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David's Sulphur Ointment (Rosacea Cream)

Photo of David's Sulphur Cream (Rosacea Cream) treatment for Rosacea Acne PRODUCT INGREDIENTS:
  • Contains elemental Sulphur
  • Anti-fungal Boric Acid
  • White soft Paraffin
  • Liquid paraffin
  • Cetomacrogol emulsifying wax

David Hoskings Pharmacy
(Compounding Chemist)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What is Rosacea ?

Rosacea is a common facial skin condition affecting the Face particularly the Cheeks, Nose, Chin and Forehead. Also known as Acne Rosacea (Adult acne), it often looks somewhat like acne with redness, lumps and swelling.

Pustules are often associated with Rosacea. Burning, stinging and dryness of the skin is common.

A symptom of Rosacea can be an increased appearance of fine "spider veins" or capillaries in the skin.

People with Rosacea sometimes describe themselves as Rosacean's, and the affected skin as being rosaceous skin.

Using "pimple ointments and facial creams" and cortisone products often rapidly worsens the problem.   Rosacea cannot be cured but can be controlled.

Alternatives for treatment for Rosacea

Prescription antibiotics can often be effective and are often prescribed. They can be taken by mouth of applied as ointments or gels.

Rosacea Balms (Sulfur creams) for Rosacea are very effective and AVOID the problems associated with antibiotic use. They are also often effective when antibiotic treatment has failed.

Sulphur is a well known and documented natural mineral which is beneficial for rosacea, our sulphur Ointment contains it in a light cream base which is not oily.

Their is no permanent cure for rosacea BUT using our Rosacea treatment along with proper skin care, and avoiding trigger factors will allow you to effectively control your rosacea condition!


How to avoid Factors that Trigger Rosacea

This is a list of common trigger factors that may cause your facial skin to flare up if you have Rosacea:-
  • High Temperatures, including Spas and Saunas
  • Spicy Foods
  • Cold Weather and Winds
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Astringent Cosmetics and Pimple Creams
  • Creams containing Cortisone
  • Medical problems: Diabetes will aggravate the condition.

How to avoid Factors that delay HEALING

The following list of medications will delay healing with David's Sulphur based facial cream for Rosacea.
So check this list and if any apply to you try to stop them for a few weeks.-
  • Smoking/chewing tobacco (not a medication but 1 cigarette reduces blood flow by 50% to the skin) it is the nicotine that does it so the nicotine replacement gum and patches also fall into this category
  • Cortisone. Do not use it. It has a very complex reaction in the body that will slow wound healing and thin your skin
  • Anti-inflammatory medications, e.g. brufen, nurofen, aspirin , movialis anything in the NSAID group (Non Specific Anti Inflammatories) Note: That aspirin in a dose of up to 100mg a day do not interfere with would healing
  • Colchicine (a gout medication)
  • Sun exposure: wear sunscreen and a hat, at least a peaked baseball hat, whenever you are outside and it is sunny

How to control Rosacea

Medical evidence suggests Rosacea CAN be CONTROLLED and flare ups reduced with good ongoing facial skin care and treatment.

For many people, use of a Sulfur based moisturising product such as David's Sulphur cream for Rosacea can prevent flare ups.

Should a flare-up occur, applying David's sulfur facial ointment will restore the skin to normal, although this can take between 2 and 3 weeks.

Unlike antibiotics, there are NO problems with using David's Sulfur cream for long periods of time.  In fact, this is an ideal way to reduce flare-ups for many people.

Repeated flareups of Rosacea can increase the appearance of fine "spider veins" or capillaries in the skin especially on the Cheeks.  Prevention of flare-ups is the best way to avoid this problem worsening.

How to use David's Rosacea Cream

David's Sulphur Cream is simply applied each night to the areas affected by Rosacea.

Excellent results can be expected in 14 to 20 days.

David's Sulphur Cream can also be used while you are using prescription medication for rosacea.

Cleansing your Skin

Avoid Soap.
Use a gentle cleanser that does not dry the skin.
A good daily non-drying skin wash for rosacea sufferers is NS Wash, alternatively Cetaphil or QV wash, which you can buy at any pharmacy.

Nutritional Supplements

Some Nutritional supplements can also help.
  • Vitamin C taken 1-2grams a day,
  • Zinc tablets, 1 daily 50mg to 200mg with food.

Quick Question & Answers (Q&A)

1. What is the best amount to apply? a thin layer? Should it be visible after application?

A thin amount is ideal, apply it like a moisturising cream at night. Using sufficient to cover the affected area without any cream being visible after application. Some of our products do need to be applied more thickly but this is not the case with the rosacea cream.

2. In your experience, is the cream best for redness or the papules of rosacea? I just have the redness on the nose and cheeks, but not the bumps, etc.

The redness and sensitivity should die down and not having the papules of rosacea is good as it will usually produce results faster. I would be expecting about 2-3 weeks.

3. Regarding the redness, in your experience do you often see an increase in redness/ skin sensitivity that improves as your skin adjusts to the cream? I have noticed my skin is a bit more red and sensitive since I started using the cream but of course I just started.

If daytime dryness occurs, a good moisturiser in the morning such as our hypo-allergenic face and body eczema balm will compensate for that, or even cetaphil cream (not wash) which you can probably get locally.

I would wait for about a week to seen just how the skin is reacting before I would start adding anything else though. Keeping it simple with one treatment at a time for at least a week usually allows you to see what is working and if any adjustments are needed to suit individuals.

4. Should I be just using the Sulphur cream at night and not putting any moisteriser on in the morning?

Your case will take about 3 weeks to respond to the Sulphur ointment and using a moisturizer in the morning is fine.

5. If I use any pimple cream like benzoyl peroxide, it just makes it worse!!

Yes, Benzoyl peroxide definitely worsens rosacea.

6. Does your sulphur product contain any laurel sulphate or parabens.? I am trying to go organic as I suffer from excema also

Our sulphur cream is preserved with chlorocresol (NO parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate).

7. I am allergic to sulfa drugs. Would that mean I could not use your sulfur cream?

Sulfa drugs are antibiotics and other drugs with sulfur as part of the molecule which reacts with the bodies immune system to create antibodies and the allergy reaction.

Pure elemental sulphur molecules are not big enough for the bodies immune system to react to them and I have never had a case of allergic reaction to the sulfur cream.

Never the less I am a very cautious person so I suggest the following to such people as yourself who ask that question. Once you have the cream, apply it once a day to an area about 2 cm in size on your forearm and if there is no reaction within 5 days you know it is safe.

If for any reason you react to it I am happy to refund your money, but it has not happened yet.

David's Rosacea Ointment BLOG (Q&A)

Subject: acne rosacea on my nose

Hi GM,
Thanks for the very cheery email, quite a delight to find in the inbox !

Our Sulphur Cream is an excellent treatment for rosacea and is covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

In our attached Rosacea Brochure you will probably see lots of info that you already recognise about triggers, as you have found, the antibiotics can help but often have side-effects such as thrush.

Sulphur is a natural mineral with antiseptic action, it also is able to reduce the number of demodex mites which are small microscopic mites naturally occuring on the skin. These demodex mites normally do not cause any problems, but in people who have rosacea, reducing the number of mites with natural sulphur is very beneficial.

Our Sulphur Ointment is ideal for Rosacea and has no side-effects. Sulphur is a well known and documented natural mineral which is beneficial for rosacea and is in a light cream base which is not oily.

You apply it at night just to the affected areas and you will see results within 3 weeks. It is not a cure but will control the problem in most cases. Once the rosacea has cleared you can stop using the cream. Should the rosacea reoccur just resume treatment to clear it up again. You should be able to keep your skin clear of rosacea most of the time.

Some people find after 3 to 4 weeks using the cream their skin clears of rosacea but can become a little dry, in this case you apply a little of our lavender face and body balm in the morning. The Lavender Face & Body Eczema Balm is more oily and is excellent for dry skin. It needs to be used very sparingly. It was originally formulated for babies dry skin but we have found it very safe and effective for many dry skin conditions.

My suggestion would be just to buy the Sulphur Cream first and if you experience any dryness after a few weeks you can always get the Lavender Balm later.

To wash your skin I would recommend a wash called NS Wash which should be available from your local pharmacist. If you can't get it locally we can supply it but you shouldn't have any problems. Using NS wash will help prevent dryness without oilyness. You should avoid all soaps.

All our products have a 100% guarantee to work to your satisfaction. You can order on the website or just call us on the telephone number below.

Kind Regards,
David Hosking,

Subject: acne rosacea on my nose

Hi David, just a quick question I have been reading your web page and I am interested in your face cream for acne rosacea but need to clarify a few points, I get acne rosacea just on my nose and a tiny bit on the surrounding skin, but no where else on my face. I only got this condition about 6 years ago, 1 month before I got pregnant with my first child. I now have two children ages 6 and 3. My mum suffers from rosacea as well, just not the acne part.

I have tried seeing a skin specialist, did not work as I am not interested in long term antibiotics, have seen a Chinese Herbalist in Melbourne for the past 20 months and have had some good results in calming it down, but have found problems with finding skin care products especially designed for acne rosacea, that is until I read your web page could you tell me, would your cream work on acne roscea? Not just the red flushing, I get pimple like things on my nose plus the redness, (now mainly at that time of month) would I use that cream all over my face or just on the problem areas, I have noticed my cheeks have started flushing slightly in the last two weeks, if I do not use it all over what would I use on the rest of my face, my skin is a bit dry though does tend to break out if I am stressed etc.

I am a healthy person who exercises every day, I am careful to aviod my triggers and would love if you could send a few moments answering these questions. I live in a small country town around 3 hours from Melbourne we do not have large shops or a very big chemist so any information you could pass on would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks so much GM May 30, 2005

Clonea is not controlling rash on jaw

Hi David, I haven’t been using the clonea for a while, but the ‘rash’ has only just come back enough to see on the camera. At the moment it has only come back to my lower left jaw so the four photos included are all of this area. I hope you can tell enough from these photos.
Cheers J

Hi J,
Thanks for the pics, The rash is rather flaky and I feel it does have a fungal component. I would suggest using my Sulphur Cream which is designed to treat acne rosacea but has an antifungal effect. You would apply it in the morning , before work when you are likely to be exposed to oil & high temperatures. You should get results within about 2 weeks.
I would suggest using it for at least a month even if the problem clears up. It is colourless and odour less so won't be a problem to use.
Kind Regards,
David Hosking 21 February 2006

Subject: Urgent Rosecea Enquiry

Hi David, I have not actually been diagnosed with Rosecea, but have been experiencing problems with my skin for approx. 12 months, and after doing some research and reading your web site am concerned that it may be rosecea. The problem commenced as dry, flakey skin around my chin, no amount of moisturizer or change of cleansing products seemed to make a difference.

In the last 3-4 months I have experienced extended periods of redness (isolated to my chin) and have what I thought were open pores on my chin. The pores actually have firm, pus at their surface, these are only very small and can only be seem on very close inspection, at times I can actually pull them out with tweezers, making me think they were blackhead type pimples without the blackheads.

Occasionally I also suffer from watering eyes for no apparent reason, flushing of the face, again for no apparent reason, I am in my early 30 years of age. I also have broken capillaries on my checks that have been there for some years and often my chin area will feel hot and a burning sensation.

Does this sound like rosecea??
Should I be seeing a doctor???

Subject: Urgent Rosecea Enquiry

Hi AN,

It certainly sounds like rosacea and you would be wise to consult a doctor to confirm this. The good news is there are a range of prescription treatments and our own sulphur cream.

Rosacea often begins at your age so what you have said sounds likely. Cortisone will make it worse if it is rosacea. The hard matter in your pores is dead skin cells and sebum which forms a plug. Don't use a abrasive cleanser or scrub, rather use a mild keratolytic cleanser, cetaphil is ideal and available almost worldwide. .

Should your doctor diagnose the problem as roseate, I would recommend the sulphur cream to use nightly (it is a nice light cream and almost odourless) and our Lavender Face & Body Eczema Balm which you would apply when the skin felt a bit dry or flaky. The 2 together are an excellent combination usually working within 2-3 weeks.

But first get the doctor to confirm that it is rosacea.
Hope this helps,
Kind Regards,
David Hosking. August 30, 2006

Subject: Sulphur Cream

Hi David, I have just ordered your Sulphur Cream. I suffer from Rosacea, in the vascular form only at the moment; my dermatologist said that antibiotics are no use to me at the moment as I am only suffering the flushing/blushing at this stage. I often experience burning & stinging sensations throughout the day, and prolonged redness when washing my face. I am using cetaphil cleansing wash, but am not sure if there is something else better on the market??

My skin also becomes quite oily by the end of the day, if the flushing has been severe, if no flushing my skin is normal/dry. Will your sulphur cream help reduce the prolonged redness??

I am experiencing small pimples I think due to the increase in oil. Will your cream help to keep pores clear or is it only for large inflamed pimples? All rosacea sites talk about flare-ups, is that just when you get the large lumps/pimples or just when the roascea is active… like my flushing??

I appreciate your help as my dermatologist was less than helpful, giving no information on skin care products or advice on how to control the problem. He only said that there is nothing he can do for me until my face is covered with lumps and bumps. And that I could consider ILP for the redness.

I am keen to reduce the amount of flushing episodes, keep the oil to a minimum and thus the pimples at bay.

I look forward to your advice.

Subject: Sulphur Cream

Hi N,

The combination of cetaphil and our Sulphur Cream is a good one. Sulphur has been used for many years for rosacea, but in this era of antibiotics it has been largely forgotten due to drug company hype about the antibiotic creams and gels they make.

Within about 3 weeks the rosacea will be under control, especially the redness, sometimes people with a tendency to dry skin such as you mention may need a product like our Lavender face and body eczema balm if dryness occurs. Wait and see, sometimes if the skin gets a bit dry apply the sulphur cream every second day.

If dry skin does occur it will be after the rosacea has cleared and the lavender balm is quite oily yet antiseptic. Applied sparingly it solves the dryness if it occurs. About a third of people with rosacea end up needing the lavender eczema balm to get the skin perfect.

Also when swimming, apply the lavender balm before entering the pool or spa to protect your skin from chlorine. I think you will be happy with them results. Please let me know.

Kind Regards,
David Hosking, November 02, 2006

Minocycline and Metracozadole are only marginally effective

Do you have any specific suggestions in using the sulpher cream?

I am currently on minocycline twice a day and metracozadole, which are mildly effective. I am a female in my mid-thirtys from CA. Way too much sun as a teen. Now I have embarrassing flushing at work usually when I'm stressed or is I should drink a glass of wine. I am concerned about long term effects of taking antibiotics.

I believe the current research about rosacea and acne being linked to Deodix mites. I also have itching in my hairline and around my ears, though I am a very clean person. Any advice is appreciated.

Your web site has impressed me more than the many others I have read. This condition has caused me a lot of embarrassment. I don't even want to go to parties anymore.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Minocycline and Metracozadole are only marginally effective


These antibiotics are tetracyclines which are narrow spectrum and have been used for skin problems like acne, rosacea and others for many years with no problems. They can cause a skin rash if you are exposed to sunlight a lot.

The rash would only be on the parts of the body exposed to the sun and is quite uncommon given the many people using them. Resistance to tetracycline can occur so an occasional break with a switch to the antibiotic erythromycin for a week or two can help.

The antibiotic Metronidazole is also used as a gel withy some success. Metronidazole can be absorbed to some degree and can make you flush more when you have alcohol if you are using metronidazole daily.

Usually by the time people get to our web site they are familiar with the above and often find the treatments aren't working as well as they used to.

Our Sulphar Cream has a nice moisturising base with virtually no smell. I usually suggest applying at night and showering in the morning. The commercial washes for the face such as Cetaphil, QV Wash and NS Wash are ideal for the face.

The redness usually responds rather well and can be gone within 3 weeks. It is not a cure but an effective control product that does not have the problem of resistance developing.

After some weeks of use, some people may start to develop skin dryness. If this happens then use our Lavender Face & Body Eczema Balm once or twice a week to restore the skin's balance. It is an oily product so apply sparingly. The formula needs the oiliness to seal the skin allowing quick rehydration overnight.

The demodex mites are a part of normal life and we all have them, rosacea tends to occur when you become hypersensitive to them. The demodex mites don't like sulphur which is in a micro fine form so this reduces the number of mites on your skin thus reducing symptoms.

The human body has many unseen beneficial and less beneficial bugs

So continue with the antibiotics and add our Sulphur Cream and try it for 3 weeks. If all is going well I would drop the metronidazole gel wait a few weeks to ensure all is well and phase out the antibiotics. Avoid things that cause flare-ups where possible, air-conditioning, sun bathing, etc.

Anther problem people sometimes get with rosacea is a swelling of the nose called rhinophyma in later life, This treatment prevents that developing or can reduce it once it has occurred. Hope this has helped you, Kind Regards, David Hosking.

Very red facial skin in a butterfly pattern around the nose

Dear David, I stumbled on your website and wonder if you could please give me some advice?. I am a man in my early 40's, and I have been suffering with symptoms of some sort of facial eczema (I think?), and my skin gets very red in the shape of a butterfly pattern on either side of, and including my nose. It is sometimes very dry and itchy, but not always, but it looks unsightly and makes me loose confidence.

Sometimes, I do not even wish to venture outdoors because I feel that it is so noticeable. I have been to the GP here on occasion, but they say that it is 'stress' related, and can't do anything for me. The thing is that I even get this horrible condition when I am in no way suffering from stress, and then when it appears I get worked up about having it that it causes me stress.

Is there anything that you have heard if that is similar to my problem, and is there anything that you feel may genuinely help my condition?.

I'm desperate, and would welcome any reasonable helpful advice you may be able to offer. I hope that you can answer my query and will be in touch soon

Very red facial skin in a butterfly pattern around the nose

Hi ,

As you can appreciate, a picture of the condition when it occurs would be a great help to me to indicate what the problem is. However, if the problem is aggravated by heat (spas, hot showers) , alcohol makes it much redder, being outside on cold and windy days then it may be rosacea which our Sulphur ointment applied once at night will usually fix within 3 weeks although the problem will return from time to time

If it does not occur in response to stress like blushing does then the above treatment would probably work.

If it occurs for no apparent reason it can be due to excessive stimulation of the sympathetic nerves that control the blood flow to the skin in that area. Botox injections will control it for about 3 months per treatment if this is the case. You would need to consult a dermatologist to ensure that was the correct treatment.

If stress DOES make it worse, then there are prescription medications called beta-blockers that block the stress related blushing. In fact they are often used by public speakers to get rid of blushing and the initial "butterflies in the stomach" feeling. As an aside they are banned at the Olympics as they steady the hands and make rifle shooters more accurate!!

Hopefully this gives you some avenues to explore. Kind Regards, David Hosking.

Roseca suffer for 3 years

l am a Roseca suffer for 3 years and l am extremely desperate. I have spent lots of money on this horrible condition and recently l have ordered Face doctor soap from the USA- l think it is doing ok but my face is still dry and blotchy and it has been for the pas 2 months of using this product. l have stumbled upon your web site and l am very interested. With this product it say's you only use it 3-4 weeks and then it no longer needs it??? What happens after using it for 3-4 weeks and then a week later it become blotchy and pimple and red to you go back on it??? and if so how long??? Also can l use this soap in conjunction with the Sulphur cream??? Can you please let me know l am very stressed out so much this is totally affecting me mentally a just need so help can you please help me.

Roseca suffer for 3 years

Rosacea comes and goes with treatment. Although you can clear it up, it is likely that is will recur, Sun, heat, air-conditioning, spicy food, alcohol and cortisone all aggravate the problem.

Our Sulphur cream is ideal for use with the soap you have, Apply the cream after washing and drying your face. If your skin tends to dry out use our Lavender Balm at night or in the morning once a day sparingly as needed to relieve the dryness. Rosacea products do tend to dry the skin.

This will give you longer periods of relief especially if you continue using the products sparingly on a daily basis. For very bad cases you may need a mild antibiotic from your doctor.

A word of advice, just change one thing at a time and give it 2 weeks to see the results, that way you soon can see what does and does not work. Kind Regards, David Hosking 25/9/07

Testimonials - what people say about our Sulphur Cream (Rosacea Cream)

  • 25) "after 15 years of trying every thing, I've had demodex facial mites"

    Thank you so much can not believe the diffrence this has made, after 15 years of trying every thing, ive had demodex facial mites. This is the first product that has worked. Ive never been treated for this !!! Doctor$$$ not one doctor has said I had demodex, until I got blepharitis !! Thank you

    VIC, Australia, 1 April 2015

  • 24) "first time in months left the house without concealer on my face thanks to your excellent Rosacea cream"

    I have this week for the first time in months left the house without concealer on my face thanks to your excellent Rosacea cream. - thank you so very much for giving me back my confidence!

    NZ, Auckland, 23 January 2015

  • 23) "ordered your Rosacea Cream after being on tetracycline for 14 years"

    I have ordered Rosacea Cream from you twice after being on tetracycline for 14 years and other creams. I also have ordered the Lavender Cream. I was surfing for something natural. My Rosacea cream and Lavender Cream are near bottom. My face was totally clear for the past few years with your cream. I am seeing red spots around my nose now. I guess I'll have to continue using it. Thank you so much Doctor. You have really helped me.

    SC, USA, 4 September 2014

  • 22) "had been on Antibiotics for several years, and they had stopped working"

    Rosacea, I was desperate, had been on Antibiotics for several years, and they had stopped working. Was becoming very embarrassing just going to work. I have been using this cream for about 18 months on and off when needed. It is a Miracle Cream!!! I cannot PRAISE it enough.. I have told so many friends about David's Creams.. I can't thank you enough David, for your Miracle Cream !!! I know this sounds like a Commercial, but seriously I am just a customer, who is so happy about this Cream ...

    Australia, 17 August 2013

  • 21) "I have the pimple type rosacea, which I refer to as 'fire bumps' They are gone!"

    Sulfa Cream. It has been a answer to pray. I have the pimple type rosacea, which I refer to as "fire bumps" They are gone! Plus my whole face use to ALWAYS itch and now I go days with out even thinking about it. It use to be so consuming. Thank you for your product. I also cut down on cheese, no coffee, and no Chocolate. I am buying the cream for my mother in her 90's who's skin has become very dry. Plus, I'm sure I will be dipping into it. Thank You!

    OR USA, 8 June 2013

  • 20) "greatly reduced redness in rosacea-prone cheeks"

    I have been using David's Sulphur Cream for 6 weeks and have had good results (e.g., greatly reduced redness in rosacea-prone cheeks) - This is remarkable in our -35 degree Celsius Canadian winter! #NAME? skin has been relatively non-reactive - Due to some dryness, I will now try alternating with David's Hypoallergenic Face Balm

    ON Canada, 23 January 2013

  • 19) "my skin is 98% healed and controlled so much better!!!"

    I received the name of the cream and the pharmacy from my co-worker at Weight Watchers and have been using this cream Since April of 2012. This cream works WONDERFULLY!! I have religiously applied this cream, just a SMALL dab on each cheek in the a.m. and again at night and my skin is 98% healed and controlled so much better!!!

    NJ USA, 10 December

  • 18) "The first jar of sulfur cream worked well."

    Googled Rosacea, saw your ad. The first jar of sulfur cream worked well. BTW my doctor prescribed a sulfur cream originally - prescription only! When that ran out I ordered yours.

    CA USA, 8 June

  • 17) "and thankfully my Rosacea has not returned"

    I have suffered from Rosacea on and off for about 3 years but I was only diagnosed in the second half of 2011. Since then I have been using topical antibiotics, metro gel, oral antibiotics and it maintained itself well. However whilst reading online about alternative natural products I decided to try Dr Hoskins Rosacea Cream whilst still on oral antibiotics using it once a day at night. I have been antibiotic free for 6 weeks now and thankfully my Rosacea has not returned and I believe this to be because of Dr Hoskins skin cream.

    My rosacea has returned almost immediately after coming off antibiotics in the past so I am hoping this is my long term fix and solution. Thank you Dr Hoskins...... I hope you can manage to cure other suffers out there as it sure is a miracle cream.

    BAHRAIN, April

  • 16) "rarely get flare ups and my skin usually doesn’t have that red appearance"

    Dear David, Firstly let me say a huge thank you. I have been using your sulphur cream and your Hypoallergenic face and body balm to control rosacea and the results have been wonderful. I rarely get flare ups and my skin usually doesn’t have that red appearance.

    I had tried all sorts of things in the past including cortisone, antibiotics, etc, etc all recommended by a dermatologist and all to no avail. Now I recommend your products to everyone I speak to.

    Chris from Mt Waverley, Australia, 9 April

  • 15) "your cream is by far the best thing I have found"

    I received my order of sulphur cream. It is more than excellent. I am a massage therapist and have been apprenticing in aesthetics with a Bulgarian aesthetician here in the US. I Have been researching products for my own face and your cream is by far the best thing I have found.
    So good that I had to scoop out of my jar to make up a sample for a client having similar problems.

    OR, USA 30 September

  • 14) "Today is the first day of not wearing any foundation in years!"

    I have just been using the Sulphur treatment for three weeks now- just a little bit and only at night. I am so pleased I bought it after reading good things on Today is the first day of not wearing any foundation in years! My mother is not known for giving compliments and instead of 'what has happened to your face?' she said ' your skin is looking good!'

    17 July

  • 13) "my rosacea redness has improved 80-90%"

    I searched net for a roseacea treatment for myself from England, and being an Aussie I backed an Aussie. Rang your store spoke to your wife who was helpful and my rosacea redness has improved 80-90%. Still have swelling etc but hopefully, no sun, low sugar diet and anti biotics will improve that.

    UK 28 April

  • 12) "by the end of one week all the painful pustles were gone"

    I purchased the rosacea cream after 10 years of treatment with topical antibiotic that just were not working and decided that I would try this product after looking up any and every rosacea site. I was diagnosed with rosacea in my late teens which is rare for someone of my age and as the years went on it became wosre than ever.

    After the first night I could feel it working and by the end of one week all the painful pustles were gone and almost all redness, I am so thankful of this product and hope to spread the word on how well it work.

    QLD, Australia 12 March

  • 11) "had a very bad case of rosacea and took tetracycline for 14 years"

    Hi I had a very bad case of rosacea and took tetracycline for 14 years. At one point, I did not go out of the house as my face was so disfigured and full of pustules and red, infecting even my nose and eyes. I have been using your sulfur cream for a year and my skin is soft and beautiful. I have only taken one tetracycline capsule.

    Thank you so much. I had gone to a dermatologist for years and was never told of this sulfur to help. I had been given cortisone creams etc. I will need to be ordering soon. I never skip a night.

    The cream goes a long way. I put a pea-size on each cheek and that does my entire face. Less is more in this case. Thank you Dr. David. If anyone is doubting this as I am the biggest skeptic around, this is the real deal.

    Dianne SC, USA 10 January

  • 10) "within 3 days the bumps had significantly reduced in size and number"

    Subject: Sulphur Cream - Rosacea
    I am writing to you as I would love to thank you for the Sulphur Cream I ordered and received only last week!! I have had “red cheeks” for about 2 ˝ years, sometimes just redness, other times with bumps/lumps. I was about half way through my last pregnancy when this redness appeared on my cheeks. I assumed it was hormonal and decided to leave it until the baby was born.

    After he was born, the redness reduced a bit, but I was then breastfeeding and again thought it may be hormonal so I left it until I had finished feeding (he was 10 months). Finally, I saw my doctor about something else and asked about the redness and he put me on low dose antibiotics for 6 weeks in conjunction with a topical antibiotic cream (something that had peroxide in it). I used it for 6 weeks and there was improvement. Soon enough the redness returned with the bumps/lumps as well, which looked like pimples but not typical pimples.

    Sometimes my skin was very sore too. Finally, I saw the doctor again and he said it was rosacea but it wasn’t bad enough to have anti’s again (not that I wanted them). This was when I remembered you! I have the nappy rash cream for my (above mentioned) son – which incidentally was fantastic. I got onto the website to read about it and ordered over the phone the next day. The following day the cream arrived in the post and I commenced using it. I was already using Cetaphil, so continued using that to cleanse my face, then applied the Sulphur Cream at night. The very next day the redness had reduced (I know it sounds unbelievable), within 3 days the bumps had significantly reduced in size and number.

    I am amazed and so, so grateful for this wonderful treatment. Thank you so much. I will now be telling my Dad and two of my sisters who have diagnosed rosacea. I will continue to use it until it has gone, hopefully completely. I am absolutely thrilled with the cream.

    With many thanks,

    17 October

  • 9) "not 1 pustule to be seen!"

    re: pustules associated with rosacea
    I just wanted to send you/David a quick note to let you know I have had wonderful success with the Sulphur Cream!

    To cut a long story short, I have suffered from Moderate Rosacea for 8 years with the last 5 years suffering mainly from the pustules associated with Rosacea not the underlying reddness, for some reason after a few years that seemed to clear up by itself.

    Every morning I would wake up with 6-10 inflamed pustules which would scar my skin and subsequently led to many laser treatments over the years. The pustules associated with Rosacea are so difficult to treat and cause havoc with your skin and your confidence.

    I have been using David's Sulphur Cream across my nose and cheeks for 3 weeks - not 1 pustule to be seen! the redness and inflamation has faded and my skin is looking great, not to mention how much better I feel from a confidence point of view!

    I should also add, I am not on any other medication for Rosacea - I am only using David's cream. I gave up on oral & topical medication years ago as the effect was only minimal or made the Rosacea worse.

    Thank you again for producing such an effect,simple life changing product - keep up the good work!

    NSW, Australia 11 October

  • 8) "give me back touchable, comfortable, almost rosacea/acne free skin"

    Perhaps David should be a dermatologist! God knows he's done for me with a low cost cream what skin care specialists have not been able to do in years...that is give me back touchable, comfortable, almost rosacea/acne free skin.

    I will be forever grateful for stumbling across this website, after years of internet research and time and money spent on useless alternative and traditional courses of treatment. All I can say is thank god for your sulphur cream and never ever stop making it David !

    I'll be telling any-one who will listen about the wonders of this cream and how rapidly it provides relief and results. Thank-you David so much. I am quite simply...well... happy again !

    Cheers, Bek 17 Feburary

  • 7) "Which is an excellent cream"

    I have ordered from you before. I originally found you by doing a search for rosacea. Which is an excellent cream. Kind regards

    Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

  • 6) "Sulphur Cream for acne roscea and found it wonderful"

    Have already bought Sulphur Cream for acne roscea and found it wonderful after a year with this problem and trying lots of other products.

    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

  • 5) "I cannot begin to tell you how vastly improved my complexion is. "

    Dear Mr. Hoskings,

    I have been afflicted with rosacea for the past couple of years. I am now 55 years old. When it began, the blood vessels and underlying overall redness were successfully eliminated by laser treatments. However, as time went on the "adult acne" component of rosacea on my cheeks became worse and worse. I continued to take laser treatments, but the red spots and breakouts would only recur and worsen. After $1,200 of laser treatments, I abandoned that course of action.

    Then the rosacea advanced onto my forehead, even up into my hairline. I was looking worse and worse every week. I then began trying everything I could find in an effort to at least improve the condition to some appreciable degree. I tried expensive herbal cleansers and treatments. I tried the expensive B. Kamins rosacea products. None of them had any effect at all and my rosacea simply got worse seemingly by the day. I then tried taking Chinese herbs in capsule form and they actually began to improve the condition. Then the herbs began to give me pronounced stomach and abdominal cramps and I was forced to discontinue them.

    Thoroughly discouraged and depressed (I had never even had bad skin as a teenager), I pretty much gave up and resigned myself to the fact that this was the way I was going to look for the remainder of my life. My only consolation was that I had literally tried everything I could to combat this. So I just resigned myself to this condition. A month ago, I think it would have been accurate to say that my cheeks and forehead had been "ravaged" by this garbage. I could see people's reactions when they saw me, and yet there was simply nothing left for me to I just went through my daily life scourged in this way.

    Then, about 5 or 6 weeks ago, a woman in my office mentioned to me that her mother had rosacea and that she was able to keep it under control with some type of cream that contained sulfur. She couldn't remember the name of the product but she started searching for it on the Internet. She then sent me the link to your site. With a very reserved degree of hopefulness, I ordered a jar of your rosacea cream. I received and began using it exactly one month ago on May 8th.

    I cannot begin to tell you how vastly improved my complexion is. Literally, from the very first day I used your rosacea cream I could see improvement, though I was very reluctant to get my hopes up. At the end of one week, the improvement was definitely noticeable. Still, I kept my skepticism in gear. At the end of two weeks, even more improvement......and by the end of the third week, the improvement was so great - so observable - that I was absolutely elated. Everyone who knew I had been struggling with this commented on the remarkable improvement and, of course, wanted to know what exactly was responsible for the results. Though it has not completely disappeared, if I had to ascribe a percentage to the degree of improvement that I've experienced, I would put it conservatively at 75%, but probably, to my mind right now, more at 85%. Though there are still some spots and redness, it is greatly diminished. If it never improved beyond its current state, I could live with it, no problem. Also, as has been pointed out to me, my skin has become very smooth in the areas in which I've been using the cream.......much more so than ever before.

    Needless to say, the emotional and psychological uplift that's a consequence of this is almost incalculable.

    So before I ask you my question, let me say "God bless you sir" and express to you my deepest and most heartfelt thanks for providing me with relief from this malady. I cannot thank you enough. Please feel free to post this as a testimonial if you want to. Hopefully, someone else may be able to avoid spending well over $1,500 and all the time and energy I've expended over the past 2 years hunting down a weapon to fight this "plague."

    Once again, my profound thanks and gratitude to you.

    Sincerely, David Lee
    FL, USA

  • 4) "You have put the smile back on my face for good" - Mel

    Subject: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Hi David, Just thought I would drop you a line and say "You have put the smile back on my face for good" About 6 months ago I ordered your Sulphur based cream for my Acne Rosacea and it has totally cleared it up. It took about 1 week to see a real difference and about three till it was gone completely and has now been gone for the entire 6 months. Now no longer do I feel embarrassed about my face, I no longer wear make up everyday to cover it.

    I have also distributed your cream amongst my friends that have the same condition and all have had the same success and now also buy themselves. I wish I could tell every one with this horrible condition about how great and easy your products are and are to use to save them the years (I had 6)of sadness and discomfort.

    Please post this on your web site as a "ecstatic customer" and please let me know if there is any thing I could do to tell people about your great cream for you,

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you

    Mel Roberts, 13 November 2006

  • 3) "thank you for your speedy and excellent service" - GW - UK

    To whom it may concern

    Regarding my recent order of sulphur cream I would like to thank you for your speedy and excellent service

    The cream was received 7 days from ordering it and I will be ordering again very soon Thank you once again for your great customer service


    Mr G.W. United kingdom - January 29, 2006

  • 2) "very grateful to have finally found your wonderful product" - Susan

    Subject: Rosacea cream

    David, I have been using your sulphur cream for 7 days & my rosacea is almost completely gone. I had been using topical cortisone on my face for 37 years for what began as excema. Somewhere back in time the excema became rosacea ( I haven't had itchy skin for many years) however my doctors kept prescribing cortisone.

    Having done some research on the net I have discovered the cortisone is most likely to blame for the ongoing skin problem, which makes me angry but very grateful to have finally found your wonderful product. I will continue to use the sulphur cream for another week as suggested, however could you suggest a moisturising cream I could use in between outbreaks?

    Given that I did suffer from excema many years ago it would have to be non allergenic.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Subject: Re: Rosacea cream
    Hi Sue,

    Thank you for the great feedback on the Rosacea balm. The ideal product for use between outbreaks is our Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm. You simply apply it very sparingly at night when needed. You may not need to use it all the time as it normalises the moisture in the skin. You may at first think it is rather greasy and heavy in texture but our experience has been excellent in combination with the sulphur cream for rosacea.

    A good daily non-drying skin wash for rosacea sufferers is NS Wash which you can buy at any pharmacy. It is better than Cetaphil & QV wash in my experience.

    ... Your comments about your experience with cortisone and rosacea would be very helpful to add to our website comments. Would you mind if we added them please? ...

    Kind Regards,
    David Hosking. November 08, 2005

  • 1) "I am completely satisfied with the result" - Colin

    (CLICK link above for full testimonial)

    To David & Ros Hosking
    David’s Pharmacy

    I would like to offer my thanks to you and share my enthusiasm, with your website readers, for one of your products: David’s Sulphur Cream Let me try to explain – in my case, I have long had a skin condition, known as Rosacea ... it is a rash-like reddening of the exposed skin, particularly on your face, associated with some minor swelling, giving a blotchy sunburnt appearance. ...

    For me this is a sporadic event, mainly associated with exposure to cold weather. Working outside this winter, in the elements, has caused the condition to flare up again. My plight was exasperated by attendants from another Pharmacy, with their best intentions to help me, providing medication, which in the past has done little, and this time has made the condition worse! ...

    Thanks to your careful attention, I purchased your Rosacea cream and I am delighted with the result. Within 3 days there was a noticeable reduction in the redness and after 1 week I could see and feel the skin returning to normal. Now after 3 weeks use, I have reached the stage where I am completely satisfied with the result, in fact, the redness has abated and the cream has had the added benefit of clearing up the dry, flaking skin problem I also had! ...

    Colin Hobday
    Sunbury VIC
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