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Psoriasis Ointment for treatment and relief from plaque Psoriasis skin conditions Guaranteed RESULTS in 14 to 21 Days

Treating PSORIASIS SKIN Conditions

A pharmacy compounded cream has been developed and has proven to be a very effective and successful treatment to relieve both skin conditions caused by Psoriasis - please read further....

This multi-strength Psoriasis treatment has proven to be very effective in providing relief from the symptoms of Psoriasis for the majority of our users. Psoriasis sufferers often describe their skin condition as including any of White Plaque, Silver plaque and thick Red\Pink Plaque that is painful, scaling, itching and inflamed. Psoriasis can also present as small pink-red spots (Guttate), as white blisters (Pustular), or just very large areas of red irritated skin.

Psoriasis can appear in red patches or scaly whitish patches and we have had good results in treating both types of plaque.

Some of our clients say they have been cured which according to most doctors experience does not happen. I think cures happen when a happy combination of good skin treatment and reduced stress coincide, as stress has a lot to do with psoriasis.

What does this Treatment do ?

These products do a lot to soften your skin and leave it in better condition. If you are suffering an itch the product will relieve it and if their is unsightly white scale the treatment will eliminate it.

Most people get significant relief within 2 weeks and the benefit continues to improve with time.

The product has the advantage of NOT containing cortisone yet producing results comparable or better than cortisone or steriods by being highly protective of your skin.

The Psorexederm Psoriasis Cream, is suitable for the red plaque types of psoriasis but not the white scaly form.

The Extra Penetrating Psorexederm (Psoriasis) Ointment is suitable for the white plaque (or silver plaque) scaly form and the red plaque type. It is more oily so is good on joints where the skin tends to crack as well.
Image of Plaque Psoriasis covering legs

It is also the ideal choice for people that are withdrawing from steriod use on their skin.

What is Psoriasis ?

Psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) skin disease characterized by Scaling and Inflammation.

Scaling occurs when cells in the outer layer of the skin reproduce faster than normal and pile up on the skin's surface.

Image of Psoriasis covering legs Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease characterized by scaling and inflammation...

What triggers Psoriasis ?

People may notice that there are times when their skin worsens, then improves.

Flareups can be triggered by changes in:- Also, certain Medicines, most notably beta-blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure, and lithium or drugs used to treat depression, may trigger an outbreak or worsen the Disease.

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently NO known permanent cure for Psoriasis.
The best Treatments will quickly produce a remission (clearance) of the symptoms of Psoriasis, although may need to be used again if symptom's reoccur.

Closeup Image of Psoraisis condition

How do I obtain relief from Psoriasis in 21 Days ?

The simple treatment plan

How do I treat upper back and upper Breast Rash ?

QUESTION: upper back and upper Breast Rash

I’ve been suffering with a rash for the last 3 years. The rash is in patches on my upper back (above bra areas), just below the panty line on each side of my legs and mostly on the upper parts of breasts. Where the bra contacts my skin, it seems to be a lot of the areas covered in rash. I have a large bust also. I have seen a skin specialist and he claims I have psorius (Psoraisis). I got some cortisone and some coal tar based creams – which absolutely stinks and I don’t find it helps.

The sores start out as a pin head sized pimple and gets very itchy to the point it starts out round (like a ringworm), then gets a bit bigger and scaly in some places. Contact with my husbands sweat makes it itchy too. I know too heat aggravates it as well as stress. Nylon elastine tops make me worse, possibly as it dosen’t breath. I also mentioned to the Doctor that it seems when I eat raw onion its seems to flare it up more. He said onions couldn’t do it. Could you please help me as I’m sick of looking at my red itchy blotches on my body!

ADVICE: upper back and upper Breast Rash

It seems you have psoriasis and a sensitivity to the fibres you are wearing. Try a course of the antihistamine Clartyne for 2 weeks and see if that improves it.

The Extra Penetrating Psoriasis Ointment we sell is strong smelling an is massaged in with the surplus wiped off. It is very effective but may not suit your dislike of the coal tar smell.

Another prescription product is 'Daivonex' which may help. Ask your dermatologist about it. I think a trial of the Extra Penetrating Psorexederm (Psoriasis) ointment may be worth a try as it has a protective and anti-itch effect

Psoriasis in fingernails and joints

QUESTION: Psoriasis on elbows, ankles, fingernails

I have had Psoriasis for around 25 years now at varying degree's of severity, at the moment it is quite bad considering it is summer time, can you please advise which of your products is suitable for the type & severity of the Psoraisis in the attached photo. I also have it on the elbows ankles & fingernails & scalp as well as Psoraratic arthritis in the joints.


Thank you for the excellent photo which makes recommendation so much easier. As you probably know the fingernails and the joints are the most difficult to treat and I really don't have much to offer there. You probably are taking medication for the joint form I imagine.

However, your Back would benefit from the Extra Penetrating Psoriasis Ointment, which you can order via the website.

For SEVERE cases we use the Psoriasis Ointment form which is quite oily so it penetrates well. It usually prevents scaling completely and reduces the redness and inflammation quite a lot when just applied at bedtime.

After application it is advisable to wear a loose t-shirt to avoid staining the bedclothes. Any itching is greatly relieved especially around the ankles and elbows.

Once a day application can be combined with steroid use for flare-ups in hot weather. Apply the steroid in the morning after showering to get best penetration and at night apply the ointment.

The active ingredients are the same but the Psoriasis Ointment base ensures much better penetration thru psoriasis plaque.

For the scalp our psorexederm lotion is very effective. Applied at night and washed off in the morning it will remove any scale and help get the psoriasis into remission then you can simply use a tar shampoo like sebitar on a daily basis as maintenance. You should get noticeable results within 14 days improving more after this.

Testimonials - What people are saying about David's Psoraisis Cream!

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Why is David's Psoriasis & Eczema (& Dermatitis) Cream so effective ?

Even though Psoriasis is quite a different skin condition to Dermatitis and Eczema the cream is actually VERY successful for treating BOTH conditions.

The base of the Psorexederm Psoriasis Cream contains Zinc in a formula designed to cover and protect the damaged skin. The Psorexederm Psoriasis Cream is formulated to reduce drying of the Skin and speed healing.

The Coal Tar in the formula has an Anti-inflammatory action and reduces itching and irritation. Vitamin A and Vitamin D in the cream help assist wound healing.

The Psorexederm Psoriasis cream is also mildly Anti-bacterial which assists the Body to HEAL itself by helping prevent Skin infection.

INGREDIENTS: (Psorexederm cream) Safe to use for the face and for the genital and anal areas.

Extra Penetrating Psorexederm Ointment

The Extra Penetrating Psorexederm Ointment (previously called as 'Extra Strength Psorexederm Ointment') is the same price as the Psorexederm Cream, but it has even better anti-itch properties. The product is a thick yellow ointment which relieves itchiness almost immediately. It is transparent and protective once applied.
NOTE: The Ointment should only be ordered for particularly severe cases and after you have consulted with David.

Double Strength Psorexederm Ointment

The Double Strength Psorexederm Ointment is the same as the Extra Strength except that it has a higher level of coal tar. It is an effective alternative to steroids under plastic wrap which tends to cause skin thinning which is not reversible if used long term.
NOTE: The Double Strength Ointment should only be ordered for particularly severe cases of psoriasis and after you have discussed this with David.

Psorexederm PREVIT (Vitamin E) Cream

Although the standard product does not have enough vitamin A in the cream for absorption into the body to be a problem during pregnancy, we recommend pregnant women or those trying to fall pregnant use our special Psorexederm PREVIT [Vitamin E only] cream instead.

INGREDIENTS: (Psorexederm PREVIT cream)
Ideal for Psoriasis, Eczema and itch of Dermatitis suffered by pregnant women, but wishing to avoid any products that contain Vitamin A during pregnancy. It is also softer allowing massage into areas where stretch marks may form.

Massage into the affected area for rapid relief for pregnancy rashes and areas developing stretch marks.

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Psoriasis Ointment with Refund if it does not work!

Comes in 100gram (3.5 Oz), 250 gram (7 Oz) and 500 gram (17 Oz) sizes

Comes in Cream (shown), Extra Penetrating Ointment, or Double Strength Ointment for severe cases
This web site recommends David's Psoriasis Creams and Ointments, because they have the following properties:-

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NOTE: The standard Psorexederm Cream is NOT recommended for use before and during pregnancy. Please also consult with David before using the standard product while breastfeeding. The PREVIT Vitamin E Cream CAN be used while pregnant

NOTE: To order the special Extra Penetrating (or Double Strength) Psoriasis Ointment please CONFIRM with David first, then select Psorexederm cream BUT in the Special Instructions section type "PLEASE SUPPLY PSOREXEDERM [add Strength Level] OINTMENT AS DISCUSSED WITH DAVID". The price is the same for all.

Your Order will also include a color A4 Brochure (see PDF here) with instructions that explain how to use David's Eczema, Dermatitis or Psoriasis treatment (Psorexederm cream).
Photo of David's Psorexederm cream for Psoriasis, Dermatitis Eczema conditions
BUY SECURELY with our 100% REFUND Policy if for any reason you are not COMPLETELY Delighted by the performance of David's Psoriasis Cream or Psoriasis Ointment, please contact this web site and we will arrange a refund of all product price(s) paid.

This Guarantee also applies to ALL of David's other skin care treatments, which include Baby Rash, Eczema, Craddle Cap, Dermatitis, Genital Rash, Psoriasis, Tinea, Ringworm, Rosacea, Scalp conditions, Nappy Rash and Breast Rash.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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