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Professional Advice from David about Granuloma Annulare

Granuloma annulare is an immune system related disorder often triggered by an allergy. However antihistamines are useless in treating it. It can occur at any age even when you are in good health and usually affects anything from 1 to 5 areas of the body, sometimes more.

Be aware of anything you may be exposed to. For example, many people use spray on cleaning products on benches and tables. If not washed off and you rest your elbows on the surface this could possibly irritate the skin. That doesn't explain the other areas you have that are affected but it may be a trigger factor.

Using a good sunblock is helpful if any of the areas are exposed to the sun as Ultraviolet rays have been known to trigger the condition, some people getting the problem only in summer.

Contrary to what you have been advised it can be treated, although after treatment has cleared the condition it often recurs later. Still, treatment will clear it up for sometime in many cases.

Your doctor probably is as concerned as you are because although the problem looks bad cosmetically and would concern most people, the immune system often will clear the problem itself even though that may take quite a long time.

Effective treatment is possible by using a coal tar product such as our Psorexederm cream under occlusion at night and remove in the morning. What that means is at bedtime you apply a thickish layer ( a bit like jam on toast ) to an area just a bit larger than area affected then wrap the area in plastic cling wrap. The same stuff you use in the kitchen to cover bowls to keep things fresh. (Technically known in dermatology as polyethylene film.)

Our Psorexederm Cream is quite safe to use even on sensitive skin on the inner thigh and even in the genital areas and does not sting.

In the morning, remove the cling-wrap and wipe off the remaining cream with an old cloth as it does not wash out of clothing. (Paper Tissues are not very good as they tend to fall apart.) Repeat this treatment until the skin has returned to normal. Visible improvement should be seen within 14 days.

Another treatment that would need to be prescribed by your doctor is a high strength cortisone applied in the same way. I personally do not like using cortisone as on occasion it can cause irreversible skin damage as well as being absorbed into your body througn the skin.

Sometimes cortisone is the only answer, but I try to avoid it if I can.

I hope this helps you.
Kind Regards,
David Hosking

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Hello. Please, please tell me that you have something which will help diminish the ugly lesions caused by granuloma annulare. I am a 58 year old woman, with no health problems & of average height & weight...fair skinned. I have the condition on both elbows, my left ankle and now seems to be appear ing in my inner left thigh.

Doctor says there is nothing to be done.
Please help if possible.
Thank you for your excellent web site.
R in USA
22 October 2006

Dear David, I suffer from granuloma annulare. Would the psorexederm clear it up?

Granuloma annulare is immune system related and can be cleared up although it may recur. We have had some success by applying psorexederm to the area and cover it with glad wrap at night to avoid the cream soiling clothing and also to increase the products effect. Unfortunately we do not have the Billie Goat Soap but I have also heard it is good.
Kind Regards,
David Hosking. 7/07/2010

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