self help David initially developed a nappy rash cream just to cater for the childhood rashes that his own children experienced while they were toddlers.

With the success of this diaper rash cure David has gone on to develop a professionally formulated range of dermatological products to assist many of his regular clients.

The skin rashes that respond to these treatments include Excema (atopic dermatitis), Baby Craddle Cap (infantile seborrheic dermatitis), Psoriasis, Tinea of the Body (tinea corpus), Ringworm (tinea corporis), Rosacea, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, Baby Rash, Genital Rashes, Nappy Rash and Incontinence Rash and Breast Rash.

Why are our Treatments DIFFERENT ?

TRIED Everything ???

Why our Treatments are DIFFERENT.

Firstly, our skin care creams have a 100% Guarantee they will work for you.   As you may have guessed, nothing can work 100% of the time, however our success rate with our treatments is so HIGH, we insist on refunding your money if our skin care cream does not work to your personal satisfaction.

( and if they didn't perform as we claim we could not afford to produce them ! )

Of course, if you are satisfied with how our skin care cream has resolved your skin disorder we would be delighted if you would tell us and your friends. ( You can see some letters from satisfied customers in our Testimonial section(s).)
Our customers really are our best advertisement !

All our skin care formulas have been developed over the years by working with clients who have had skin rashes that "nothing would fix".

Our Psoriasis Cream was developed over TWO years to find the best percentages of active ingredients for most cases of the skin disease psoriasis. This also resulted in the need to make 500gram tubs of Psoriasis Cream available for people with this skin disease all over the body or living a long distance from our pharmacy (Chemist).

Our Scalp Psoriasis treatment is in an oil base that penetrates DEEP into the scalp overnight to relieve itching and redness while loosening and breaking up scaly Skin Flakes which are easily washed out in the morning. The penetrating base allows it to work more effectively than shampoo formulations in treating scalp rashes.

Our Nappy Rash (Diaper Rash) cream has been available since 1989 and we mail order it all over Australia and Overseas. It is possibly the FASTEST acting of all our treatments for skin rashes, producing results for your toddler or newborn baby overnight in most cases.

As well, our Nappy Rash cream can ALSO be used to:
  • treat Thrush which is commonly associated with diaper rashes
  • provide skin protection to relieve Incontinence Dermatitis that affects some older adults or elderly folk who may wear adult nappys
  • protective cream applied to haemorrhoids, chafing and groin rashes
  • relieve breast rashes that occur underneath the breasts
(In fact, it was our mail order and overseas customers who constantly suggested we have a online pharmacy internet web site for they're convenience!)

Our Facial Eczema Balm was developed as a non-toxic soothing cream for eczema for rapid relief of baby rashes and infant facial rash.   It is SAFE enough to eat because, of course, newborn Babies stick everything in their mouths.
It can be used anywhere on the Face or Body of a Child or Toddler where they have the symptoms of infant eczema rashes:-
  • Eczema
  • Dry skin or Rough skin
  • Broken skin
  • Inflamed skin or Tender skin
  • Dry Lips and Cracked Lips
  • Infant Face Rash or Baby Rash
Many Baby creams STING newborn babies sensitive skin !
Our Facial Balm does NOT sting at all.

We have also made a special Hypoallergenic version (no Lavender) of this Face Balm. Note Carers: It is also a proven treatment for the elderly in treating dry lips, and even corns on toes and dry breaking fingernails!

Our Breast Rash cream is highly protective and contains no water thus depriving any fungal infection from the moist conditions it needs to survive

People in jobs who have hand rashes as a result of Chemicals, Oils, Solvents, Paint, Petrol, Cement, Plaster and other irritants often have TERRIBLY severe Skin problems such as allergic contact dermatitis with cracking and bleeding of the skin.

Nurses are another group who often suffer from dermatitis on the palms of their hands due to the need to wash their hands between each patient. Using the Psoriasis and Ecxema cream each night controls this problem extremely well as many nursing staff from the local private medical hospital "Baronoor" would testify

The protective action of our Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema cream will IMPROVE the condition tremendously.   If sufferers continue to work with these irritants, they will still have some skin irritation but will still get at least a 75% reduction of the severity of the skin disorder in most cases.

David's anti-fungal Tinea Cream contains TWO active antiseptic agents to kill Fungi and Bacteria along with a THIRD Keratolyic agent and a special water resistant penetrating base to help the Antiseptics to penetrate the Skin more deeply and ensure it is very effective in treating ringworm.

Our Moisturiser actually is Hygroscopic! That means it draws moisture from the air to REHYDRATE your skin ! In fact, if you apply it to the back of one hand just 3 times for one day and then at the end of the day compare both hands, you will find an AMAZING REDUCTION in wrinkles in the treated hand. This is due to the treated skin being so effectively rehydrated.

David's Sulphur Cream (Rosacea Cream) produces excellent results for controlling Rosacea flare ups. It can also be used while you are also using prescription medication such as an antibiotic treatment for Rosacea.

Most skin products on the market today are highly fragranced and contain synthetic preservatives and synthetic surfactants which many people are ALLERGIC to.

We use NATURAL ingredients wherever possible.

NONE of our skin care creams contain Peanut Oil or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which can CAUSE Allergy in sensitive individuals.

You may have tried many skin products which rub into the skin pleasantly but give temporary protection and only SHORT relief from the problem.

We have formulated our skin care creams to provide a protective film which provides increased protection to inflamed skin and broken skin in conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Nappy Rash and Diaper Rash.

Our Treatments ARE Different and 100% Guaranteed.

NEW PRODUCT - David's Antioxidant Mousse !!

David's Antioxidant Mousse with Vitamin A, C and E David's Antioxidant Mousse is a highly protective daily face cream with a totally grease-less texture. David's new cream is a formula that has undergone two years of development and testing.
Feedback has been excellent from both men and women since it became available!

It has a lighter, more velvety texture than our regular moisturiser formula and combines the benefits of a high quality moisturiser with:-

  • Retinoic acid to reduce sun damage
  • Vitamin C to protect the skin from free radical damage
  • Vitamin E to moisturise and protect the skin from dryness
  • and Hyaluronic acid which is used by the body to repair skin tissue while having a get ability to hold moisture in the skin.

It is quite likely it will also help to reduce wrinkles to some extent due to the hyaluronic acid!

NOTE: Should NOT be used during pregnancy due to Vitamin A (Retinoic acid) content

How soon will I see RESULTS ?

Our Treatments all produce RAPID improvement within 14 days, guaranteed.

What is your Money back Guarantee ?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee of Effectiveness

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee - for all treatments bought over the counter or via the Internet
ALL our Products are 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed to work to Your complete Satisfaction, or we will Refund your Product cost in FULL !!!

If, for ANY reason, You are not COMPLETELY delighted by the performance of any of David's Skin Care Treatments, from your MOST RECENT Order, simply let us know and we will REFUND the Product price(s) in Full

NOTE: Should you need to request a REFUND, please note it will take approximately 17 Days from the time that Pharmacy refunds your total order payment (product cost) for the International banking systems to reinstate the amount into your Credit card account

(partial list)

As you browse through the pages on this web site you will find testimonials that relate to specific skin treatments. Below is a random selection of one or two testimonials from each treatment page.

You can also find most of our Testimonials here

The first review is from Dr. Neil J Davies, it broadly covers all of David's skin care treatments.

"I stumbled across David's Lavender Balm products through a patient whose child had a wonderful result with their eczema.

I have been in full time practice now for over 25 years and have always struggled with eczema and related skin disorders. I have tried to focus my patients on diet, immune support and good hygiene, but the results have been ordinary at best, which almost always resulted in resorting to Cortisone to bring relief from the inflammation related symptoms.

David's products have changed all that.

Since I have been prescribing these products I have seen the most stunning turn-around in otherwise intractable cases of eczema.

These products have been the missing link in the chain for me and our clinicians at the Kiro Kids clinics routinely prescribe them for eczema, nappy rash, baby facial rash and cradle cap. Some of the worst cradle cap cases we have had have cleared up in days. None of our clinicians have found it necessary to resort to Cortisone since we have been using David's products. They are safe, easy to use and very effective.

I teach seminars on child health in 18 countries and I am so impressed with the products that I have been recommending them in all these places and health care professionals in those countries are now prescribing David's products to their patients.

Thanks to David I now have an answer to eczema and other skin problems I have never had before and I have a lot of very satisfied and grateful patients (and parents!)."

Dr Neil J Davies, Melbourne DC., FICC.,
Clin Cert Paed Chair, CAA Committee on Paediatrics,
Principal Lecturer,
British College of Chiropractic Paediatrics,

Senior Clinician and Director,
Childrens Chiropractic Health Care Clinics,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Author: "Chiropractic Pediatrics: A Clinical Handbook"

See link to his book: 'Chiropractic Pediatrics: A Clinical Handbook' by Dr Neil J Davies

A few of the many comments left on web sites around the World:-
  • "David Hosking's Eczema & other skin creams:

    I can't say enough about these wonderful, natural creams! As my regular readers know, baby has had huge issues with eczema, which is now under control with dietary intervention (he has multiple food sensitivies). If your little one is struggling with itchy rashes, they are most likely eczema (which comes in many forms) & can be controlled by keeping all the chemicals out of the soaps & detergents etc, & by eliminating certain foods until you find the offenders (start with dairy; the most common offender). Probiotics can also be helpful in treating eczema from the inside out.

    For topical relief, David Hosking's has the BEST creams ever!! (I know; I tried them ALL for my baby!). They are from down under in Australia, & I ordered them online. I've used the "Extra Rich Moisturizing Cream" & "Soothing Lavendar Facial Balm for Infants" for my little guy. Both have been soothing. The best thing though, has been the "Psorexederm Cream". It has natural antifungal boric acid, zinc oxide, Vitamin A, & soothing lanolin. I put this on him every night without fail when he was at his worst, & he always looked so much better by the morning. He was more comfy & slept better too. It doesn't wipe away with drool either, which is so important with teething babies. It is safe to use on the face & around the mouth. Great for diaper rash too!"
  • "I occasionally get a mild touch of Psoriasis, (as diagnosed by my Doctor), and with most normal creams, it takes weeks to disappear.

    It surfaces a little on my forehead, behind my ears, and in just one spot at the top of my chest (no not in between the crevices or heat areas). It can be red, persistent, and I've seen some picture on the net of people who get it dreadfully, all over their arms and legs in thick layers.

    A chemist in Victoria, Australia, makes up a special cream called David Hosking's Psorexederm Cream - when the psoriasis shows up, I only have to put this cream on twice, and the psoriasis disappears - I find that incredible.

    The cream is thick, he also makes up a dry scalp oil, if you have psoriasis or dry scalp skin too - you put the oil on the affected scalp areas, leave in overnight and shampoo out in the morning, repeating for 14 days. This will clear your scalp psoriasis or other dry scap conditons. I really highly recommend it and it is available to be sent to other countries worldwide on the web.

    It is a non sting formula and says it is even safe for genital/anal areas (this would be for nappy rashes, I presume) . It also treats tinea, rosacea, excema, childrens' and infant rashes. David has other specialised creams for skin problems too.

    If you have a problem or know someone with these problems, who unable to get rid of the skin conditon, the website is www.hoskingspharmacy.com

    I came across the site quite by accident when reaching a point of frustration. - Jicky Jun 23 2006 Post #59 - Brisbane, Australia"

A few of our many Testimonials are shown below:-
  • Dr. David Hoskings,

    I truly cannot thank you enough for the range of products you created and offer to people throughout the world.

    I was first introduced to your product by my friend who lives in Australia, whose friend's kid suffers from eczema and the cream worked so well that she now gives out sample creams to anyone suffering from eczema.

    First, I ordered the psorexederm cream and hypoallergenic balm to Indonesia and the shipments never arrived. (Dr, I suggest that you provide international registered mail shipment to Indonesia because that way, shipments will arrive, even with higher cost.). After several email communications with Ross, but unfortunately, the service to Indonesia was discontinued. I never gave up, because I have a son suffering from severe eczema (he is almost 3), and as a parent, my heart goes out to anyone who suffers from eczema, and seeing my son scratching throughout the night made me truly miserable.

    I tried creams, ointments, lotions, and different bath liquid, oils, from all over the world, and nothing ever worked... I spent a fortune trying... Finally, I met my friend and she brought the creams to me to Indonesia. I noticed that my son's itching was relieved, although he still itched. But the skin was more supple, and any wounds he had from itching healed very fast. My husband started using the psorexederm cream and he fell in love.

    I introduced the cream to my nieces and nephews and they also had amazing results and now they all make offers, but through friends who help ship them to us. The new extra-strength psorexederm cream just arrived and I'm looking forward to the result. Your hypoallergenic cream is just as good, and my new shipment of lavender soothing balm just arrived too.

    Your products are by far the best, and they really work!
    Best regards, Hisako - Indonesia
  • Review 19) "Within a single nappy change, the rash had improved by about 50%" - UK

    Dear Ross & David,

    I recently ordered some of your nappy cream for my newborn who has been suffering terribly from very bad nappy rash. I had tried just about every cream available from pharmacies in the UK to little or very slow effect.

    In a fit of desperation one night during a 4am feed I scoured the internet and came across your site. I was quite dubious about all the cited claims about your nappy soothing & healing cream, but I was desperate and so ordered a pot of the cream.

    IT IS AMAZING!!!! (but you know this already). Within a single nappy change, the rash had improved by about 50%. It really was as if it was healing before my very eyes. It disappeared completely within a few days and has not come back.

    I am so grateful and my baby is so much more comfortable and happier for it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    With very best wishes - Surrey, UK 13 June

  • "amazed to see your Psorexederm cream clear up my forehead so fast"

    I'm a 27-yr old female living in Southern California. I have plaque psoriasis covering approximately 30% of my body, so I was more than amazed to see your Psorexederm cream clear up my forehead so fast. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

    CA, USA 13 August 10

  • Review 41) "bought your cream for the eczema of my son here in Calgary (very dry air) last year, it was a complete success"

    I bought your cream for the eczema of my son here in Calgary last year, it was a complete success. Ever since my son conquered 99.9% of that condition, now we have a happy baby and we donít have to have extreme care of him, only the normal moisturizing cream (Calgaryís weather is very dry).

    Alberta, AB, Canada. 17 January 2013

  • Review 39) "worked wonders on my skin as well as my baby's! And no more steroid cream!"

    I have had eczema for 14 years now and being prescribed a steroid cream was my only relief. I've tried many homeopathic remedies, supplements and I have changed my diet and lifestyle habits. My eczema stayed the same but was manageable. It wasn't until I had my first baby just recently that I found your product.

    My son was 3 months when he developed a teething rash. Then the rash spread and the doctor said it was infantile eczema. He was miserable. The doc prescribed a steroid cream. After recieving your product I am delighted to say it has worked wonders on my skin as well as my baby's! And no more steroid cream!

    I can kiss and hold my baby without worrying and I don't have to worry about him putting his hands in his mouth with the cream on his face. Thank you sincerely for your product,it has changed our lives.

    17 July

  • Review 37) "particularly bad case of pompholyx - eczema on both hands"

    On a Monday I went to David Hosking's Pharmacy with a particularly bad case of pompholyx - eczema on both hands. David took one look at the condition (which had already been diagnosed by my G.P.) and suggested a 100g jar of Psorexederm Cream. He applied a sample on my hands, I rubbed it in and the itching was immediately somewhat relieved.

    I bought a jar and applied it as directed when I got home. By Wednesday midday, the pompholyx had to all intents cleared up. A wonder cream that really does work!! I had been in despair previously. Thank you, David Hosking!!! Kind regards

    Saul, East Malvern, VIC. Australia 25 February

  • Review 69) "Fantastic stuff and a blessing for our tyke"

    this is my second order. Tried everything for weeks (perscription and non-prescription) for my 9 mo. old grandson's facial rash. Your Soothing Face and Body Balm fixed him right up in a few days. Fantastic stuff and a blessing for our tyke. We now use it for all our 7 grandkids for everything from rashes to cold weather chapped skin to mild sunburn. It's not failed to amaze us yet.

    17 December TX, USA

  • Review 63 "No cream or ointment the dr prescribed would work at all, her skin was raw and bleeding"

    I am a big fan of your products! I discovered your website when searching for a magical cure for my daughters horrendous nappy rash nearly 6 years ago! No cream or ointment the dr prescribed would work at all, her skin was raw and bleeding. I ordered your nappy rash cream and within one night the rash almost completely disapeared and was completely gone within days.

    I have also used your eczema cream on my daughter and myself - works brilliantly.

    I've just ordered your face and body balm for my baby who has an awful rash from dribbling so much - can't wait for it to arrive :)

    NZ 31 October

  • "My little girl got a severe nappy rash at 6 weeks old that would not clear up. It was caused by something I had eaten. I tried everything on the market but nothing worked. It was raw and weepy. I found a product made by a naturopath in Essendon, Melbourne Australia - called "Davids soothing and healing nappy rash cream" and i am not kidding you, over night it went away and has never returned. It is also useful for any skin irritation.
    Nicole Preston"

    (NOTE: We believe Nicole more specifically means - "recommended by a English Naturopath and made by a Pharmacist (David Hosking) in Essendon...")
  • Review 27 "eczema is most definitely improved! His bodily eczema is almost completely clear"

    Dear David, My (baby) son is 13 months old and has been suffering from moderate bodily eczema and severe facial eczema (recurring staph infections as a result). I have been using the Psorexederm Cream on him for the past month, and amazingly, the eczema is most definitely improved! His bodily eczema is almost completely clear and his face is getting better everyday!

    I had tried many, many, and did I say many, other topical treatments, but this is by far the most effective. I will continue to use it and will also spread the word. Thanks heaps for an amazing product

    VIC, Australia 9 Febuary

  • "I had a very bad case of psoriasis in pubic area and groin"

    Thank you, the products are safe, work, last a long time and are reasonable. A telephone call to David was helpful and reassuring. I had a very bad case of psoriasis in pubic area and groin, ( I even had to make special underwear to prevent irritation from seams in groin) whilst my body was under stress. The Psorexaderm Psoriasis cream worked very well. It cleared up completely after about 6 weeks. I have small areas of psoriasis on my legs & feet, so continue to use it.

    I always keep a jar of nappy rash cream and infant face balm , for my constantly visiting grandchildren. On the rare occasions that I've run out, it causes consternation. I have been disappointed so many times by the poor mail out service of other companies. It's fantastic that you do get your orders out in a timely fashion.-

    VIC Australia 8 March

  • Review 81 "diagnosed with Atopic Eczema around 3 months old. Your products are amazing!"

    I currently bought your Lavender Balm and Psorexederm Cream for my 6 month old daughter. She was diagnosed with Atopic Eczema around 3 months old. Your products are amazing! They have helped my daughter tremendously.. I use the Lavender balm about 4 times a day and the Psorexederm Cream at night. The creams heal her scratches and the skin is becoming less red. Thank you so much!!

    USA, CA. 30 April

  • "Dear David,
    My Chiropractor, Dr Russell Hanna, gave me a jar of "Lavender Balm for Infants" and asked me to "rub it on anything that hurts" saying it works for infants but wished to know if it was effective on older people. I am 80!
    That was a few months ago. Since then it has banished a long standing patch of Dermatitis on my foot, is very effective on dry lips, cured a nasty corn on my toe which the Podiatrist was battling with, as well as 2 soft corns between my toes, (now I am working on some very elderly callouses!) but, most miraculous, after a lifetime of finger nails that chipped and peeled and caught and broke - no matter what I did to them - now for the last month I have rubbed them 3 times a day with the Lavender Balm and now have strong healthy nails growing beyond the end of my fingers, with not a chip in sight.

    Congratulations and thank you
    Jean Stacey" - Brooklyn Park SA
  • Review 72 "had tried weeks of harsh steroid creams and pure sorbelene creams to no avail"

    Dear David, I just wanted to convey my complete gratitude to you for making this fantastic product and to Roslyn Hoskings for her time providing me with her professional advice that was invaluable. I don't really know where to start. I personally attended your pharmacy with my 7 month old son who had what our Doctor believed was a severe case of Atopic Eczema. He had this severe rash from his eyelids down to his hip area (but not on his back). At the point of attending your pharmacy I was at my wits end - he had this severe outbreak for a month and a half and as you can imagine he was irritable and not sleeping through the night. I only wish now that I had taken photos of him at his worst.

    We had tried weeks of harsh steroid creams and ointments, and pure sorbelene creams to no avail, in fact it was getting worse.

    As a mum and Dad watching their beautiful baby go through this and feeling so helpless is overwhelming, leaving you physically and emotionally spent. We removed all rugs etc. from the home, changed his bath wash and our clothes washing liquid, again to no avail. I spent nights searching the internet for something to help my son. I finally found your website. I am a Solicitor and as such am like most - typically skeptical. I must say after reading the testimonials posted on your website I was skeptical - but moreso a desperate mother!!!

    So with nothing to lose I went and spoke with Roslyn (who was absolutely wonderful and gave me all the time and professional advice in the world) and purchased some of your magical Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm. With no exaggeration whatsoever, this balm healed 80% of my sons severe rash by applying a heavy layer of the balm every hour for two days. My husband and I were amazed and thanking God. Not wanting to tempt fate until his rash was completely healed, we continued using the balm for a further three weeks applying it three times a day, and now there is no trace of the rash.

    I have also used the balm on the rest of our family for dry skin and lips, and it has worked wonders. Never have I had a product that has completely cured my dry lips. I will be continuing to use this balm on all my children if they ever have dry skin etc. and I will also continue to sing the praises of this fantastic product. Thank you so very much.

    Kind regards

    Lana and Deane Alty, Australia. 19 January

  • Review 31) "after about a week there was no trace of scalp psoriasis"

    Subject: Psoriasis Scalp Treatment.
    I cannot say enough about this product. I happened upon it after a lengthy google search--I was fed up with stinky shampoos that only sort of worked and I needed a solution for the patches of psoriasis on the back of my head and behind my ears.

    This is it! I applied the treatment nightly and after about a week there was no trace of psoriasis; I continued to use it for a week for good measure and then after that have used it periodically when I suspected it was coming back. It smells similar to coal tar shampoo, but not as bad or as strong. With the shampoo I was smelling it all day long and this is barely noticeable. I am so relieved to have found this solution. It seems extreme to call it "life changing" but it really it. I am no longer worried about putting my hair up in a ponytail and I'm not embarrassed to get my hair done. Thank you!

    WA, USA 7 May

  • Review 9) "not 1 rosacea pustule to be seen!"

    re: pustules associated with rosacea
    I just wanted to send you/David a quick note to let you know I have had wonderful success with the Sulphur Cream!

    To cut a long story short, I have suffered from Moderate Rosacea for 8 years with the last 5 years suffering mainly from the pustules associated with Rosacea not the underlying reddness, for some reason after a few years that seemed to clear up by itself.

    Every morning I would wake up with 6-10 inflamed pustules which would scar my skin and subsequently led to many laser treatments over the years. The pustules associated with Rosacea are so difficult to treat and cause havoc with your skin and your confidence.

    I have been using David's Sulphur Cream across my nose and cheeks for 3 weeks - not 1 pustule to be seen! the redness and inflamation has faded and my skin is looking great, not to mention how much better I feel from a confidence point of view!

    I should also add, I am not on any other medication for Rosacea - I am only using David's cream. I gave up on oral & topical medication years ago as the effect was only minimal or made the Rosacea worse.

    Thank you again for producing such an effect,simple life changing product - keep up the good work!

    NSW, Australia 11 October

  • Review 14) "quick relief of an (Tinea) infection of many years duration that did not respond to any of the newer antifungal compounds."

    Have recommended you to others and they too have been satisfied with your remedies. The tinea cream provided quick relief of an infection of many years duration that did not respond to any of the newer antifungal compounds. Not only were they ineffective, they were shockingly expensive. When my symptoms reappear (they do after a time) they now clear up after only a few days of treatment. Thank you for your fine product and your concern for your customers.

    John, Evanston IL, USA. 4 January 2013

  • Review 42) "took my rash away the first day...and the PAIN from the cracking of the skin was gone the 2nd day!!!"

    I started having tremendous cracking of the skin and extreme burning from a rash under the breasts and had tried EVERYTHING I knew to try! This went on for almost a year! Absolutely NOTHING would relieve the pain!

    So I went online to search any alternatives, when I ran across your website. I figured I had nothing to lose by ordering a jar of your Breast Rash Cream, since nothing else had worked for me!

    That was a year ago and my medicine cabinet will NEVER be without a jar of your Breast Cream again!!! It was a God send! And it took my rash away the first day...and the PAIN from the cracking of the skin was gone the 2nd day!!! You are a blessing, David!!! Thank You! ~ Glenda

    GA USA 12 March

  • "can not believe the difference..." - Helen (Letter)

    Dear David
    I just had to tell you (which you already know) just how absolutely wonderful your own "DAVIDS Extra Rich Moisturising Cream" is. My skin is so very dry, my hands like sandpaper for years, rough cuticles & etc. legs pretty scalee too. I can not believe the difference in only 48hrs after applying your cream.

    I have tried everything out there, nothing has worked, even My face feels softer too, I'm sure it'll improve much more in another few days. I'm so glad I saw the cream - just had to let you know how grateful I am.

    Many thanks Helen

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Our skin care treatments are effective on all skin types including African-American, Asian and Hispanic

Need more Help ? - Ask David

Our principal Pharmacist and compounding chemist, David Hosking, is more than happy to provide you with help and advice towards diagnosing rashes that may be troubling You or your Family.

So if you are a mature person suffering from adult rashes or a worried Parent or Mother of a toddler suffering from baby rashes please follow the Link below to find out how to contact David for advice. Goto 'Contact Details'

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